Charmglow 40000 BTU Stainless Steel Outdoor Patio Heater 200605

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This stainless steel stand up patio heater is a perfect and versatile addition to your outdoor living space. It will warm you on a cool evening, and extend your time spent outdoors. This heater runs off a standard grill propane tank which is attractively enclosed in the base of the heater. Is made of attractive and durable stainless steel to hold up to the weather. The heater has an adjustable burner which has up to a 40,000 BTU output which has a safety tilt switch with 100% shut-off. The heater stands 93 In. tall, the base is a 20 In. diameter and the top dome is 34 In. in diameter which helps to create a 20 foot circle of warmth.


Product Title: Charmglow 40000 BTU Stainless Steel Outdoor Patio Heater 200605

Manufacturer: Charmglow

Power Score: 2.0 | 3 Reviews

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we bought this heater a month ago. It worked great the first 2 times we used it. Now the flame only gets about 2 inches high after it's been on for 10 minutes - even on high setting. Is not warm at all anymore. I would not recommend this.

By grrrrradke on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2008

Up and running in less than an hour

Easy set-up. Looks good and perfect size for patio. Took a few minutes to get the initial light. Went back and made sure to follow the instructions to the letter (i.e., you need to hold in pilot mode for a bit). After that, lit right away and works terrific. Wish it came with a cover as well as an indicator to know how much gas is left - similar to my gas grill - but otherwise great value.

By ChanMan on Home Depot - Oct 19, 2008

Difficult set-up

I had issues setting this up. We worked and worked on it. They sent us a replacement piece and we worked on it some more. Now I am taking it back to the store.

By on Home Depot - Jul 12, 2008

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