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Totally not a gimic!

Strengths: Cooks pizza faster than oven Teasing aroma prepares you for eating

Weakness: Another appliance to store

I love my Pizzazz Pizza Oven! They advertise it cooks pizza twice as fast as the oven. I'm not sure if thats quite true, but it certainly is faster than the traditional oven! I was very curious if this was a gimic. But, this is really a great product. Makes you wish more products lived up to their "idea". The only negative I can see about this product, is where to store it. I have limited kitchen space, so I have to stow this in a cabinet. It all depends on how often it is used, and how much space you have.

By jabbaonthedais - Sep 9, 2008


Strengths: Easy to keep clean. Fun to use and watch. Can add cheese while cooking

Weakness: Hard to cook smaller and thicker pizzas.

I've had this for a couple of weeks and I'm still testing it out but me and my whole family love it so far. It's really fun to use and also its cool to see your pizza sitting in front of you cooking while you hang out and watch TV. i sill haven't gotten the hang of precisley how long to cool the top or bootom to achieve the perfect pizza but i am enjoying learning.
the Di gorno pizzas seem to work best. also i like adding some extra cheese right before it's done.
definitely worth the price if you like pizza.

By bigwallys - Sep 4, 2008

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven: Perfect Pizza, Every time.

Strengths: Easy to Clean | Cooks Pizzas Faster than Traditional Ovens

Weakness: Small Pizzas are Nearly Impossible to Cook

For sub $40~, this is probably the best investment you can buy for your hungry family. Don't want to spend $30~ for a 'retail' pizza dinner? Then buy supermarket pizzas for a third the cost and cook them right up with this Pizza Oven! The taste is comparable to retail chain pizza, the cost is much lower, and the convenience of being able to cook them up right out in the open lets you get that precision golden crust that you want with minimal effort! Best of all.. NO MORE BURNED PIZZA! The only real downer to this oven is that small pizzas are almost impossible to cook with it, any pizza smaller than around 7 inches is going to hard pressed to get cooked within a reasonable timeframe, so you'd probably want to use a traditional oven for those.

By thelastslayer - Sep 2, 2008

Presto Pizzazz

Strengths: Its fast- makes good pizza.

Weakness: The Pizza Oven doesn't last long.

I plan to order another Pizza oven. This will be my 4th one. I like it so much that I have to buy another. For some reason They just don't work after while. I always remmebered to let the pizza run after the bell rang and remove the whole tray after the pizza machine had cooled a little. But they all quit after a while and reset didn't work. But I still want another one.

By anonymous; - Dec 7, 2007

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