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No More Vermont Castings

I had another very expensive grill and I could not get a handle around the constant flareups. I paid so much money for it that I did not want to replace it and then mother nature intervened and blew it off my porch during the hurricane last fall. I purchased the Weber Genesis and wow, what a difference. I can now cook without burning and no flareups. I looked at many other brands but when you grab the lid, you can bend them by moving the lid left to right. You can't do that with the Weber lid and the doors are solid too. I would advise you to go and feel the weight of the lids and you will get it. And made in the USA! The delivery process was a little cumbersome, I had to be home from 11:00 to 17:00 but the driver did not show up until 19:30 but he did call to let me know. He also put it exactly where I asked him with no complaints.

By Navy123 on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2013

Easy to use

I decided to put the grill together myself. Found it was very easy to follow the instructions. The grill works great. A couple of things that the manual mentioned that I didn't read until I had used it once or twice is that every time a knob is turned on you have to press the ignition button.

By Susan on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2012

Excellent addition to my patio

The grill is a great addition to the Weber kettle that we already have. The grill is very well made and was relatively easy to assemble. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to actually cooking on it (takes a little longer than over coals), but the food is delicious. I love the enclosed cabinet and the easy to read tank gauge. I am looking forward to grilling even in the winter now.

By Jules on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2012

Great Product Only buy assembled.

Weber makes the best grills. They cook great and last forever. Only buy it assembled. I bought online and it took three hours to assemble. The last grill I bought 15 years ago (its predecessor) and its still good was much less complex to assemble.

By larry on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Best grill for the money built in USA!

looking for a grill that would not need replacement parts a few yr's after purchased. Weber has a reputation of quality mfg products here in the usa. very happy with the construction and time it took to assemble. recieved via ground transportation sooner than estimated. Form Function and fit were my requirements and Weber came thru. I have two other weber units, charcoal grill and rocky mtn smoker - both quality grill & smoker.

By Cheesehead on Home Depot - May 4, 2013


I had a gas grill before but it could not hold a candle to a Weber. It is well built and easy to use. it is a bit pricey compared to other brands but with a Weber you get what you pay for. It burns a lot hotter than my previous grill and the heat is very even.

By spiderman on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

Great Grill - Bad Support Frame

The grill cooks MARVELOUSLY once you understand direct heat vs indirect heat.
I have had mine 3+ years and just looked into replacing the burners this year. And i was quite surprised they were still covered under warranty. However, the bottom of the frame is so rusted that the caster wheels have come off and the bottom shelf is worthless. Not so sure this grill is worth $700 if the frame doesnt last.

By mhauser@goettle.com_9113861445 - Jun 26, 2014

You get what you pay for

Had always heard how great Weber grills were but could never convince myself to pull the trigger due to the price. We finally decided to invest in one after constantly replacing parts on our old grill and dealing with its uneven cooking areas. This grill lives up to all the praise! It is well made, parts fit together well, and it cooks consistently no matter where you food is on the grill. We had ours delivered to our home, so the only complaint I have is that it was somewhat of a pain to put together.

By DE67 on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

Best grill ever!!!

This is by far the best grill I have ever owned. The assembly was easy and everything lined up as it should. It has even heat across the entire cooking area so everything cooks evenly.

By Sarge on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

Great Grill - Looks and Performs Great

Just got this put together and fired it up. I ordered online and delivery was quick. Freight line put it exactly where I wanted it on driveway. Easy to follow instructions but really helps to have a ratchet wrench when assembling. Nothing missing from box and quality is excellent. Cooks very nicely.

By APCCPA on Home Depot - Apr 23, 2013

Weber Gas Grill

Probally the best grill I ever brought! A bit exspensive, but worth every dollar!

By Mark on Home Depot - Jan 11, 2013

Weber Grills are the best

I've bought a lot of grills in the past. This is my first Weber. I will never buy another grill other than a Weber! The quality of workmanship in this grill is great. It took me a couple of hours to put it together (I could do it now in 1 hour). Everything fit and the instructions were great! I've cooked on it several times now and I LOVE it!!! Buying from Home Depot was a really good experance. They had free shipping and it was delivered to my front door.

By forbama315 on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Excellent grill!

Very sturdy, easy too heat up, well insulated. This grill should last a long time.

By Georges on Home Depot - Jun 5, 2012

The best BBQ on the market!!!

I have been cooking outdoors since I was tall enough to reach a grill surface. I have went through many BBQ's both gas and charcoal. I must say that most BBQ's last at most three years before they start rotting out. My last grill hit that three year mark and the whole inside needed to be replaced. So I said to my wife we need to look into Weber grills, they are made in the good old USA and they don't rot out. So I went on line and almost every review was positive, I made my decision Weber would be my next grill. I went to my local Home Depot they orders it on line for me and in two weeks I had the box in my backyard. Now I put together many grills, I must say that the parts on the Weber impressed me right away. No cheap sheet metal parts all cast iron, love it. It took me about two hours and the grill was complete. My first time starting it, the grill fired up right away, great start. I let it heat up cleaned it and cooked chicken that came out perfect. Oh what a grill!!! This past weekend I cleaned the grill for the first time and what a breeze it was to clean. Put it back together and start cooking right away.

By tc1633 on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

Fantastic grill

Weber grills are excellent grills for the price. Ours came quickly after ordering a green E-310 Genesis on While having 30 assembly steps or so seemed daunting at first, it really only took a couple of hours as the instructions were very easy to follow. The stainless steel and cast iron cooking grates not only look good but very strong and should keep me grilling for years to come.

By Dan1 on Home Depot - Apr 2, 2013

Loving it

This is truely worth the money, delivery was fast.

By DRAd on Home Depot - May 31, 2012

Excellent Choice

Easy to assemble, many nice features and very high quality material. It's a little expensive at around $700 but you get what you pay for in this case. It looks great and cooks even better. In general, it seems this grill is far more sturdy and will last years longer than a cheaper model.

By JBPSTi on Home Depot - Oct 4, 2011

Great Grill

I have been using it daily (except for hurricane days) and I absolutely love it. Installed it myself, and I am really not very DIY and if it did take some time the instructions are easy to read. It arrived one week before the date I was promised so that was also great. I would recommend this grill any day.

By retmboyer on Home Depot - Aug 31, 2011

Built like a tank . . . .

Received this product in excellent condition. Set-up was very easy and only took about 1-1/2 hours, from opening the box to installing the tank. It's held together with a minimal amount of screws, but is rock solid. The first steaks cooked on it had perfect grill marks. The shipping service on the other hand was poor. Non Stop Delivery Service was offered at 3 - 5 days but took 9 days, but was Free so can't complain.

By Sierra6 on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2011

A challenge to assemble, but worth it.

The grill is outstanding (replacing a 20 year old Weber Genesis, btw). We've had it for about two months, and my wife and I always look forward to using it. I would buy it again in an instant. That being said, I have two observations/complaints: 1. The thing hums/whistles a bit when on full high heat. Weber's web site says this is caused by specific atmospheric pressure situations, but I think after half a dozen uses in different weather that this excuse is nonsense. I'm hoping the sound works its way out and goes away, but I'm okay if it doesn't. 2. This is not a 'some assembly required' product. It is a 'lots of assembly required' project. I was daunted by the instructions when unpacking the thing (it seemed to have five times as many parts as my old Genesis) but after telling my wife it might take me a week to assemble, I took my time and got the thing together in a few hours. The key was to not freak out, and set up an orderly well-lit area in the house with all the fasteners laid out. Assemble the grill where you're going to use is heavy. I could not move the loaded delivery box...I needed to unpack it where UPS left it. Great grill. Take your time assembling it.

By Michael1313 on Home Depot - May 2, 2011