Masterbuilt Master Barbecue MP7 Smoker

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From Masterbuilt, this is a grill/smoker/cooker system in one. It comes with a porcelain flame disk bowl, cool-touch handles, a black solid steel 19-in. LP gas cooker stand, burner and UL listed type 1 regulator and hose. It also comes with a 10.5-qt. aluminum pot, basket and thermometer.

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Barbecue Grill Type: smokers


Product Title: Masterbuilt Master Barbecue MP7 Smoker

Manufacturer: Masterbuilt

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Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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So far so good

To be fair I haven't testted all 7 options but my primary use was for the smoker. I started the first day smoking a pork roll. Using Hickory chips it turn out juicy and full of flavor. I cooked enough we should have had plenty of leftover for sandwiches but it was completely gone after dinner. (best compliment) It take a little while to put together but once done it is real easy to change the...
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By Chiliman on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2010

7-in-1 Grill

Great product, it shipped quickly and is well worth the money . Everything we've cooked so far has turned out delicious.

By michelle22 on Home Depot - Apr 19, 2010

Xlnt Vertical Smoker

Well designed, solidly built, multi-tiered stack, very easy to assemble w/clear labeled instructions. No cheapy metal stands but heavy gauge steel. All chambers snugly fit so no smoke loss. Metal is not of the heaviest gauge - more like standard BBQ type - but that's OK as I prefer to keep smoke temps below 120 degrees. If U want a cool smoke invert the water pan to block wood fire heat. Lid...
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By GrillinGoose on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2010


This grill was a snap to put together and a joy to use. Once assembled in minutes I was ready to cook.It cooked evenly and maintained the integrity of the juices in the meat.Cleanup was easy,just wiped it down and put it away for next week.Great for a Daddy's Day gift!

By SmokinAce on Home Depot - May 18, 2009

Great Unit

Strengths: Easy to use (do not have to watch it like a wood fire. Keeps a consistant temp even in our Denver CO winter weather. The gas fuel is much easier to keep temp up. Steamer pan on bottem above the fire.

Weakness: Gas fuel does not render that same flavor as wood based fuel.

Over all this unit is a great value and very easy to use for the money. I have had mine for four years and if it was stolen or broke down I would not hesitate to buy another. I have friends that are wood fire fanatics but the ease of use cant be matched.

By anonymous; - Feb 1, 2009

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