Reviews for Great Outdoors Grill Co. Smoky Mountain 3405GW Smoker

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Great product for the price

Strengths: Well made, quality design and materials

Weakness: Smoking chip box is a bit small and the hose is easily damaged.

My model is the 3405BGW (half again as wide as this model)

When I assembled the smoker, I was impressed at the quality of design and materials... much better than some others I've put together.

I've smoked using charcoal smokers similar to this and know how hard it is to keep the embers going. This unit was a sinch! The low setting kept the unit at an even 225 deg. through wind, rain (made a tent over the top vent out of foil) and shade. Temperature adjustments are easy to do, and I'm looking forward to using it in cooler weather where I couldn't use my charcoal unit.

I thought going to propane was going to effect the taste, but after using plenty of chips, it wasn't noticable at all to us. I found the chip pan was small and needed a lot tending, so I cut down a coffee can to the maximum hight that would fit in the area while keeping a strip that I curled up as a handle to grab it with a pair of pliers. I piled it high with chips (no top grate was needed). Reccommendation: cover the bottom layer of the chip pan with dry chips! This starts the smoking process much earlier.. then I place some soaked ones acorss the top. A full chip pan like this usually lasts me about an hour using hickory.

Keep an eye on your hose and keep it properly stored. Mine was damaged by a weed-wacker. Good news is the hose uses standard fittings and was easily replaceable at a bbq-propane dealer and was simple to install.

By CharlieXray - Jul 9, 2006

Good smoker

Strengths: Good temperature control

Weakness: Ribs will barely fit in 16" model.

A rack of ribs seems to he about an inch wider that the smoker. They'll fit if turned diagonally, but the wider version of the smoker is only a few dollars more and is 4" wider.

Spare ribs smoked over apple chips for six hours in this smoker are just about perfect. Chicken and pork chops go about two hours.

By JoelMcElrath - Aug 22, 2006

Very Good Low Price Smoker !

Strengths: Easy to assemble, some times you can buy it @ Wal-Mart already assembled. Holds the temp. where you set it. Easy access door.

Weakness: Wood chip/chunk box little small. Water pan a little thin and small.

This unit is a very good smoker and easy to put together and easy to use. I put a bolt and a jam nut through the small hole in the wood box to use pliers to pull the box out and refill with wood about every 3-4 hours when it is time to refill the water pan also. I can out about 30 pounds max of Boston butt in it @ 225-250* for 14-16 hours.

By Hoss428SCJ - Sep 28, 2006

Good Smoker for the Money

Strengths: Easy to use, makes lots of smoke (looks like my house is on fire on the weekends) easy to regulate the temp.

Weakness: small chip box

Great first smoker. The nay sayer's may say it's not a real BBQ wood smoker, but it is hard to understand them with their mouth's full of pork. The unit is built well and looks to be built to last a few years. It is easy to regulate the temp so you don't have to sleep out side tending the fire all night. I am smoking butts and a turkey this weekend for my granddaughters christing.

By anonymous; - Oct 19, 2006

Poor quality

Weakness: Regulator broke after 3 weeks, not a standard size for easy replacement;

Plastic that secures regulator to tank broke after very little normal use. Tried to replace and it's not a standard size. Wnated to use it today...
The smoker did produce smoke but I'm not sure if the thermometer is accurate- food seems to take longer than the recipe estimates.

By anonymous; - Jul 2, 2006

Smoky Mountain Series Great Outdoor Deluxe Gas Smoker

Strengths: Great temperature control. Heavy duty chip smoker box. Built in thermometer where it should be. Easy assembly. Nice racks and water pan. The grease drip catcher surrounding the water pan is a plus.

Weakness: Sides, back and front a little too flimsy but ok. Door handle opening and closeing assembly leaves something to be desired.

Have only used this twice so far, once for pork ribs and once for a brined turkey. Both turned out great. Ribs would rival or surpass the best restaurants. Just cook them about 225F. until they are about done, then at 300 for 15 minutes. My opinion is that this is a great smoke cooker.

By anonymous; - Jul 1, 2006

Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker

Strengths: Excellent for a novice. Perfect for smoking larger pieces of meat. Easy to regulate heat/smoke. Gas is cheaper than charcoal.

Weakness: Overall "cheap" construction. Relatively fragile.

Buy it from anyone but wal-mart. They are a great place to shop as long as you don't have to deal with anyone but the cashier on the way out.

By anonymous; - Mar 7, 2006

Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker

Strengths: capacity

Weakness: temperature control, unable to cook at temperatures below 140 degrees

The Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker is great for turkeys, chickens, and other large pieces of meet. However, it is not well suited for jerky or ribs due to the fact it is nearly impossible to cook at temperatures below 140 degrees. In addition, the company offers little to know customer service.

By anonymous; - Mar 3, 2006

Nice n Easy

Strengths: hold temps well, everybody loves the the degree of smoke, can be used as a grill, beats the high price holland grill and cooks faster.

Weakness: ports need to be able to close fully. needs wheels so my friends can borrow it more often,yeah right. didn't get the video,confusius says not to buy anything open.

This is a great smoker! Have had charcoal before and use competitors gas smokers. No comparisson. We have made this an event to use it and try new recipees during the grey winter months

By anonymous; - Feb 22, 2006