WaterPik Classic Water Flosser EMG637

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Water Pik WP60 Personal Water Flosser Easier and more effective than flossing with string, the Waterpik Classic Water Flosser WP-60 powers away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline. Six water pressure settings let you customize gentle-to-deep cleansing. Three unique tips clean in specialized ways, while a spacious reservoir reduces the need for refills. Water Pik WP60 Personal Water Flosser Features: Massages and stimulates gums Removes bacteria deep between the teeth and below gum line Can be used with your favorite mouthwash Push button dual pressure control system with low for sensitive gums and high for deep cleaning Healthier Gums in 14 Days Guaranteed Reservoir can be used as cover to provide hygienic storage Convenient pressure control on handle 2 year manufacturer warranty 33.8 oz reservoir capacity


Product Title: WaterPik Classic Water Flosser EMG637

Manufacturer: WaterPik

Lowest Price: $41.99 from Best Buy

Power Score: 3.3 | 12 Reviews

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Waterpik doesn't hold up

Strengths: Cleaned teeth adequately

Weakness: Broke after only a few months

I agree completely with the previous reviewer. I purchased a Waterpik from Walmart several years ago. The pump broke after only 3 months. I then bought a Hydrofloss, which I am now looking to replace, which is why I am reading these reviews. I won't be buying a Waterpik again, but it seems there are not many brands to choose from. Maybe that is why Waterpik is not very good.

By clipper100 - Dec 10, 2008

Effective waterpik with affordable price

Strengths: Inexpensive, cleanning effectiveness, ease of use

Weakness: sanitization design

This waterpik is a very basic unit but does all what I really need. The stream pressure is good and the setup is easy. The price is also pretty good. My only concern is the water left in the device may cause mold growth in a long term. Especially if the device is not in use for a relatively long time (one or two weeks vacation

By jason780318 - May 23, 2008

WaterpikR Model WP60W

Strengths: Tongue Cleaner included

Weakness: No on/off switch on handle

Worked effectively during first use. The only drawback is that the on/off switch is located only on the main unit and not the handle. Assembles easily. Feature of having a tongue cleaner was decisive factor in choosing this model.

By csantas - Mar 28, 2007

Excellant Cleaning but a bit messy

Strengths: cleaned my teeth very well, a noticeable improvement over a good electric toothbrush; handy size takes just a small space; easy toset up and use

Weakness: can be a bit messy until you get used to the controls; leaving water in the reservoir resulted in some leaking from the tip holder

the waterpik works even better than floss, and cleans without any stress on the gums. the waterpik does not take the place of brushing, but in between brushing or after a snack i makes me feel clean. especially good for a larger gap i have.

By farmerw2 - Dec 10, 2006

Messy...but it works

Strengths: Cleans between teeth, affordable

Weakness: Messy, loud

I have braces so getting a Waterpik is pretty important to make sure that my teeth and braces remain as clean as possible. I didn't really know what to expect as I have never seen one of these things before. I've been using this particular Waterpik for about a week now. I floss regularly, always have. But after using this at only the 3rd power level (out of six), my gums were bleeding! So I...
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By shawnaharpole - Jul 21, 2006

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