Sodastream Soda Stream Jet Sodamaker Start Kit - Red

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Create your Own New Favorite Soda Flavors with the Red Soda Maker Starter KitThe Soda Stream Jet soda maker red starter kit sets you up for creativity and fun as you prepare all your favorite flavors or invent some completely new favorites for your family and friends. Everyone will enjoy joining in to create delicious and thirst-quenching sodas in a quick, simple and easy way with the Soda Stream soda maker.The red soda maker starter kit from Soda Stream truly comes with all you need to get your soda making adventures started including the Jet soda maker, a CO2 cylinder, and two reusable carbonating soda bottles, plus all the instructions you will need along the way to transform water into your favorite soft drinks. The reusable CO2 cylinder can produce up to 60 liters of carbonated water and the reusable carbonating bottles deliver over 2 yrs. of high pressure use.


Product Title: Sodastream Soda Stream Jet Sodamaker Start Kit - Red

Manufacturer: Sodastream

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Power Score: 4.8 | 4 Reviews

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This product has great features.

We are very happy with the purchase of our Sodastream. It not only performs perfectly it looks great too. The price was also a deal we couldn't refuse.

By Judith on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

My Husband in in Heaven

This little machine works GREAT! My husband got it for Christmas and has been using it ever since. It was the gift he got excited about. I don't have to lug bottles of soda from the store any more. I love it too.

By kurlieque on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2013


Easy to use, compact and sleek design makes for easy storage when not in use.

By Wwww on Home Depot - Jan 18, 2013

This product is Fantastic!!

My Fountain Jet machine is incredible! I love all the diet flavors and the different drink recipes that are possible. The soda is easy to make and there is truly no mess. I would recommend this machine to any soda-lovers that are looking for a way to save money and make drinks from home.

By FizzGirl on Home Depot - Dec 7, 2012

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