Cuisinart ICE21 Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker

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This fully automatic Cuisinart frozen yogurt, ice cream & sorbet maker will make 1-1/2 quarts of your favorite flavor in 20 minutes or less, with no fuss or mess. So easy you won't believe it, just add all your ingredients in the bowl and press the ON button, and the machine will do all the rest. The double insulated bowl creates fast & even freezing. Compact in design and easy to store.


Product Title: Cuisinart ICE21 Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker

Manufacturer: Cuisinart

Lowest Price: $59.95 from

Power Score: 4.8 | 23 Reviews

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Love this ice cream maker!

I've seen the Cuisinart ice cream maker on cooking shows and hoped it would be as easy and convenient to use as Giada and others make it look--and it is! It requires some planning since the bowl has to be completely frozen for the treat to firm up properly. I simply keep mine in the freezer. I've made several batches of ice cream and sorbet with good results using the accompanying recipe book and...
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By RoseColoredGlasses16 on Crate & Barrel - Jul 16, 2013

Amazing ice cream

I started with a kitchen aid mixer attachment and there were a few things i didn't like about it. I tried this ice cream maker next and liked how when you pour the base into the machine, it doesn't get all over the place. my ice cream set up more in the maker vs attachment. The two downsides to this product are that it's pretty noisy and is 1.5 quart bowl vs 2 quart on the kitchen aid. But I'm...
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By ande1025 on Crate & Barrel - Jun 19, 2013

new found icecream lover

I never made icecrea before. Whenever I read about ice and salt and cranking...I would just stop reading. But, I decided to try this maker based on the reviews and what seemed simple directions. So far I've made peanut butter icecream, strawberry icecream and raspberry sorbet and I am not disappointed, but rather surprised that I could pull this off. Some reviews said that one could make two...
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By ROSAITALIA on Crate & Barrel - Jun 14, 2013

Awesome machine

First time I used it, took only 20 minutes to make the best tasting frozen yogurt. The family loved the fact that it was low calorie. Since that first use, I have played around with many combinations and have been able to make some awesome tasting frozen yogurt and low fat ice cream. Vanilla seems to be the magic ingredient in whatever you make. The machine gets turned on while we are eating...
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By Nanaba on Crate & Barrel - Jun 13, 2013

Have only made strawberry ice cream and it was out of this world!

It's very creamy as you are making it... If you want it firmer and put it in the freezer, it gets very hard... even after waiting 15 minutes, it just doesn't taste as creamy as when you first make it, so plan carefully. If making strawberry ice cream, make sure you measure the strawberries when whole, as I measured mine cut up and the mixture overflowed the container while the paddle was churning.

By Marie on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

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