Aquverse 5H Commercial-grade Stainless-steel Top-load Water Dispenser

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See Comparison Chart of Aquverse models. For questions about the Aquverse 5H, call 1-855-892-8231 Aquverse and Costco are proud to be the first to offer to the general public a water cooler with true commercial-grade construction and a sleek, contemporary design. The Aquverse Commercial Grade series provides you with the same heavy-duty framework and internal hardware of the high-end coolers traditionally leased and sold through national water delivery companies, but at a significant cost savings. While they are durable enough to withstand years of abuse and heavy traffic, they also have a contemporary design that fits perfectly into any home or office d�������©cor, and a whisper-quiet running sound that will ensure they go unnoticed except when they are in use. Enjoy crisp, chilled drinking water anytime using the cold water push faucet. The Aquverse 5H dispenses hot water for instant coffee, cereal, noodles, and tea with a child-proof safety faucet. The 5H comes with rolled metal sides that are 7 times more durable than traditional stainless steel coolers and are treated with anti-fingerprint and smudge protection ensuring simple cleanup and hassle-free maintenance. Learn more about commercial grade by downloading this PDF


Product Title: Aquverse 5H Commercial-grade Stainless-steel Top-load Water Dispenser

Manufacturer: Aquverse

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