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Works well

Perfect for the essentials and is not too heavy for most people.

By Fish on Home Depot - Dec 19, 2012

Great customer service from both Home Depot and Smarter Tools

We bought this generator on last Thanksgiving sales and never opened the box after it arrived since the box was in perfect condition; so we were really disappointed after we opened the box in preparation for Sandy to find the whole air filter system was damaged. After call to HD customer service and our trip to local Home Depot, we decided to keep the generator since there was no generator left in the store for us to exchange and we needed one for Hurricane Sandy. The kind gentlemen in the repair and rental department took his time to look at the generator and told us it's safe to use regardless of the damage air filter system and that he would order the part and replace for us later on. So of course we had to use the generator when Sandy arrived and had no problem at all. The generator started on one pull and ran smoothly. We even loaned it to our friend after we gotten our power back and she used it for almost a week. 3 weeks after Sandy, I called Smarter Tools customer service department to order the part (since my husband found it's very easy to replace it and wanted to do it himself) and right away they sent the part to us without charge...What a great service..thank you Smarter tools. One word of advice though, please do open your box to check the product as soon as it arrives to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

By amy08816 on Home Depot - Dec 10, 2012

This little generator was great.

It had no problem run tv, few lights, boiler and the frig. It had a little problem. After running for 40 hours. It made a cow bell sound. unlike saturday night live i needed no cow bell. I called the company. The tech told me need little wd-40 on the pull starter. I did and the noise went but came back. Call tech again. Sent me a new piece it. No problems now. It's not bad on gas.

By Tony007 on Home Depot - Nov 23, 2012

mixed feelings

I got it on BF last year for two hundred. I do have mixed feelings about this product. On one side, it was keeping our house warm during Sandy power outage. Pros: Easy to start, enough power for a fridge, lights, big TV and furnace. For this load under 1 kW, running time is more than 12 hours on one tank. Cons: needs premium gas, noisy for its size, smelly emission. It ran well for about 140+ hours and than failed. I called Smarter Tools CS (seems to be very polite and responsive) to learn that manufacturing warranty covers one year OR 60 hours of operation. Anyway, I got power for about $30 per day plus gas. Not too bad, but I won't buy it again. Warranty policy is ridiculous.

By Alex on Home Depot - Nov 12, 2012

Fantastic quality for its price

Hurricane Sandy was the second power outage we have used this through. We easily ran the sump pump, fridge, phone charges and small lamp without having any problems. When we didn't need the sump pump plugged in we ran a portable heater, laptop, modem and fridge. We only had to fill it up every 10-12 hours! Life saver!

By warminmd on Home Depot - Nov 3, 2012

for the money this is a great little generator

We got this generator to run the essentials of our house during power outages (fridge, freezer, gas furnace fan), it works great. One thing to note, this generator (like most portable generators) has a floating neutral; meaning that the neutral and ground are not bonded in in the generator; this can cause residual current in the neutral line when using a long extension cord. Some electronics don't like this and will detect a reverse polarity. If you are using this generator to feed your circuit panel, this is not an issue (the neutral and ground are bonded in the panel). It took me a while to figure out why it wouldn't run my power vented hot water heater (which has some advanced circuitry) so I thought I'd pass it along.

By on Home Depot - Nov 1, 2012

Great for the price! $200 one day sale!

Hurricane Sandy came and went and this little beast has kept on performing. Currently put 36 hours on it and it runs smooth as ever. One pull start and last about 12 hours on a full tank of gas (3.2 gallons) with a fridge, heater, T.V. , XBOX and microwave all hooked up to it. I used 1/2 quart of Mobil 1 Synthetic 10W-30 (DON'T CHEAP OUT ON THE OIL USE SYNTHETIC IT PERFORMS BETTER IN THIS ENGINE). If you can find it on sale again one day for $200 like I did do yourself a favor and pick it up!

By Marv on Home Depot - Oct 31, 2012

great for the price. will do the job

really can't beat the price for this. We ran this for about 20 minutes. It runs very smooth and easy to start. The real test will be the next outage. The other review that said noisy are just not familiar with generators. If you are a millionaire, this one is not for you. If you are just trying to keep food from spoiling and a light to keep from breaking your leg - this is the best value out there!

By VickyV on Home Depot - Oct 11, 2012

excellent product

This appears o be a Honda knock off, yes unfortunately made in china. It is good quality for the price...

By daibutsu on Home Depot - Oct 10, 2012

great for the price

Great price works fine, little hard to start but runs well.

By 861cabletech on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

Good generator for the price.

Started first pull and every time since. Wish it had a 220V outlet. Wish it had optional wheel kit.

By John on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

For the Price, I would buy more.

I purchased this unit on a sale. For the price, I feel this is an excellent deal. I have put about 10 hours on it so far, just enough to start breaking it in. It is a Chinese made nameless engine, but seems to work fine. It starts very easily, with about half the effort of a push mower. The sound is a bit loud fully loaded, but again, for the price I can deal with it. I put on two 1500 watt space heaters, and I found this generator could keep up with them to about 2750 watts (running watts) before tripping the breakers. I feel OK with that. Also, this generator does NOT have a 240VAC outlet. No problem for me, but some need that feature. There is also an hour meter, which is required for the warranty, and also great to keep track of maintenance. This is a great generator to sit in the shed waiting for a power outage. If you wanted something to use regularly (jobsite, etc), I would keep looking, as parts are probably hard to get, and an engine with oil filtration is preferable. For what is is, and what it is for, I am very happy!

By DanFromDassel on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

Cheap Chinese Genny

Good Bang for trhe Buck, Keeping it in the Box untill the Juce is not flowing. Come on Power Outages

By Bubba on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

Full featured, seems terrific

Started on the first pull, seems well made (metal gas tank with guage, for example) and it's ready to go when I need it.

By ReadyEddy on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

Works fine

Added oil as recommended, tested this generator out and it works fine. I have not done a sustained test, I will save that for when the power goes out.

By Daniel on Home Depot - Oct 6, 2012

Great Product

A great generator where I don;t have to worry about power loss any longer

By Stick on Home Depot - Sep 18, 2012

Two Defective Generators

Reading the reviews, I am glad someone got a good generator. I did not. The first one had a dented gas tank with a sharp crease. I returned it. I ordered another, because an online special was $100 less than regular price. The second unit had large particles floating in the gas tank and a clogged fuel valve. (My gas was fresh and clean and passed through the gas filling filter.) I returned it. Two fails on the same model number. Either quality control is poor or I got units that had been returned and were not checked to make sure they were in good working order.

By Jeton on Home Depot - Sep 17, 2012

Overall the best deal out there for small generators.

Amazing deal! Good product, seemed to work well when I got it primed and ready for the season.

By electrician on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2012

compact, rubber mounts on motor, and not as loud as my lawn mower.

i like the fact that it came as promised. fully assembled. (minus oil). started right up. easy access to oil fill. easy read fuel gauge. enough power to take care of emergency uses. no need spending a lot just to have it set around.

By jrmurph on Home Depot - Sep 5, 2012

Great back up for the money

Seems to work great and for the money you cant beat it. Mine was damaged in shipping the housing where the starter cord is located is cracked

By Bmanflyer on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

good for the money

It's ok Needs a 30 amp plug/ 30 amp service. It will keep the lights on.

By Robert on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Absolutely the best generator for the money, so far

Ordered it from Home Depot on sale with no shipping charges. Received it within a week. Unpacked, read instructions, added oil, and fired it up. Started on second pull. It ran a 1500 w space heater with no problem. Since then, I've started it several times, always on the second pull. Engine seems to be cold natured, likes the choke to start and run for several minutes. That's good, it might prevent me from flooding the engine. You can always wait a few days to mow if the mower won't start. Not so with a snowblower or generator. You always want them to start.

By Bob1 on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

very happy with purchase

for 200 buck, you can't beat this even craiglist or ebay. fill up with 93 gas (must) . 1/2 quart of 10-30w oil . 1 pull and so far, it run more than 100 hrs without problem . never pull it twice , just 1 pull and happy fishing all night long . a full (3 gall) gas tank would last more than 10 hrs with half load . little heavy for 1 person.

By croakerphan on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Required a trip to the local hardware store before it would run

We recently purchased this compressor to have around in the event of power outages. The recent hurricane weather reports had us getting this out to ha ve available if we lost power. After filling it with oil and gas we relalized the tube that went from the gas tank to the engine was about an inch and a half to short. There was no way to get this tube connected so we ended up taking a trip to the local hardware store to by a hose long enough to get from the gas tank to the engine. The good thing I have to say about it is that it cranked up on the second pull. Thankfully we did not loose power so we didn't have to actually run anything in it for any length of time. We did plug a fan into it to make sure it would work and it worked fine. I would not recommend it though because you should not have to buy additional parts to get something to work.

By Unsatisfied on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Alot of Bang for the Buck

As a former operating officer of a generator manufacturing company, I am pretty familiar with this type of product. I've had a few over the years, and picked this one up for backup power during our ever increasing number of power outages. This little unit has all the features one would need in a unit of this size and output. Low oil protection on the engine is a real requirement on a generator, and this one has it. I have only run the unit for two 1/2 hour test sessions under load, and it performed flawlessly. It remains to be seen if the quality is there over the long haul, but so far I have been impressed. I purchased an inexpensive wheel kit on line, and although it was not made for this unit, I was able to adapt it and make it work. I purchased the generator on sale for a very low price with free shipping, and like I said, a lot of bang for the buck.

By BigBoy on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Awesome deal

I have always wanted a generator for power outages. This one came available for a great price with free shipping. It was delivered; I put gas and oil in it; gave it 2 pulls and it started right up. Tested it with a few things around the garage and there was no issues. Cons: no wheel kit available and I am still trying to figure out what to use the 12V 8A DC outlet for. For an occasional power outage or need for power when it's not available I think this wil work fine. Remember to read the instructions; your power cord accessories are not that cheap; make sure you have the right cord for the job. Know the generators limits; you can't plug everything into it; if you want to run a house off a gnerator; get a bigger one to handle the job.

By Rlarson760 on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Works as well as the "name brand" models.

Despite being an off brand, this generator works just fine. Powered a 90 amp flux wire welder with no problems.

By magoo92 on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Great Buy !!!

Purchased two of these generators one for myself and one for my parents. They arrived quickly and I was able to start them while holding a can of soda so they are very easily started. The noise level is moderate and I love the features. The only draw back is that one of the generators started pouring gas when we started it upon further inspection the gas supply line had come off. Both units seem to have the same problem the hose is an inch too short, so I made a trip to the local hardware store old hose in hand so they could match it up and it was $1.50 for two new pieces of hose and stronger clamps and then we were back in business. I hadn't seen this issue written in any other review but a word to the wise both of mine had it. (bad batch or lot ?) it takes about 5 minutes to repair So just check it out at least it might save you some downtime in a much needed time of power but overall I would highly reccomednd it .

By Marcus on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Good value

It's not a cadillac but you don't get a cadillac for $200 either. A family member is on oxygen and this was purchased as a backup for the machine. I expect to never need it but should we - cheap insurance. Well pleased with the purchase.

By RickRick on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

nice price for a basic generator

This generator was a good deal at a sale price and free shipping. Same manufacturer and quality as other low end brands at other stores. Decent construction. Wheels are not included, but it fits on a typical $10 furniture dolly. It is just heavy enough for an elderly or small person to need help. Not too heavy for typical adult male. Unit is as loud as any typical generator. About as loud as a riding mower. You could build a simple hinged plywood shield to redirect the sound and exhaust. Careful filling with oil (10W30 not included), it is easy to spill. Uses regular unleaded gas. Started up in about 4 pulls following the directions. It ONLY has 120V 20Amp socket. No 240Volt output which I have seen on similar models $30 more. I may regret that later if I buy a welder. It does have a 'banana' type 12Volt DC output. You could buy a car cigarette adapter to connect to that if you want. I would prefer an Amperage meter over the included voltage meter. It is plenty to run a full size fridge or small heater, though I have not used it long term or in an emergency yet. I have not tried it with power tools yet either.

By HDshopperCharlotte on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Work wonderful in the garden for tools

I am redoing my garden and my generator has come in very handy for using electric tools for making new frames for my garden.

By Dick on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

great product for the price

$194 shipped to my house? cant beat it. won't start a 1hp motor..but it will run 3300 watts continous for 10 mins...

By jfccac on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

If I knew it was this good I would have purchased more at that price one for my barn and another for a friend

This generator starts first time every time and provides the power I need when I need it. If I knew for $200.00 it was what it is I defenitely would have ordred more. Great value and preformace for the money. Thanks

By Jack on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Best deal on a generator available!

Best price I have found for a decent generator anywhere! I tested the generator after UPS delivered it (Free Shipping) with a P-3 Kill-a-watt device.Started up with only a light pull. Idle 115 +- 2 volts, 60 +- 1 Hertz. I then put a large load on the gen with two space heaters. Same Volts and Freqs with full load. I would recommend this gen to anyone. The only thing I need to add is wheels to easily roll it outside during the next outtage.

By jetmech on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Love it!

We Love our Generator! I feel that I'm ready for an emergency or power outage!

By Lady442 on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Nonexistent QA--but runs great after i fixed it myself!!

Parcel arrived within expected delivery timeframe. Was able to track online- bonus IMHO. Generator arrived via "a Big Brown Truck". Inspected box- huge hole in side of box. Driver waited for me to open and inspect. No visible damage so I accepted parcel (no siggie required lol). Added oil and gas per manual- two pulls and engine fired right up. Purrs like a kitten. Not too loud IMO. No power on meter or plugs. shut down and inspected for loose wires. Found one visible wire unplugged. Found another wire unplugged to 12v breaker behind panel. I took off end cap of generator and found another unplugged wire and the main culprit was one of main power wires came out of crimping and was hanging loose. After connecting all loose wires, generator works as advertised. However, Quality Assurance is nonexistent and they obviously do not even test these units in factory. I bought this unit as part of hurricane prep kit. I had time and knowledge to fix it. Some people would buy this and leave it in the box until they needed it. If I were post hurricane and i had just bought a non functioning unit. I would have been very unhappy. Moral of the story: you get what you pay for.

By Jimbo77386 on Home Depot - Aug 25, 2012

7000 miles trip

We bought this generator at the last minute in perpetration for a 7000 mile journey to California from Missouri and back. The purpose of this was to run a fridge and 110 ac unit in our Pickup camper. I will have to say I was very impressed with the ease of it starting first pull every time. We had it idling as low as we could but it never missed a beat.

By Hornet915 on Home Depot - Aug 19, 2012

No complaints

Bought one and started right up and ran a load. No problems. Since it doesn't have an oil filter change the oil after the first five minutes to remove the metal flakes inside and repeat. Get quality spark plug too. The cross over is an Autolite 63.

By Aace on Home Depot - Aug 12, 2012

Started up fine

Only ran it in a test run. started up fine. haven't had opportunity to put it to a serious test, but it ran 2 burner hot plate, toaster and a 10 amp car battery charger. the load was hard (you could hear the difference in the load) but it didn't overload or break circuit. I believe it will work fine.

By vzred on Home Depot - Aug 4, 2012

The features on this generator are ideal.

I fueled up this generator to get a idea of how it would sound as well as work in my time of need it started very easy has a little noise but nothing unberable it worked great for my test and i would buy another one if the need came to it.

By Sirbush on Home Depot - Aug 3, 2012

Great generator for $200.00

Started on first pull, noise hardly increased on load. Would definitely recommend.

By ChillReliever on Home Depot - Jul 26, 2012

Great for the Money

HD was having a special online, 199+free shipping, could not lose. Great value for the money. Bought primarily for my sump pump, but it can do additional things. It is not a Honda, but for my needs it had the most bang for the buck and works fine. We only lose power about once per year.

By Viperman on Home Depot - Jul 25, 2012

Overall good prouduct for the money

Started on first pull and everyone one since. Runs great, a little loud but acceptable. Could be a little better on gas and should have a 220 volt outlet.

By LovnLehigh on Home Depot - Jul 17, 2012

Fantastic price and super easy to start

I opened the box, added oil, turned on the fuel, flipped the on switch and gave it a very gentle pull just to see how easy it would be to start. I waited 1 second to let fuel get to the carb then gave it one more light tug (about 1/2 the effort of pull starting a push mower) and it started right up. I allowed it to run for 10 min then I added a 1200 watt heater and 2 full size refrigerators (both running at the same time) and the generator did great. I posted a vid on you tube showing it hooked up and running under load.

By mrphotoman on Home Depot - Jul 14, 2012

best I found for the money

This is a great generator for the money.It is loaded with features found on the high dollar models.Works well and starts easy.

By Pete on Home Depot - Jun 20, 2012

Good for the price

Still need to use the product, so I can not tell yet. Looks solid for ther price.

By Dave on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2012

Chinesse knock-off

The generator works. Vibrates and is loud, but to be expected from a cheap gen-set. Honda and Yamaha are the best but cost a lot more. For simple power outages of a few days, these work good. Study and educate yourself, know the generators limits. Sensitive equipment like computers and tv's are at risk to voltage spikes, if you over load the generator. Understand power spikes, each time the refridgerator compressor kicks on and off. Remember to change oil often, as there is no oil filter. Remember to drain the gas, and add a teaspoon of oil to the cyclindar/piston when in long term storeage. Never backfeed your home. Plenty of good advise on the internet, educate yourself.

By steve on Home Depot - Mar 26, 2012

gas leaked out of carberator

gas leaked out of carberator and am unable to use right now. hope that smarter tools or home depo can replace for free. was sitting in my house for like a month before i tried to use and did not register it. IT IS SUPPOSE TO WORK. very unhappy.

By Kurt on Home Depot - Mar 16, 2012

it was droped in shipment but still sounes real good

started up the first pull sounded good tested under load still good

By rebT on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

you cant go wrong

Its a good generator for the money and has all or more features than the higher priced units

By Deto435 on Home Depot - Feb 4, 2012

You Won't Beat This Deal!

Was leary to purchase this unit because of the low price and discrepancies in the photos and manual versus actual wattage/current ratings of the unit. Received generator and it looks and works great! Connected (2) 1500 watt heaters to the 120vac outlets as a load test and it works fine! Looking forward to the next power outage!

By bobright on Home Depot - Dec 3, 2011

Great price if you don't need 240 volts

Great price if you don't need 240 volts. For those not needing to hook up any 240 lines then this is cheap insurance for 120 hook ups.

By CTGuy on Home Depot - Nov 24, 2011

Saves me money plus wear and tear on my welder

Easy to bring and use instead of my portable welder that uses more fuel. That save me money and keeps hours off my portable welder keeping it around longer for welding.

By DuckvilleJeff on Home Depot - Nov 24, 2011