Whirlpool White Ice WMH53520AH 2.0 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with 400 CFM Vent System, 4


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Forget special cleaning solutions and chemicals. With the 2.0 cu. ft. capacity microwave's CleanRelease non-stick interior, you'll only need a damp cloth or sponge to clean up after your next meal. The industry's first silver metallic, non-stick interior makes cleaning splatters quick and easy. With the Auto adapt fan and four variable fan-speed settings; you won't have to worry about selecting the right fan speed to efficiently remove kitchen vapors and odors. This Whirlpool microwave automatically adjusts fan speed by sensing cooktop heat. The microwave's recessed, stoppable glass turntable and lower base even allow you to cook taller items conveniently with the touch of a button.

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Color: White


Product Title: Whirlpool White Ice WMH53520AH 2.0 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with 400 CFM Vent System, 4

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Lowest Price: $258.93 from Sears Outlet

Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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Very Good Product

Arrived from HD as promised. Replacing an older model of the same brand. Most (not quite all) of the old holes lines up. Fan is still a little louder than I would prefer but defiantly quieter than the old model. Sensor modes work great!

By Bobsline on Home Depot - Mar 29, 2013

Great Microwave for a Great Price

I purchase this microwave in January to replace my countertop model. I wanted something that looked more updated for my kitchen but allowed for me to possible go to stainless steel later (my kitchen is all white). I love this microwave. I like that it does this little song when it is done and the touch buttons are easy to follow to select the correct options. It only has a 30 sec add on for...
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By DenverGirl on Home Depot - Feb 26, 2013


It is nice. Has some nice features. The fan is extemely loud on high, but it is efficient and most other brands are almost as loud. Mine came without a user manual and its not easy to get one off of Whirlpool's website. I haven't been able to obtain it yet but have not given up. It is not as attractive as the Whirlpool over the range microwave that it is replacing as they took the grill type look...
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By omearica on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2013

Best Built In Microwave

Bestcovery experts have rated the Whirlpool White Microwave Hood Combination - WMH53520AH as a best pick for the Best Built In Microwave. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.
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By bestcovery.com - Aug 3, 2012

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