Reviews for Panasonic NN-SN778S Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In Microwave


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Panasonic microwave NN-sn778s

Strengths: 1250w power enogh for anythinglarge wide sizelarge rotating platterinverter for frozen foods steam sensor cord length about right

Weakness: Fake (painted) stainless except for the front panel.buttons collect dirtcontrol panel made for robots - not humans - FAIL (it is going back to Costco)

Good , could be a great countertop oven.Control Panel is UNacceptableI can read but I don't want to lean over or get a telescope to read the buttonsWhy Cant there be a Red STOP at the BOTTOMA Green GO at the bottomr, Maybe the TOP.?The rest of the layout is just as bad negating all the time saving steam sensors and smarts.Why do shortcuts need to be decoded each time you use it. They are inconsistent.A couple of other winners - why does EVERYTHING need a "find the Do This first button and then find the Go buttonWhy cant beverages press BEVERAGE and you are done.How about a volume control - the too high pitched beeps get lost.Handles are much better - pull to OPEN, get it. Why PUSH to Open?Lathes are wimpy - they fail all across the Panasonic microwave product line - Better try next time.

By allanbaumgartner - Mar 21, 2012