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Amazing value

Strengths: Good looks, easy of operation, door handle

Weakness: None

I pick this microwave up for $90 at Home Depot. There's no other stainless steel 1.6 cubic foot microwave for that price any place. Brought back a GE microwave that had to many "smart features" and a push button door opener. I don't like a microwave instructing me what to do, I try to keep it simple. I don't want a microwave that's as complicated as the space shuttle to operate! Also the push button door opener on the GE and similar microwaves resulted in constant smudges on the stainless. This microwave is the best over all value on the market today!

By kascomy - May 27, 2008

Do not buy and read poor reviews

I bought this microwave about 6 weeks ago and I should have read the poor reviews first. When using it for more than a few minutes, it overheats and turns off. I will not use it again since the outside became very hot to the touch.

By bz13 on Home Depot - Jun 10, 2013

Touch buttons do not function

I found there are 5 buttons do not function at all on the day of arrival. The number button "1", "6", "9", the "clock" button, the "fresh veg" button, there is no response when pressing them. I am shocked it would be shipped to customer with so many non-functioning buttons.

By fdpp on Home Depot - Jun 10, 2013


This microwave lasted about 6 weeks. 2 adults in household and mainly used for heating up coffee and dinners. Very little actual cooking. Suddenly started making a "grinding" noise and naturally would not heat up. Glad we elected to buy the insurance on this.

By jayney on Home Depot - Jun 9, 2013

Dont buy it

Like most other reviews..the power unit went out after 18 months. For the price and reputation...very disappointing.

By Bill on Home Depot - Jun 5, 2013

Do Not Buy

Do not buy this microwave. It is a piece junk. About 2 months after purchase it started overheating at random times. Once it cooled off it would run again fine until a couple of weeks ago it overheated not 2 minutes into the heating cycle and now it won't heat up at all. I wasted my money on this microwave and will never buy another Magic Chef product.

By Abby on Home Depot - May 31, 2013

Great product

I love the size of this microwave. Able to do more with it than my last one. Very sleek looking

By Sarah on Home Depot - May 20, 2013

Only good for 2 yrs or less

Microwave looks great and worked great but lasted only 20 months then simply stopped working. No power to unit. Magic Chef's responce "too bad, its been over a year so out of warrenty". DO NOT BUY this microwave, it looks good, works good and has a great price but, IT DOES NOT LAST!

By FooledbyStainlessSteal on Home Depot - May 16, 2013

also gift for daughter's new apartment

daughter says she is very particular about her microwaves and was very pleased to receive this product says it fits all her specifications

By jenapt on Home Depot - May 8, 2013


I love it!!! it works great. Nice slick and clean!

By Michelle on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

Good looking and Great performance

Great features, appearance, and performance! I have only owned it for a month, but I know that it will serve me well for many years to come.

By falcon19 on Home Depot - May 4, 2013


Bought this microwave last Saturday ... will be heading back to Home Depot THIS Saturday to return it. Worked good at first. When cooking tray of mac & cheese (19 minutes) the microwave died after 15 minutes. Let it cool down & unplugged it - no luck - dead microwave!

By marley43 on Home Depot - Apr 12, 2013

do not last

Ordered at least five of them for staff. We have three shifts warming dinner all have burnt out prior to a year

By BillyC on Home Depot - Apr 11, 2013

Don't Buy...Horrible!

We bought this microwave on 8/4/12 and it stopped working on 4/3/12. It stopped working with no warning that anything was wrong. I used it took out what I was heating up the door was open and there was a big flash and everything stopped working. Was a waste of money. Called Magic Chef and told them since it was still with in the warranty. They told me they would send us to a repair shop and they would pick up the bill. The person my husband spoke with said they would call back with the details. That was several days ago. They never called back.

By Vicki on Home Depot - Apr 6, 2013

Great Microwave at a better price

I buy everything for our business and we have hundreds of employees in 16 departments. We always replace the old ones with this model.

By davy on Home Depot - Apr 2, 2013

poor performance

Had it less them one month, it would over heat and shut it self off. could not cook any thing more then 5 minuets at a time.

By leedom on Home Depot - Mar 26, 2013

Looks good on the counter, now in the garage/garbage

I had my microwave for 1 yr and 4 months. Used primarly for re-heating food, used it one day several times, then died. Home Depot has been very good about a refund of purchase price only.

By 2Frankie on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

Do not buy this item

Ran one day to reheat coffee. 2nd day cooking peppers just shut down clock and all. Restarted by itself after a few minutes and shut down. Took back to store. Fortunatly Home Depot store was only a few miles from home and they are good with returns.

By Pete on Home Depot - Mar 9, 2013

If I could give this microwave a zero I would do it!

It may seem like a good buy, but the magnetron on this lemon went out in less than a year. Really, the part that is supposed to be the longest lasting goes out in 11 months? It has been a month since we took it to repair facility and they are still waiting on new part. They should have given me a new one. DON'T BUY THIS OVEN!!

By KayKayH on Home Depot - Feb 23, 2013

One of the best...

I've owned several microwaves over the years and I would rate this one right up there with the best. Good looking, large capacity and cooks/heats extremely evenly. I would definitely recommend this microwave to all!!!

By hanson409 on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Magic Chef Microwanve 1.6 CU.FT Model MCD1311ST

This microwave lasted 10 years trouble free, with a household of 4 and used daily. Easy to clean, never a single problem. My husband decided now that the kids are off on their own to get a smaller unit - and of course with that decision our microwave decided to call it a day. Purchased ours in 2002 and in 2013 it needs a replacement part, but we will be getting a smaller unit, so will not be fixing. I consider 10+ years a great value!

By Jane on Home Depot - Jan 21, 2013

Overheats and powers off incessantly

The back right corner gets too hot to touch. It shuts down and when it cools off lights come back on with clock set to zero. This is a design feature...............I called Magic Chef and asked.

By hillcosage on Home Depot - Jan 16, 2013

Nice Microwave

Lots of features and was easy to install. This is a larger microwave with a nice design.

By Matt on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

fair only

Does not heat evenly but looks good on my counter. could not recommend this machine

By Edwin on Home Depot - Jan 5, 2013

Very disapointed

Purchased 10/14/12 .. Over Heated and Died 12/31/12 while warming left overs .. this unit replaced a 16 yr old Kenmore like fetures and capacity .. it was mfg in Japan .. The Magic Chef .. well take a guess .. I hate it !

By Savage on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2013

Looks good, does not work

Bought this microwave just before New Years 2011. It quit yesterday. Light, timer and turntable are working, but no microwaves. Will be leaving to get a new microwave in a few minutes, that's why we are reading reviews first this time. Won't buy an expendable Magic Chef and probably won't buy at Home Depot.

By JaJa on Home Depot - Dec 31, 2012

bad luck with home depot appliances

i bought this for christmas for my wife , it was the only thing i got her, pluged it in christmas morning and it doesnt even work, set the clock that is the only thing that will work,no quick start buttons will work , start buton doest work.. very disapointed christmas morning, and made in china , i should have known

By disapointed on Home Depot - Dec 25, 2012

Died - just under 3 years old

Mine is just under 3yrs old and like most everyone else it just stopped working. I had heated leftovers for dinner and came back after dinner and saw there was no display & it was dead. Very dissappointed since we are not heavy microwave users and the product did not last. Apprearance is very appealing, I never thought is heated things evenly and is loud. **By the way - there is a fuse under outside cover (which is hard to get off) I will go today to see if I can get a replacement, probably Radio Shack. Maybe its not even the fuse at all. I will update if not the fuse.

By dragonspyder on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012


Mine suddenly quit working after owning it for about 9 months. Being very handy I opend it up and looked inside. 20 Amp fuse inside was blown. Replaced the fuse it blew again right away. Upon checking further I found that the door switch module had shorted out causing the fuse to blow. At that point I simply put the thing on the curb for trash pickup. By far the overall quailty of the internal components is VERY POOR , very cheaply made and no where near the quality that the Magic Chef brand once had. Don't waste your money.

By rotavibe on Home Depot - Dec 16, 2012

everyone is right it's junk

My microwave lasted almost two years just before the warranty expired, I did better than most people. The Home depot warranty refunded my money back for the full cost with a gift card.The microwave stopped working instantly as if a fuse had blown,but the manufacture said it does not have one. Good luck if you buy one and make sure you buy the warranty you will need it.

By BURNED on Home Depot - Nov 24, 2012

Just stopped working!

I purchased this Magic Chef a year ago because it looks good with my other stainless steel appliances and I thought Magic Chef was a premium brand. Yesterday it just stopped working, just as if I pulled the plug. I have other microwaves that are still working after 20 years. Buyer be ware.

By Brian on Home Depot - Nov 9, 2012

Worked great UNTIL... It didn't... In less than a year

We bought this microwave Christmas eve 2011. It started working intermittently and died on November 1, 2012. I am not a heavy microwave user, we warm coffee, warm leftovers and thaw a few thing so this microwave should have lasted much longer than it did.

By Marrimouse on Home Depot - Nov 4, 2012


After reading some of these reviews, & after my new MC microwave died, I have concluded that this thing is a good-looking but HORRIBLE performing product. It's currently out for warrenty work. When / If I get it back, I plan to use it awhile - with luck - then return it before it's too late!

By on Home Depot - Oct 28, 2012

A Waste of Money

Even though use was limited to warming items occasionally, in less than one year the interior pealed. The carousel has never worked properly. I seldom look at brands when buying small appliances. This lemon has changed my habit.

By DinOK on Home Depot - Oct 25, 2012

This is an overall great product

Old one went bad. Picked this one up at my local Home Depot. My 8 year old son can cook his own food when he wants too. Just puch a button and hit start. Fits in great with the rest of the kitchen.

By Mike on Home Depot - Oct 23, 2012

I really like the way it looks as well as it has everything I wanted.

Perfect size, nice looking, has everything I wanted. I would buy this again. I had been looking at others. As soon as I saw this I bought it.

By Katie on Home Depot - Oct 10, 2012

So far so good, looks good, works far

Have not had product long enough to tell overall quality. As of this time everything is great.It looks great and has been working very well. Only time will tell.

By Kf6wqt on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

Great features

Bought this microwave Jan. 19, 2009 and it just died. On my way this morning to buy another one. Thanks for a great product.

By LAll on Home Depot - Oct 5, 2012

Won't buy another Magic Chef Micro Wave

This was a wonderful Micro Wave..... for as long as it lasted, which was approximately 8 months. Had great features and all the functions I could ask for. Then after 8 months the power went off on the whole appliance. Can't locate the receipt so it won't be covered with their one year warranty. Word of warning, keep your receipts on this one.

By lindajoe1 on Home Depot - Sep 25, 2012

not worth the money

I bought this 18 months ago and suddenly it died. It looks great but it does not heat anything up. Not worth the money. Next time I will read the reviews before I buy one

By terry on Home Depot - Sep 19, 2012

worked for 1 yr :(

Ok, I just wanted to say that I bought this 18 months ago bc affordable and looks good. Yesterday is just quit working!! What's up with that??? Sounds like everyone else has similar experiences....very disappointing

By aaaaa12 on Home Depot - Sep 19, 2012

Not worth the money or headaches

I have had several microwave ovens by different manufacturers since they were introduced and all have lasted from 5 - 10 years without any problems or requiring repair far exceeding my expectations of a new technology, wish I could say the same for my experience with this Magic Chef Microwave. This microwave Mdl# MCD1611ST was purchased December 2010 and failed completely 20 months later to cook anything.In the 20 months it was in use it cooked and defrosted food erratically every time it was used, this being the case it was a lightly used item then.It would never heat a beverage, reheat/cook food or boil water the same temperature using the same power and time settings. Lots of features to bad they didn't work, even their popcorn pre-set was worthless. I will never by another Magic Chef product again after trying this one. Save your money and yourself the headaches on this one.

By jtmff on Home Depot - Sep 6, 2012

Majic Chef beats GE hands down,

After buying two GE microwaves that did not last 30 days and were returned I went with the Magic Chef. I am happy with the quality ease of use. With the extended warranty for $11.00 making it a three year warranty is a nice bit of protection. I know in the past they used to last 5 to 8 years. I do not feel like they are made to last that long anymore. I am happy with this brand and I will never buy another GE product in my life. I feel and hope that I will get many years of use with magic chef. So far so good.

By 1911heaven on Home Depot - Aug 23, 2012

Just died after 18 months

So the microwave seemed affordable, and while it functioned i had no compliants with power or features or anything. But now that it's stopped working and I've owned it just 18 months, i will never buy Magic Chef again. I've had other brands last for years but i guess in this case i got what I paid for.

By GotExcitedByLowPrice on Home Depot - Aug 23, 2012

Great Microwave for the money!!

We bought this new in 2008 for our new home and it functioned perfectly for 4 years with no problems until a lightning strike near our home knocked it out! I am buying another one today at Home Depot to replace it! Plenty of features for this price point. Great looks and plenty of power 1100 watts and 2.5 minute popcorn! With disposible items these are not worth fixing when you can buy a new one for $139.00! $35.00 each year of everyday... several times a day use is cheap in my opinion.Highly recommend

By TRC945 on Home Depot - Aug 17, 2012

so disappointed

my husband bought this less than a year ago and I'm online shopping for a new one....that should tell you how good it is!

By lad6363 on Home Depot - Aug 14, 2012

Died quickly

Liked the look of this microwave,also had features I was looking for [carousel and pre-sets]. Price was also in my range. Within 2 days it stopped heating food inside and the exterior became very warm. Day 3 it died completely. Very disapointed and returned to store for refund.

By Benny on Home Depot - Aug 11, 2012

Very Nice Looking, if you dont need a microwave!

I purchased this for my 80 year old mother who eats out almost every day and only heats up leftovers a couple of times a week as well as reheating her coffee cup when she locates the half drunk cup hours after she brewed it.This is for the three months she is here,the remaining 9 months she snowbirds in Florida. While this microwave looks nice in her home, around the 10th time she used it (14 months after she bought it), it died. This microwave doesnt stand a chance of working long term. Some people complain about products for silly reasons, but believe them when they tell you that they quit working especially when multiple people repeat the same thing.

By turnedoffinmichigan on Home Depot - Aug 9, 2012

Terrible product

I usually never take the time to write these review type things--but this thing just died on me today, and after reading the reviews by others, now belong to a large group. My parents bought a Kenmore Microwave in 1983 and still have it..its the size of a small car but it works..they just laugh at me. Product looks good on the counter if you do not need to use it

By ted15 on Home Depot - Aug 4, 2012

first apartment. love it. use it everyday and it looks good.

i use it for everything. it works great and looks nice in my new kitchen.

By chucky on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012


Worked for four months. Now it shuts down after 10 minutes of use. It goes completely dead then turns back on after a few minutes. This is my first and last Magic Chef product. DO NOT BUY!!!!

By joe5301 on Home Depot - Jul 28, 2012

Bought in March, died in July.

Please don't buy this piece of garbage. I used it to cook potatoes one day, and apparently that was too much of a strain. At first, it just died and wouldn't even turn on, now, it looks as if it is working, but the food doesn't get heated at all. Of course, I am past the 90 day return window. $150 down the drain.

By G8rGrl on Home Depot - Jul 25, 2012

Loud, shuts off after six minutes of operation.

Heats food well, but the sound from the magnatron of this unit is loud, louder than any other microwave I have owned. Also, the unit shuts down after cooking any item more that six minutes! Called customer service and they told me that some overheat switch needed adjustment, and that they had heard this complaint from other owners of this product. They said to take it into a local service center for repair. I just cook things under five minutes and live with the noise.

By dumbnickname on Home Depot - Jul 21, 2012

Do not buy this microwave...

Total waste of money... Stopped working after 6 months...

By MGBhatt on Home Depot - Jun 21, 2012

Magic Chef Stainless Microwave oven

Bought this beautiful unit at Home Depot April 2011 and it worked flawlessly until May 22, 2012. I will read reviews before I purchase any appliance in the future.

By POKIE on Home Depot - May 23, 2012

Powerful machine

This microwave is awesome. It is very powerful and cooks evenly. It took some getting used to as it was much more powerful than my last one. The only thing I didn't like about it is that is very large. I was hoping the technology would have started making them a bit smaller. This was the next one up from apartment/dorm size and it barely fits in the space I took my other one from.

By BethR on Home Depot - May 15, 2012

sweet potatoes did it in

I got this 1 year and 3 days ago; it burnt out 3 days out of warranty. It had all the problems others have mentioned, but I took it as it was the cheapest model available with the stainless look. The reset thing was annoying because the clock would reset. Anyway, i wouldn't pay more than $50 for it and only as a backup microwave for popcorn, etc.

By mosh on Home Depot - May 7, 2012

Works well

Good quality product for the features and price. It does what a microwave should-push a button,zap the food,done.

By WorkinDad on Home Depot - Apr 24, 2012

Doesn't Last, trust the reviews!

Lasted about a year and was used lightly....wish i saw the reviews before purchasing...

By JohnnyC on Home Depot - Apr 24, 2012

Pure Junk

I bought this microwave on 2/28/12 to replace a 10 year old Magic Chef microwave that I had which was great but just stopped working one day. This new one lasted from 2/28/12 to 4/17/12 - a whole 7 weeks. Don't waste your money on a Magic Chef.

By Phil on Home Depot - Apr 18, 2012

doesnt last long

We've had this microwave for around 9 months now and it finally reached its breaking point. Throughout the 9 months it has decided it doesnt want to run for longer then a few minutes at a time. Some times it happens some times it doesnt. Went to heat up some oatmeal today and after three minutes it was as cold as when I put it in. Guess I should have read the reviews on here before I bought it.

By JohnDoe on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2012

the product was what we were expecting ffor a reasonable price.

the performance is what I expect and the features are like most of the other microwaves

By Kevy on Home Depot - Apr 6, 2012



By 1919 on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2012

Overheats while deforsting 2 chicken breasts

Very disappointing, we purchased this less than 6 months ago. We live in a building with new wiring. The microwave is not blowing the fuse. It literally overheats and shuts down for about an hour leaving me with frozen meat. Has ruined 2 dinner parties because of this so far.

By Nikki on Home Depot - Mar 7, 2012

Failed my test

I was replacing a Sharp that made perfect popcorn for 10 years before it died. This unit looks nice and is sturdy. I have only one test it must pass. My test is popping popcorn. I pressed the popcorn button but it cooked way to long and burnt my corn. Back to Sharp.

By brooster42 on Home Depot - Feb 24, 2012

GREAT microwave....

This is my third Magic Chef microwave. I use them hard..and do most of my 'cooking' in thay tend to last a little over three years each. I make soup with fresh asparagus, broccoli, or chopped cabbage...'cooked' about 49 minutes at 20% power... and using Progresso or some equivalent quality soup. It is perfect for fact...I have been losing a little (NOT A LOT!---but...what I do lose I am keeping off)... for the past six months or so.....anyway...I find this Magic Chef just great for my needs and as a help in my efforts at calorie control.

By South on Home Depot - Feb 15, 2012

Need a replacement after 2 1/2 years.

I bought this microwave based on looks and price and now here I am 2 1/2 years after needing to buy a new one. Shuts down after a couple of minutes and the light stopped working. It's like it has it's own auto shut off. I would invest and buy a more expensive but with good reviews this time.

By Tinay on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2012

Looks good, works, and priced right

After one month it works well, looks good, and hopefully will last 20 years like the last microwave. I really would have preferred one with fewer controls and settings, but then I view a microwave as a great kitchen accessory, not a cooking device.

By Todaysman on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2012

Works well.

I have been using it for two weeks now and everything is great. Very quiet comparatively. Feature rich; reading the manual was necessary. Very easy to use for basic functions; my 7 y/o was able to figure it out without asking any questions. So far everything has has worked great. I just hope it stays that way. (I have been buying microwaves nearly annually because GE microwaves don't last very long.)

By AJsr on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2012

Works great!

Last year, my wife and I needed a new microwave and decided on this one. We love it! We use it at least once a day to warm up leftovers for us or our children (or to cook pizza bites or something like that). We have never had an issue with it. I read some reviews about it not working or dying immediately. That would be a faulty unit and Home Depot would exchange the product without a question. This is an excellent product. I would recommend it to anyone who was debating purchasing a microwave.

By JTB4 on Home Depot - Jan 18, 2012

7 years of use and it still looks and works like a charm!!!

At the time I had just upgraded all of my kitchen appliances to new stainless steel models. My 10 year old microwave just didn't look right anymore. You can imagine how happy I was when i came across this MC MO. I really liked the fact that not only was the outside stainless steel, but the inside also. I especially liked that I paid only 59 dollars. Over the years I have been extremely happy with it's performance. I use it for most of the typically microwave duties. Reheating leftovers, morning hot beverage and defrosting. Oh! Lets not forget POPCORN! I was especially pleased with the defrost feature. In the past, my experience with defrosting meat with a micro were less than pleasing. Hamburgher, etc, would come out cooked at the edges. Not my experience with the MC. The automated settings for type of meat and weight were spot on. There's not a problem anymore if I forgot to pull somethong out of the freezer and put it in the frig the day before. I don't do much actual cooking in the microwave. I only have one casserole recipe that I typically do use it for and it does it well. For reheating leftovers I like the fact that it has a carrosel; No cold spots. That was a complaint I had with my old GE micro. I had to make sure to rotate everything half way thru the cooking cycle. All in all...for my 59 dollar investment, I did rather well. I would highly recommend this model for any budget minded person who needs a quality basic microwave oven that looks great and for me has given many years of good service.

By Wallami on Home Depot - Jan 11, 2012

goes slow and light flickers

i used this microwave for like 3 times and it blew the cicuit breake in the power strip. then i watched it and it would turn normal, then slow down and the light would flicker inside and then it would go normal again. also the the top of the unit gets very warm. i am taking it back to the store cause after 3 weeks, i'm afraid it's gonna die and then i'll be stuck with it. i paid $139 not $79 like someone else said. not a happy camper...

By barb on Home Depot - Jan 7, 2012

Love my new Microwave. It has become my favorite appliance in my kitchen

For the great price that this product was, it is a great bargain. It has worked wonderful and I love the different buttons that you can push to warm up your food or thaw out your food, to warm up liquid, etc. It is a great product made by a great company.

By mjpjr on Home Depot - Jan 4, 2012

Do NOT buy

I have only had this for a month and it is awful. Anything over five minutes will cause the unit to stop working. It looks great, but is a terrible product

By Sara on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012

Good value for the price

Works great, less noise than the old one; plenty large enough for all my needs. I like the fact that it is 1100 watts,instead of 1200 watts,it cooks slightly slower which is more thorough with less chance of over cooking.

By Dj03 on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2011

I love this microwave

I've been using this microwave for about a month now and I'm enjoying it so far. The features are great. I find it very useful for defrosting as well. The design is also a plus for me.

By jules on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

This product has great features.

I use it every day. great product, and it goes well in mt kitchen.

By Joyce on Home Depot - Dec 7, 2011

Do Not Purchase

After purchasing this microwave, we went home and plugged it in, much to our surprise, it didn't work. Do not buy! All the other reivews are right about the microwave starting but not cooking!

By lindsey on Home Depot - Nov 30, 2011



By unhappy on Home Depot - Nov 28, 2011

Complete shut down

This is the second microwave we bought. Had to return the first one because the power would shut down if you cooked anything longer than 6 min. The second one is doing the same. On my way to return it for a totally different brand.

By unhappychef on Home Depot - Nov 26, 2011

Don't buy it

bought it in July along with two refridgerator, freezer, washer, and dryer. The Microwave was dead in september. Still looks and acts like it's working but doesn't heat. Payed full price too.

By Perry on Home Depot - Nov 24, 2011

Buyer Beware

Bought this Microwave because it was on sale, big mistake. Unfortunately, I looked at reviews after I purchased, another big mistake. The Micro over heated after setting to cook for 8 minutes and shut itself down. Bought it on Friday and returned it the following Monday....Terrible product!

By Lorraine on Home Depot - Nov 20, 2011

Died a sudden death

I loved this microwave, the look was clean and modern, the size perfect; then it died almost 1 year to the day we purchased it. It just stopped cooking in the middle of warming some soup. Extremely disappointed.

By Hutchey on Home Depot - Nov 15, 2011

Didn't last a year...all negative reviews are correct

Soon AFTER we purchased our MagicChef microwave (our mistake) we came here and read the reviews, most of which said that it was a defective product. My wife & I thought 'no biggie, we don't use it for much (defrosting meat, re-heating food occasionally), that won't happen to us'. We were wrong. Ours died last night while defrosting chicken, only 8 months after we purchased it. I don't know how in this day & age and after how long microwaves have been around that this technology is not perfected but MagicChef has proven it is possible. Take my advice, DO NOT BUY THIS MICROWAVE.

By SuperC on Home Depot - Oct 13, 2011

It will not last!

My husband and I bought this Microwave August 15th and it overheated September 10th! Didn't even last a month. It's a very attractive Microwave but please choose a different brand. We've bought a GE today and so far so good.

By Lizzy on Home Depot - Sep 11, 2011


I took this microwave back today, barely 6 weeks after purchasing it. It had begun to apparently overheat within 2 or 3 weeks, turning itself off in the middle of cooking. I thought at first that I had blown a breaker, but it would turn back on in a few minutes. It started doing this more frequently the last week or so, and finally got to where it would appear to be running, but the food or beverage would not be hot. I had been a little nervous about this brand and its reviews, but had liked the look, features, size, and price. I didn't give try to exchange for the same model, just started with a GE. I had a Panasonic for about 10 years. Wish I could find another of that brand.

By AGinGA on Home Depot - Apr 5, 2011

Looks and works great!

I orderd this on lone and it was delivered on time. The price and value cannot be beat. Setup and operation was easy!

By Jaysquare on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Kitchen Aid Microwave

For the price paid this products meets the minimum specifications. I particularly like the pull handle to open the door as opposed to buttons. It's a simple formula: put something in, set the time, push start, food comes out hot.

By RushReview on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Magic Chef Microwave purchase

A perfect fit for both the family and the opening in the island cabinet. Quiet, fast, sleek looking, easy door opening, and a great time saver for a professional family with a 3 year old.

By LEAIKE on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

After 3 months it didn't work anymore...

I bought this microwave in September and it stopped working in December. Don't waste your money on this brand. I will NEVER buy anything from this company again and I will make sure everyone I know NEVER buys anything from them again as well.

By mscags on Home Depot - Dec 27, 2010

Good value for the price

We wanted stainless and this was a good buy for the price but we miss the sensor cooking of our last microwave that determined when potatoes or popcorn was done. A little noisy, too, by comparison.

By debrastuff on Home Depot - Dec 13, 2010

Short life span

Strengths: Good looking, was my favorite in looks from the many I looked at. Heated evenly, no problems with cooking in it.

Weakness: Stopped working after one year. Lights and turn table work but not the magnetron. It costs as much to repair it as to buy a new one.

So sad because I really like the looks of this microwave but won't buy another since it quit after one year even though I took good care of it, Before I bought it I read similar reviews of its short life span but I ignored the reviews because I was redoing my kitchen and this was the best looking at the time.

By anonymous; - Dec 2, 2010

Nice Unit

really liking this micro. even though it seems a little flimsy, i love the stainless finish. it does attract fingerprints. but being stainless, its a breeze to clean up. its been so long since i purchased a microwave, i forgot how fast they cook. anyone using a micro 5 years old or older will benefit updating to this unit. very pleased with my purchase. at $79 its a great deal.

By scarn on Home Depot - Nov 27, 2010

bad deal

I bought this product for home depot june 2010, microwave stop working aug 2010, this product did not last 3 good months, not worth the price, hope i can get a refund. please always read reviews before buying any item.

By 1ladyc on Home Depot - Aug 26, 2010

Another unhappy owner

Like the other reviews below, after only 3 months the microwave would keep losing power. Nothing wrong with the outlet, just the microwave. I returned it to the store today and will never purchase another Magic Chef product. Yes it looks great, is a great size and cooked well, but that model obviously has a defect and shouldn't be sold.

By Sineadh on Home Depot - Jul 13, 2010

Don't buy

After 4 months the mirowave would turn off, after about 4 minutes if set on high.

By Jim0000 on Home Depot - Jul 2, 2010

very disappointed

I replaced my Panasonic microwave which I've had for almost ten years, with this one, and I am so disappointed. I've had this for just over six months and it started to power off each time I use it for two minutes. I have to wait several minutes to get the power back on. You can only use it for one minute if you want to use it several times in a row, but only for about three times, maximum.. This microwave is a waste of money, so beware.

By bethg on Home Depot - Jun 15, 2010

piece of junk

Strengths: none

Weakness: everthing

i purchased 5 of these for our breakrooms. once the first one broke then others followed.they didn't last six months. one of them out the box woldn't even pop popcorn never buy any magic chef. spend the extra 50 dollars to purchase a quality microwave like a sharp or GE.

By anonymous; - May 26, 2010

Do not buy a magic chef microwave

This microwave shuts off (losses power) everytime after cooking anything after about a minute. then i have to wait about 3 minutes for the power to be restored to continue cooking, then after a minute shuts off again. Had this microwave for less then a month. Before you buy a magic chef microwave PLEASE do yourself a favor and do a Google search for "magic chef microwave shuts off" It will save you a lot of wasted money and headache.

By Computerfl on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2010

Great microwave!

I bought this microwave about a month ago and so far I love it! I used to have a small microwave for the countertop but it didn't fit a lot inside. Somehow, this microwave doesn't take up that much more space on the counter yet is a full-size microwave. It cooks so well! I also love the fact that it has a stainless interior- it seems to cook things more evenly. One minor thing I noticed was whenever I would pull te handle of the door, the microwave would slide since it was on the counter. I put a little piece of a rug gripper under it and I no longer have this problem.

By MelissaW on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2010