General Electric PEB1590SMSS Profile Countertop Microwave

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This microwave oven features 1.5 cu. ft. capacity with 1000 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure). Convection cooking controls produce flavorful and beautifully browned results. The control dial allows quick, easy adjustment of time and temperature settings. The sensor cooking controls automatically adjust the time and power for exceptional cooking results. An optional trim kit offers a built-in appearance of a countertop model. The removable oven rack makes multi-dish cooking possible. A turntable continually rotates food to ensure even cooking.

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Power: 1000 W

Location: Countertop

Total Microwave Capacity: 1.5 cu. ft

Color: Stainless Steel

General Features: Child Lock, Cooking Complete Reminder, Defrost, Digital Display, Sensor Cooking Controls, Timer


Product Title: General Electric PEB1590SMSS Profile Countertop Microwave

Manufacturer: General Electric

Power Score: 4.5 | 11 Reviews

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Like the product very much

I have just ordered a second one after the first had the rotor that turns the turntable break after 6 years like another reviewer did. The part to fix it was under $20 but involved labor I couldn't/wouldn't do as a DYI project. I have loved this oven and the only improvement would be a larger turntable but, as a built in, I have no way to acommodate a larger case if they had one. Never had to...
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By Loumanb on Home Depot - Apr 12, 2013

Nice Micro convection oven except for design flaw

We've had this oven for a few years and it is really nice, EXCEPT... the light burned out. After looking at the manual AND contacting GE, we've learned that only a technician can replace the light bulb. How ridiculous! What an unfortunate design flaw!

By cruzvan on Home Depot - Jun 1, 2012

The features and the range of them make this product an extremely versatile Item.

We selected this product because it's similar to our old Oven. Our old oven's rotor gave up the ghost after 6 years of use, but we decided the comparable featues and physical make up made it the choice. It was a GE Profile just as this one is.

By none on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2012

A great addition to our kitchen.

This unit is easy to use and serves as both a 2nd oven and a microwave. Fortunately we got it right before Thanksgiving and gave it a workout. This is a perfect addition to our kitchen.

By JZeke on Home Depot - Nov 29, 2011

GE Profile Microwave

I love this microwave! I cooked cornbread in it and it turned out nicely browned on the top and very moist inside. I used just the convection, I think it recommends using the combo of micro and convect but I am not thrilled with the idea of microwaving everything I eat....but I only have one oven and the intent was to give myself a "second" oven.....still use the micro part as well ;) Great oven!...
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By drummergirl on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2011

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