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Terrible Product

Strengths: Looks good

Weakness: Fan motor and sensor broke on two different models; terrible product for too much money.

This is the second that broke in the past two years and it's difficult to swap out since it's a built-in. The first one broke after one year; the second one broke over 1 1/2. We now have the a useless piece of junk screwed into our wall. For the $400 pricetag, it's absolutely the worst product we've ever purchased--do yourself a favor and avoid it like the plague.

By gold2003 - Nov 8, 2007

Looks sharp functions well when working - Unreliable.

Strengths: Good microwave when it works.

Weakness: Stopped cooking after 3 and half years.

When looking for a repair solution it became evident that this is a common problem (Breaking after 2-3 years )with this model along with several other over the range GE microwaves.

If you do a google search for 'GE magnetron failure' you will see that this is not only a common problem for the GE spacemaker but replacing the magnetron usually results in future failure.

By iru - Jun 5, 2008

Looks are better than quality

Strengths: looks

Weakness: within a few years F3 after numerous beeping and it turns on by itself. Keypad locks constantly.

I tried resetting it as customer service told me to do. First at the breaker box. Time never changed then I unplugged it for over five minutes and plugged it back in. Then I reset the time. Damn beep over and over finally a F3 code. Same spill of course warranty out and how convinent this is the second microwave from GE in ten years or less. The first they did give a credit for this purchase plus a couple hundred out of pocket. I unplugged it and used a tabletop from Sears I purchased over a decade ago that still works. I did file a complaint with the BBB. I also found that several same issues with other ovens by GE have caught fire and have recalls but not this one thus far.

By scdavid1969 - Oct 28, 2009


Strengths: Reminds me of my old FORD Exploder (yes EXPLODEr) - looks good but doesn't run

Weakness: What you save at purchase you pay in repairs.

Paid big money for a piece of junk. Magnetron tube went just after a year. It was under warranty but the service call cost over $200.00. I asked the GE serviceman if this was a common problem with this microwave and he laughed and said, "I plead the fifth". In others words GE made a lemon. Stay away from this model. Better yet, stay away from GE altogether.

By SubContractOne - Nov 26, 2008

Stay away from this microwave oven

Strengths: The defrosting part is metter than my old Panasonic, does not brown meet in defrost.

Weakness: Very poor reliability

I had this microwave oven for just one year and 5 months. It must blew out a fuse and totally quit on me. Called GE service, they said it would cost $80 for a service call, and then parts, and labor at ~$130 an hour. I figured out it will take at least an hour of labor, since this is an under cabinet mount oven, so the total cost is around $200.

To my suprise, it went back to operation when I plugged it in the next morning. However, it became loud even with the fan and turn table turned off, plus some kind of high frequency metal rubbing noise. Don't know how long will it last. (now it runs for 5 minutes, and quit for 1 hr)

Totally disappointed with GE.

By canon2000 - Feb 8, 2008

GE 1800 XL

Strengths: Looks good.

Weakness: Not reliable, stainless stell skin came lose.

I have several GE appliances, this is the worse one I had ever have, the magnetron diode die after 3 month, stainless steel door skin came lose. I finally figured out this oven is made by Samsung and has all Samsung parts.

By Engineer57 - Feb 16, 2007

Unreliable, All GE Profile Appliances

Strengths: Looks good. Good features.

Weakness: Reliability Issues.

I have 3 profile stainless steal appliances(oven, microwave, trash compactor). This microwave is one of them. They have all broke after a couple of years. These appliances should last at least 10 years! If you buy GE you'll be very disappointed.

By ronshishido - Aug 28, 2006

Arggggg! GE SpaceMaker XL1800

Strengths: Looks; specifically the vent.

Weakness: Reliability. Not worth original cost...

This microwave is similar to Barack Obama; although looks & sounds good at first - once you have some time to disect the facts, this product stinks.
The thermostat blew out of this. Only 3 years old!!! I hate GE.

By GoonPlatoon - Aug 11, 2008

GE Profile Series Poorly Made

Strengths: Look sleek

Weakness: Unreliable series of appliances

Purchased home with GE Profile appliances (refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stove top, and dual wall oven. Three of the appliances have required repair thus far (Appliances installed in 2008) Refrigerator compressor loud and drops in temp spontaneously with ice dams each time, microwave stopped heating (megatron), stove top back burner auto light pilot switch locked into on and had to turn off at master switch. Dishwasher is now making new noises. Only appliance we have not repaired yet is the wall oven. Poor response by GE and expensive service calls; particularly given they must be aware this series has issues.

By msdsmsds - Mar 23, 2013

Bad magnetron

Weakness: Shoddy

Another magnetron failure here, though it did take about 5 years to crop up. To GE's credit the replacement magnetron was free, even out of warranty. That's how bad the part really is. They must have feared a class action. By contrast my Samsung tabletop microwave just failed - after 20 years.

By doug123pg - Jul 14, 2012


Strengths: Size and looks good

Weakness: light bulb went out in the first 6 months. You have to take the entire unit down to fix it!!So needless to say, the bulb stayed out!!

Only had the unit 3 year and is already broken beyond repair - will never buy GE again.. Also have a GE quietseries 3 dishwasher to replace after 3 years too. Come on GE - build a reliable product!!

By anonymous; - Dec 24, 2011

General Electric JVM1870SK Profile Spacemaker XL1800 Over-the-Range Microwave

Strengths: looks good

Weakness: magnatron tube

The magnatron tube went out just after 4 years. I called consumer relations and they helped out a lot. Still cost me $100 to fix, but if they didn't help out it would have cost $250. If you're having problems, call Consumer Relations department and make a big stink about it. They will help you.Overall though, if you haven't bought one already, I'd stay away from this microwave. So many people have had problems with the magnatron tube, when it goes out, the microwave stops heating. I wish I would have known that before I spent close to $500 for the piece of junk. Trust me...stay away from GE microwaves, at least this model.

By anonymous; - May 20, 2011


Strengths: Looks nice but liking having a Cadillac with no gas. You can look at it but not use it.

Weakness: Dependablility sucks.

Tried contacting GE for over an hour with their automated phone system. Never was able to talk to a real person. Unit isn't even a year old and the control board quit while my wife was making a pot of soup. Started beeping and fan running and wouldn't turn off. I wish I had checked GE out before I bought one. Will never own another GE product in my life.Still under warranty but could never get through to see about repairs. Guess I will just write this one up to experience and go on. Hopefully this review will help someone else before they buy a GE product. Stay away from them, they are junk wrapped up in an attractive package.

By anonymous; - Mar 23, 2011

Wish I would have seen these reviews before I purchased!!

Strengths: looks good and matches my other appliances

Weakness: doesnt last more than 3 mos.

purchased this alonge with dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. microwave went out after 3mos and thats where the nightmare began! Do not buy this microwave. I hope the new model works better than this one and for longer!

By anonymous; - Mar 29, 2010


Strengths: Looks nice

Weakness: Does not heat food

2 years old and the piece of junk quit working- started turning off during cooking for a few months then stopped heating food altogether. LOOKS GREAT BUT A BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

By anonymous; - Feb 26, 2010

This stinks

Strengths: Where was all these glowing reveiws two years ago

Weakness: This product sucks!

I wish I knew all of this two years ago. We bought this GE two years ago. Now it is dead! I went through the trouble of removing it myself today just to fond out that the grinding metal sound was something inside the case that is now welded to the case and the megatron thing is fried. Of coarse it is past it's warrenty, and is now a 60 paper weight. What a waste of time and money. The only good thing from the reveiws is now I know I need to find a different brand. I would rate this less than 1 star if I could!

By anonymous; - Feb 2, 2010

GE Spacemaker 1800 XL

Strengths: works great....when it worked.

Weakness: magnatron keeps going out.

we moved into an 2005 built house in 2007 with existing GE microwave that worked wonderfully until 2009 when it stopped heating food. We had CS send us a new magnatron that my husband installed himself in several hours which fixed the microwave....until last week when, once again it stopped heating food and CS states that since we installed our own magnatron we voided the parts warranty so another new magnatron will cost us $142. For that price we are going to buy a new microwave!

By Stack99 - Jan 18, 2010

Same ol story ... falls apart after 2-3 years

Strengths: Large size, excellent controls and features

Weakness: Poor reliability, vent allows reverse airflow (ice cold air coming through uWave in winter),

Actually enjoyed the unit when it was working, but the 1-2 year old unit started making very loud noises ... not disabled yet but sounds like it is not far off. In the first winter we had it (< 1 year old), I noticed that in winter there was ice-cold air coming from the unit ... so the venting is allowing outside air to pour back into the house.

By john1doe1 - Apr 8, 2009

Very Disappointed

Strengths: Looks nice

Weakness: Poor performance

Quit working after 4 years. I was never pleased with it's performance, it always seemed to be inconsistent with how it functioned. Replaced with a Whirlpool that had good reviews.

By StillStacy68 - Jun 21, 2008

GE Profile Over-the-Range Microwave

Strengths: 1) Hidden vent which opens up only when microwave is on 2) Very sleek stainless steel design 3) Quiet operation 4) Easy touchpad controls with single button for cooking time increments

Weakness: So far, none.

Overall, I have been very satisfied with this microwave. It is way better than my previous Caloric unit. The unit offers a great hidden vent that only opens when the microwave is used --- it does rattle a bit upon closing but not really a big issue.

By arcebus1973 - Apr 7, 2007