Vicks 1 Gal Cool-Mist Humidifier V3100

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When cold and flu season strikes, it’s time to take this cool mist humidifier out of the closet. The humidifier provides healthful vapor that can help relieve the dehydrating symptoms brought on by colds and the flu, helping nasal passages breathe easily again and easing the irritation of coughs and sore throats. It offers a wonderful alternative therapy for children, those who prefer not to take over-the-counter medications, and those who can’t take decongestants due to pregnancy or incompatibility with other medications. This low-noise humidifier also takes preventative measures against colds by putting enough humidity in the air to combat the dryness caused by many heating systems. The humidity moistens the respiratory system and helps it to actually fight off viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. The translucent water tank is easy to fill and monitor and outputs about 1.2 gallons of moist air into the room--enough for 18 hours of continuous use on one filling. Impurities or minerals in the water are trapped in an antibacterial wicking filter so vapor is pure and is emitted without any white dust. When the tank is empty, it totally drains without leaving any potentially bacteria-laden standing water in the bottom. Two settings--high and low--let you adjust the humidity level to the appropriate room size or moisture level and Vicks’s special evaporative technology also kicks in to ensure that rooms maintain the proper moisture level and are not overly humid. This humidifier has a dishwasher-safe tray for hygienic cleaning and is covered by a three-year warranty.  Features:Cool mist through wicking filter relieves cold and flu symptomsSpecial evaporative technology ensures proper moisture levelsEasy-to-fill 1.0 gallon tank18 hours of operation per filling2 comfort settingsQuiet operationDishwasher-safe tray What's In The Box:Vicks V3100 1-Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Title: Vicks 1 Gal Cool-Mist Humidifier V3100

Manufacturer: Vicks

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