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Works great in the Sonoran Desert

Strengths: Sturdy construction. Easy refill. Quite Operation. Does not produce mist, water droplets, steam or excessive condensation.

Weakness: No water level indicator. No auto shut-off. No digital humidistat.

Bought this unit as a whole house humidifier. Was a little skeptical
that this unit would perform as advertised. I have a two-story house,
measure 2190 sq. ft. Humidity inside the house was 21 percent. The
first day in operation it increased the humidity to 30 percent. I haven't
operated the humidistat at the highest setting or continuously for 24
Hrs. I think it will do what it advertises. Can't beat it for the
price. The only thing I don't like is the guess work, when to refill.

By youitimothy - May 6, 2008


It is perfect for my condo (1300 sf). It was quick and easy to set up and have running in 30 minutes. I move it easily from master bedroom to living room and can bring the humidity up to my desired 40% from 25% in less than 15 minutes on the 2nd speed setting. Plus, it is easy to clean. Couldn't be happier with this product.

By Dink on Home Depot - Apr 23, 2013

Overall very pleased

After moving from Dallas to Denver, we started having some sinus problems due to the low humidity. We purchased this whole house unit after a smaller unit couldn't keep the humidity up in the bedroom. It does the job -great-. We have a 2 story 2k sqft house and we keep it on the 2nd story where the bedrooms are. We just keep it on the low setting and after some playing with the analog dial, I've found the spot to keep the whole upstairs between 35-40%. The downstairs stays around 30%. Big improvement from the 13% the house was at previously. Even at the low setting it kicks on and off, and I usually refill the jug twice a day. If I forget a day it only takes 2 refills and the unit is back to full. So like I said it does the job great, but it is noisy, especially on high. But it's moving so much air that it's expected. If you want something that moves this much air and water but is whisper quiet look elsewhere (and pay a ton more). But on low it's not that bad, especially if you have it in another room. I did notice that on the jug end cap (the side you fill from) it started to crack. I emailed their customer service, who then said to call in for a warranty claim. I waited on hold for about 2-5 minutes before the call was answered. The lady on the phone took my info and is sending a replacement cap. Another thing to watch out for are the castors. Luckily we don't move ours around alot, but one of the castors does not seem to want to stay attached. So make sure you really push them in before you add water, otherwise you'd have to drain the unit to get under there and try again. Some people also complained about the jug dripping water and such after you fill it. Come on people, you don't have to nit pick. if you can't fill up the jug without spilling any water, then just use a towel to wipe it off! Same goes when pulling the jug out of the unit to fill it. Since the bottom sits in the water reservoir it's going to have water on it. Again, use a towel if you don't want any drops. Personally it's only a few drops of water on the carpet, it's not going to kill anything. The overall construction seems on par with the price. The unit is all plastic and probably would not take a direct hit from something very well. Again if you're looking for something super high quality and quiet, look elsewhere and get ready to empty your wallet. So if you're looking for a inexpensive unit to easily add a lot of humidity to your whole house, I'd highly recommend this unit. Just remember at this price point you will have a lot of fan noise.

By Doctahjones on Home Depot - Apr 18, 2013

Really like this product

This product has worked very well for me. I bought some of the water treatment at Home Depot for about $5 to keep the water clean and I have had no problems. It is a little loud on it's highest setting but not too bad on it's lowest sitting. However, You probably don't want to put it in your main room. I leave it on it's lowest setting while we are up and at home and put it on it's highest setting at night and when we leave.

By Scott on Home Depot - Mar 26, 2013

Well satisfied with this humidifier

We have had and used this for six weeks. It is reasonably easy to fill and clean. With its four speeds, it can put a lot of water vapor into the air in a short time when needed (such as in the morning if it has been turned off at night), but, once the desired humidity is reached, the slowest (and quietest) setting is adequate to maintain it in our case (serving one story of about 3000 sq. ft.). The humidistat works consistently, but it is good to have an actual readout, so I suggest getting an inexpensive (about $11) hygrometer to place somewhere in the main living area. Fan noise seems modest, but I have nothing to compare to. The unit seems to be a very good value for the price.

By bcrawf on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013


It does the job to an extent but is very noisy. Our home is very dry and the humidifier that's attached to the furnace never worked right from the day it was installed. I needed something to add moisture to the air and this humidifier seems to help.

By sonya on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

worth the price

I bought this humidier because of the dry air in our house. It was easy to start up and easy to set the flow of humidified air throughout the whole house. This one does the job. It works on tap water and makes some noise but, nothing that bad. Once it reaches your setting it does a good job to keep it there. I gave this one high grades in all rating because it was well worth the money......

By djpink on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

Best bang for your buck!!!!

Performs great easy as 1 2 3. Shipping arrived on time with no defects.

By Duck on Home Depot - Feb 20, 2013

Works way better than a regular wick filter humidifier

A family member recommended this to me and I really enjoy it. I was getting sick & tired of paying $10 for a wick filter every other week for a regular stand alone humidifier. Holds 9 gallons & I refill the canister twice a day. The fan speed isn't really a problem or noisy to me, kinda get use to it. Great product.

By MotorcyclesforLife on Home Depot - Feb 15, 2013

Good Quality

Works well.........................................

By EJD1 on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2013

The product performs just as it is described.

Very good at putting moisture into the air quickly. A little noisy.

By DanB on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2013

Disappointed With Performance

When I first started using this unit in early January, it was cold and dry but not overly so and the humidifier did a good job of keeping the kitchen/living area in my mobile home humidified at around 50%. The unit would automatically shut off at around 51% and turn back on at around 48%. Lasko claimed it could humidify an area up to 3200 square feet. The area in my mobile home I was trying to humidify was about 600-700 square feet. During a very cold snap in mid January (about a week to 10 days), it was incredibly dry (around 28%) however, the unit had trouble keeping this particular area humidified above 36%-37%. It just wouldn't go any higher. The unit is fairly loud on high and only slightly quieter on medium but that didn't bother me and got used to it. Lasko claims the unit can put out up to 9 gallons of moisture daily into the air but I had the humidifier running constantly and it only put out about 4 gallons per day. Since it just wasn't doing the job I wanted it to do during the driest time of the year, I returned it. I used to have the Lasko model 1140, which was a whole-house console type humidifier and I loved it. That thing would pump out some serious moisture and never had trouble humidifying my mobile home. I had it for about 9 years but had to "retire" it because the inside was getting too corroded and I was constantly replacing parts on it. I had hoped the 1128 would do as good of a job but, unfortunately, wasn't up to par with the 1140. I wish I could get my hands on another one of those units.

By scorpio1154 on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2013

Great humidifier....for small spaces

Bottom line: this is a very good unit for a few large rooms, but not a whole house. Noise level is questionable for use in bedroom. Maintenance is time consuming, but not required weekly. Quite operation at low setting, however you'd still have to turn the TV volume up if it's in the same room. I'm a light sleeper, so I don't think I could have this thing sitting in my bedroom and cutting on and off all night long. Capacity is way overstated. No way this thing could humidify 3,200sf. Even if it could you'd be refilling the water tank too frequently to make it worth it. It takes 3 fills of the tank to reach the 4.5gal capacity. The unit is rated to output 9 gals in 24 the math on how many trips you'll be doing back and forth to the sink. Size and appearance were tolerable for my wife. The directions recommend disinfecting once per week but I do believe the design of having water flow over the filter would let you stretch it to 2 or 3 weeks before things get smelly. I used Lysol wipes, which, with all of the curves/cracks/crevices took me 30-60 mins to clean depending on how through I want to be. My ~2200sf town house is around 25% humidity during the winter with the heat on. On a dry day this thing barely makes a dent in the dryness; perhaps bringing the whole house to around 35%. On a rainy day it will keep the house around 40%, but of course it's 100% outside.

By RB703 on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2013

Good Product Non-Responsive Customer Service from Lasko

Unique Product design for evaporative humidifiers because the water is pumped to the top of the filter pad and circulates down through the pad instead of the pad sitting in the water reservoir. Fill jug is filled from the bottom and will lose water when turned upright unless the spring loaded fill valve is held closed when turning the jug upright. CALLED LASKO CUSTOMER SERVICE FOUR TIMES SINCE THE THE FILL JUG COVER CAME WITH A SMALL CRACK AND WANTED TO GET IT REPLACED. THEY NEVER PICK UP AND IF YOU USE THE OPTION TO HAVE THEM RETURN THE CALL THEY NEVER TO SO.

By jharr22 on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Great Humidifier

This Lasko humidifier is the perfect size & does a great job, and, it keeps my house at the right humidity level. With the removable tank, it's so easy to fill and no spills. I've had it for about a month & I am totally pleased with it.

By Joker on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Works as described

Bought two units for a 2000 sqft home with forced air heating. Set each one up near a floor level return register so the humid air produced by that unit would get sucked into register and recirculate throughout the home. Just finished a week in frigid NJ with temps below 20 every day. Humidistats in various rooms measured 30-35 RH. Units have three speed settings. During the day when we were at work we ran them at highest (= loudest) speed. At night we ran at lower speeds.

By topann on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

This product does a great job!

All of the reviews I had read noted that the unit is loud. It is, but live we with it. The water re-circulation is amazing at any level, and our home (2000 sq ft) felt better within a couple of hours. We set it at "2" during the day and "1" (the quietest setting) at night, since we lower the thermostat and the fans are not going as much at night. Other reviews also address difficulties refilling with the water tank, as it leaks. Ours leaks also, so we don't use it. Instead we use a 1-gallon pitcher. Much easier. The machine puts out so much moisture, we have to put in 3 gallons per day. We have used other recirculating humidifiers in the past, but (1) this is the only one now available, and (2) this one works best of all of them. Just have to get used to the white noise. There is no assembly required, so it is easy to set up. Nicely designed, too.

By Steve on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Lasko humidifier

was very impressed with this product when I found it at such a great sale price last year in a store nearby...until I came home a turned it on. It is not quiet even on the lowest setting. I researched the product on line for replacement filter costs etc and found that I could not order new filters for it at that time. Have been soaking the filter in vinegar and water to try and keep recycling it. Just tried recently to find filters on line again and they now have them in stock and cost $10.99 plus shipping and handling..but with the US exchange cost and the flat rate shipping to canada of $27.99, I decided I am not paying that for one single filter. Looking for a new brand

By Bett on Home Depot - Jan 26, 2013

OK product but don't know if it really works for the entire house

Product was as stated in its description. Setup was relatively easy and instructions clear enough. The jug to refill it is somewhat heavy when full if you have any kind of physical limitation and, if you carry it to the unit the way they tell you it will leak all over so carry it upside down until your ready to fill the unit. The unit itself seems to do a good job in the area that its in however I don't know that it really humidifies the air in the entire house. I feel some added moisture is better then nothing however. My biggest issue is how noisy the unit is. We have it in our diningroom and, if we put it on anything other then the lowest setting the sound is overpowering when it comes on. You can't even hear the TV over it and we have the unit in the other room! I was going to put it in the master bedroom however it still wakes me up during the night when it comes on when in the dining room so, if your planning on a bedroom unit this might not be the one for you. Overall I would say it is an ok product.

By desertdiy on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2013

Low Price with Average Performance

Unit is a bit loud on HIGH fan setting, so we run it on MEDIUM. "9 Gallon Humidifier" is a bit misleading. Unit holds about half that amount when full. It can deliver 9 gallons into the air if it is run on HIGH fan setting during a 24 hour period. The only other drawback is Home Depot does not stock replacement filters either in-store or on-line. You have to order them from the manufacturer.

By Chonkur on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2013

This product does a great job for the money.

I am very satisfied with the performance of the unit. I have a 1200 sq ft house and keep it in my living room on the lowest setting and it keeps the humidity level in my house at a comfortable level.

By on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Came broken

After waiting 2 weeks for delivery the unit came broken, a fan blade was broken off and the bottom part was broken. Now they are out of stock.

By Seatrout on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

This product has great features.

The air in our great room was very dry from our wood stove. We searched for a good looking, quiet, efficient humidifier. This one fit our criteria. Great humidifier, quiet on low, clean, efficient. Makes a huge difference in the air quality of the space. Air is cleaner. The static electricity is gone.

By Gail on Home Depot - Jan 9, 2013

Good Humidfier, Great Value

The humidifier works great, and if you use the water jug properly, there is no leakage problem. Sure the fan makes noise, but it is a fan. It moves about 3 or 4 gallons of water a day into our house on the low fan setting. We have had it about 3 weeks, and I wanted to see how the filter was holding up, it looked great. I use the Golden Solution II Combination Humidifier Water Treatment and Bacteriostatic liquid, we have hard water. Overall this is a good machine, that seems to work well. The one problem I see is that Lasko should pack these units better, our first one came, with the top case broken, the little tabs that hold it to the bottom case were sheared off, and the case was cracked. I also think Home Depot should carry replacement filters. I could not find them on the web site. The replacement filters are Lasko THF-8.

By AreJay on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2013

Does the job

Very easy to setup, just fill with water and plug it in. Concerning the noise mentioned in most other reviews, we do not consider this loud. On low speed it's the same noise level as our 18" pedestal fan (on low speed) which we run in our bedroom all night every night. However, on high speed it is too loud to have in a bedroom where you sleep. Living in New Mexico, the outdoor humidity level is usually very low (5-30%). During our cold months the furnace runs enough that we need to run the humidifier on high 24 hours a day to maintain 55-60% humidity throughout the house. Therefore we had to move it into a different room. As mentioned, we are running it on high 24 hours a day and it seldom reaches a 60% humidity level. It gets close during the night because we turn the furnace off then drops as low as 40% during the morning and evening when the furnace runs the most. We are averaging 2.5 gallons of water per 24 hours. By the way, our home is just under 1700 square feet. As mentioned in other reviews, the removable reservoir was not designed well, water leaks from the bottom screw-on cap (there's no o-ring to seal). We use a towel under it while walking from the sink to the humidifier. Then we had a light bulb moment and realized that we could just fill a gallon-size water bottle and pour it in instead of using the removable reservoir. We took the reservoir out, put it in the garage and put a paper plate over the hole so the fan wouldn't draw air from there instead of through the filter. That has made filling this thing as simple and problem-free as it gets. The plastic body is a little too thin and could crack easily if not carried from underneath when filled with water. Or if trying to roll on carpet and pushing from the top of the unit instead of the bottom. Overall, it's a good product for the money comparatively and by today's standards...

By TBAIII on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2013

nice while it lasted

Well, it was certainly up to humidifying our large bedroom. Not so easy to clean, but no worse than others. Seldom used on high setting because of noise, but motor pooped out after about a year. Back to square one.

By physicsguy on Home Depot - Dec 28, 2012

does the job!!!


By geoela on Home Depot - Dec 28, 2012

Sent Back

After using this humidifer for approx. 3 weeks something happened to the motor.After getting warmed up the motor would intermittenly quit.

By michaelw on Home Depot - Dec 16, 2012


Unit received had a cracked center partition, Did not appear to be damaged in shipping, large crack across partition, I applied epoxy to both sides. It would be appreciated to receive a replacement partition and I would install it. I did not want to return unit we need the humidity, and I could not be sure it also would be damaged.

By Chick on Home Depot - Nov 7, 2012

Drippy and Loud

Getting the water from the faucet to the tank gets a little drippy, but if you have a towel handy, it'll help. It's also extremely loud so if you are putting it in your living room or where your TV is, be prepared to turn everything else way up to hear... or turn it off while your watching TV.

By Julinoe1 on Home Depot - Aug 21, 2012

Works great.

Could not be more happy.Simple to as advertised.

By youkonjack on Home Depot - Aug 14, 2012


After switching from the digital display model, this is easy to use. I need reliable humidifiers to maintain 50% humidity for live animals, and I've used the 9 gallon Lasko models for the past 5 years! It's easy to use, clean and maintain. Running 24/7, each machine has lasted about 2.5 years. I'd purchase this model again.

By Lynn on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012


This humidifier is good to have. It works well to humidify a variety of rooms in the my home. I do not like the refill tank as when I fill the tank the lid that is screwed onto the tank holder isn't sealed well and the water leaks out. It makes a wet mess to clean up when walking the tank full to the humidifier.

By Debbie on Home Depot - May 1, 2012

Very loud!

While this unit seemed of good quality and design, I returned it before I ever used it. I plugged it in to listen to the fan before I added water. Very loud. This unit would be great if you can locate it away from sleeping areas, TV, eating areas, etc. You could not talk over the unit on the mid or high fan setting. Too loud to sleep with the unit on low setting.

By monty on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012


It does work well. My only complaint is it is loud

By kknighton on Home Depot - Apr 11, 2012

Delievers what it promises.

Great product. The noise didn't bother us day or night. Worked great!

By karneryork on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2012

Very good humidifier

Good humidifier at a fair price. Large water capacity and powerful fan settings. Works very well for us and believe me I shopped around plenty before buying this product.

By Obieman on Home Depot - Apr 3, 2012

Good purchase from my point of view

I agree there is small leakage problems when removing the water tank to refill. I don't consider it a big problem. Unit is noisy on high fan levels. We use lower levels and not a problem. Would not be good in a room where you are trying to listen to music or TV if using higher fan levels.

By gmtt on Home Depot - Mar 17, 2012

It works just the way I hoped it would.

After much research, plus my own experience with many brands, this is the best for the money. I have COPD and for me the help this humidifier gives me is very appreciated. My coughing is way down, no more itchy eyes, breathing is improved and I no longer shock the cats. Kudos for this product Thanks Iris

By Iris on Home Depot - Mar 13, 2012

works fine, buy extra filters

good all around. had it for 3 months, had to turn filter around. otherwise it runs all day. buy extra filters in the fall! it's feb. and store doesn't carry them now. runs about every 15 min( small house). fill canester needs some work(if you don't fill it all the way, it leaks).

By tycon on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2012

Great product. Works as described.

The recirculating feature is what makes it work. Keeps the filter damp. Very happy an only complaint is it leaks slightly when filling canister....not a deal breaker though.

By rak12 on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2012

very happy with the product

I have a very large living room area, about 1200sq ft, so I needed a humidifier that could do the job. It took a few days of it running nonstop but it brought the humidity level up to much more comfortable levels. I know that our cats are enjoying not getting shocked every time we go to pat them.

By abztrct on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012

Work great!

I bought two of these for our 1300 sq ft home and they are doing a great job keeping the humidity level up. They work great. Very happy with this purchase.

By merylp on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012

Good, Large Living Area Unit

We were looking for a unit that could put out more than 2 gallons per day so we didn't have to have a humidifier in all rooms. I like the fact that this unit seems to put out a large volume of moisture but isn't as big as a console unit. When the house is kept at 68-70degF, and the unit is on medium (2), it will put out 3-5 gallons per day. Pros - inexpensive water filter/diffusers - puts out large volume of water for a unit of its size - Price/gpd is very good. I don't know of any other unit under $100 that can put out that much moisture. - Better looking than large, fake wood console units Cons - reasonably loud but tolerable on medium; very loud on high - it's not a major problem but you will drip water when putting the fill tank back in the unit. - No fill indicator; must lift water tank to determine how full it is. We would recommend this unit.

By DanaL on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012

Works as advertised

Does a great job keeping my entire house at an acceptable level of humidity. It's loud, but worth it.

By lebkin on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012


The unit can circulate 9 gallons of water per day which sounds awsome until your the one who has to refill it 1 1/2 gallons at a time. We had the unit in our livingroom and due to the noise had moved it to the dinningroom (3 rooms away) and we still have to turn the TV up and down everytime it kicks on/off.

By Sadie on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012

I have no way of measuring efficiency

I am very impressed with the design and operation of the humidifier.The fan draws in humid air from the dampened filter and then blows it up into the room, a clean and efficient priocess. The unit is easy to fill and the design effectively prevents leakage. I have a 1500 square foot house. The unit is more than adequate to hold the humidity level at 50 percent in a desert climate.

By Mike on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2012

Best Unit I have Bought Yet!

Bought this unit 3 weeks ago and makes very little noise on low. We can have it in the same room as the television and not have to increase the volume of the tv. I live in Arizona where it's very dry and this unit does a very good job of keeping the humidity to within our range. We have bought other units but returned them because of their noise.

By Hoss on Home Depot - Jan 31, 2012

This product has many great features. Easy on the eyes also.

A little loud on high settings but is wonderful for the entire home. I love this product a lot.

By Sandy on Home Depot - Jan 31, 2012

Works - but LOUD and a real chore to clean

Puts out a decent amount of humidity - however, the fan noise is very loud and it is a real pain to clean. (They recommend that the humidifier " cleaned at least once a week.") Additionally, the "evaporative pad shoud be replaced at least once every season." The pad costs around $20. Used it for many months, until I couldn't stand the noise and cleaning task. Just repaced it with a much smaller and very quiet ultrasonic humidifer, which works great.

By Dandie on Home Depot - Jan 30, 2012

Excellent System

Very happy with product. Easy to fill with water and keeps the humidity at a comfortable level throughout the house.

By dandy on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2012

Way too loud!

I really couldn't believe how loud this unit is. Even on the lowest setting you can hear it throughout the house. It's not possible to carry on a conversation in the room it's in. At the lowest setting the evaporation rate is the same as a small room humidifier. It might be OK for some, but I'm returning it.

By DryGuy on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

Worth the money

I live in Minnesota and the winters are very dry. I have a hard time sleeping with the lack of moisture. I decided to try this humidifier before I installed a whole house humidifier into the hvac system. So far this has done a great job. I have a 3000 sq ft house and it gets the whole house. I usually only ever set the fan on the low setting and the hemistat on high and it works fine. My only complaint is the fan noise, but given the fact it works well and I dont get the static electric shock now I can live with it.

By Tattonka on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

Humidity galore!

This product does just what it is advertised to do. Quite on the low setting, louder (but not offensive) on the high setting. Purchased for my elderly parent needing the humidity level to be raised in a 1000 sq.ft. appartment. Humidity level went from 18% to around 42% within 8 hrs. No more dry nose from gas forced air heat. Parents love it.

By DRW721 on Home Depot - Jan 4, 2012

Great humidifier...a little loud

Great for a 2100 square foot house with lots of wood floors. Found that my dog was even drinking less after usage. Not sure how long it will be before I need to change the filter, but the replacement filters are reasonably priced and available.

By jimmy on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012

Good So Far

So far so good with this unit. We have a 1900 sq/ft home and keep this downstairs close to the stairs that go to the upstairs. Last year we only had humidifiers in our bedrooms and my skin was ridiculously dry that I think I came down with some mild eczema. This year hasn't been as cold as last, but so far I haven't had any dry, itchy skin. This unit seems to put out a lot of water, and has just started kicking on more frequently telling me the humidistat is working. Like others have mentioned, the noise on setting 2 and 3 are pretty loud while 1 is tolerable. I mostly run this at night on 2 while we are asleep upstairs and it doesn't wake up me, my wife or toddler. Have only had for a few months so cannot speak to the longevity, but so far so good.

By Statesman on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012


I live in a mountaintop 3000 sq. ft. log home all on one level with 17 foot ceilings and absolutely no sheet rock... wood from ceiling to floor and filled with 18th/19th century antiques in the windy, cold northern tip of PA, so humidity levels are of premium importance to me. Yes, this humidifier sounds like a jet engine in my living room on high and isn't much quieter on the lower settings, but it handles the task superbly. Because of the layout of my home and the height of the ceilings, it isn't the only humidifier I run. I have a 1-gal. Crane cool mist humidifier at one end of the house and another one in the office way in the back of the house. I have a 20-yr. old Holmes full-house humidifier (which now operates at the capacity of a full-room humidifier) in the master suite, which is at the other end of the house and three layers back. These all support the Lasko, which is centrally located and maintains the house at a comfortable 32-34% when the temperature drops into the single digits. When the temperature rises and the heat isn't on as much, the humidity level ranges from 34-50%, which is ideal. I think if there was more sheet rock and less wood, my ceilings weren't so high, and my house footprint wasn't three layers deep, this unit would EASILY handle the whole house on its own. Last year with just the old Holmes and two Cranes, I was lucky to reach 24% humidity at the very best and struggled to reach 20% most of the time. I love the recirculating feature and I love the ease of filling the canister. I fill it four times a day, but then again, it's on full blast 24/7. I work from home, so that's not an issue, but when I'll be gone all day, I turn it to the lowest setting and make sure the tank is brimming right before I leave. All in all, this is a great humidifier, especially for a home with a layout that would allow you to adjust the on/off setting to maintain the humidity level that you select. To me, a little noise is worth having skin that doesn't feel like it's shrinking on my body, not experiencing a dry nose and throat, and keeping all that wood from cracking. Kudos, Lasko, for a superior product.

By Terri on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012

Lasko makes some great humidifiers

I had a Lasko 1150 for about 8 years and it worked like a charm. The reason I had to get rid of it was after a while you just can't keep the where the water flows clean anymore and the hosing broke so I figured it was time for another. I had to replace it & needed another quickly. While the 1128 works the way it is supposed to, I don't like the way you fill this seems to leak real easy. Also a downside is the fact that you have to order the filters; I don't see where I can purchase them at a store.

By Dona on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2012

Unit fan quit within three weeks

The humidifier was adequate but failed working within a couple weeks. Returned it to a Home Depot store and purchased another brand.

By Homeowner on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

excellent unit

overall, I really like this humidifier, the only downside is that it is a little noisier than I would like, but for its capacity, you would expect it to make a bit of noise. Its NOT ear drum shattering loud, it just isn't whisper quiet, thats all.

By jury on Home Depot - Dec 13, 2011

Good product, does job well, with a few reservations.

Overall am quite satisfied wtih the humidifier. Does an excellent job controlling the humidity in home (2500 SF), evaporating enough water to keep home at desired 45% level (although have no experience with unit in very cold weather yet). Some negative comments are: 1. Refilling water with container provided is somewhat awkward. Have to be careful no to open valve when taking over the humidifier from sink. Design of this part could definitely been better. 2. Refill capacity is only 1.25 gallons so have to refill often. 3. At high and medium speed fan is noisey. Not to bad as background noise but would ike a quieter operation. When condition permit use lower speed which is much quieter. 4. Bottom piece of unit is very thin plastic; a thicker piece would improve overall design. Am getting good use out of unit and satisified overall.

By viznes on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2011

Best humidifier

We have a two level cabin in the UP of MI. with high ceilings and a wood stove as the heat source, so the air is very dry. Until now we have never been able to find a humidifier to cover the whole place, we always used three. This unit took care of both levels. It is loud, but we used the lowest setting which isn't to bad and it still was enough to cover both levels. It's very easy to fill and clean.

By HappyYooper on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2011

Good design, value

This humidifier works as advertised. Good design, high output, efficient, easy to operate/clean, and holds a great deal of water on filling (over 5 gallons). Only two complaints: 1) No shut-off switch when the water runs out, so you have to audibly listen to the lack of water trickle over the filter or down the visual viewing "window", and 2) It is a little louder than smaller humidifiers I've owned before (it is about as loud as a window A/C unit whose compressor has cycled off and left only the fan running). On the plus side of the noise, it puts out more water vapor than quieter, smaller units and is not particularly offensive; it just sounds like more air moving --- which is exactly what is happening. That said, I would not want it in my bedroom or TV room. The water trickle sound might be soothing to some (but not me), and the fan noise even on the lowest setting would interfere with listening to a TV. All of that said, it pumps out moisture at a rate that services my entire downstairs (approx 1,600 sq. ft.) and I would recommend it.

By ghofman on Home Depot - Dec 1, 2011

Recirculating feature is awesome

With my previous humidifier the filters dried out all the time and I had to frequently replace them. With this Lasko humidifier a pump continually pours water over the filter so it never dries out and always operates at peak effeciency. It works so well it humidifies my entire house with the fan speed on low, a real benefit for me because of the noise factor. An unexpected benefit was being able to stop my 5-year-old's nebulizer treatments. Even with daily prescription treatments we've never been able to get her winter cough under control but, after a few weeks of use of this humidifier, I noticed my daughter wasn't coughing anymore.

By fatherof11 on Home Depot - Nov 29, 2011

Great for the price

Very good humidifier. The ONLY reason I didn't give it an excellent rating is due fan "noise". I put noise in quotes because I don't think it's too loud, as long as you use the lowest fan speed, which works fine in our 2600 sq ft house. I never use speeds 2 or 3. They are too loud. Some reviews mentioned filling as an issue. I agree it is a little sloppy at first but after about 5 fillings I figured out how to do it without really dripping. Still, not the best design in the world but it works. The wheels, on the other hand, are very good and make it quite easy to move this thing on our hardwood floors from the front to the back of the house. If you're looking for an inexpensive whole house humidifier and don't mind a little background noise I would recommend this unit.

By TomL on Home Depot - Nov 29, 2011


Pleased overall. Good cost effective solution to solving problem of dry air in the house.

By Chuck on Home Depot - Nov 2, 2011

Good overall

Requires filling too often. No indication as to water level.

By Henry on Home Depot - Oct 18, 2011

This product works great for our small home

We have no humidity most of the year and this product is easy to use and cools and humidifies our entire small home in one day when we run it on high. Then just keep it up running it on low. The water container used to fill the unit leaks a bit but is not much of a bother if your careful. It holds 9 gallons of water so we do not have to fill it except every other day when we are running it all the time. Great purchase for the price. We have tried many other smaller units that do not cost much less than this one and you have to fill them a couple of times a day and they barely keep one room humidified adequately.

By crnm on Home Depot - May 28, 2011

4 Stars

I would have given 5 but 0.5 star is for the noise level and the remaining 0.5 is for making this a product for 1980's. 1. The water level denoter could have been much better. Its fairly easy to build a plastic indicator to denote the water level 2. The water refill mechanism could be much better, than carrying the filler 3 times. Other than that I do not have a humidity scale, so cant tell how good it is. But it does feel better than before. I have located it in the turning point of the stairs to the second floor to get effect on both the floors.

By jahj on Home Depot - Apr 3, 2011

Effective, but???

Easy to use, very effective to balance the room/house with required humidity. However, very loud on the med/high speeds and because of where we have it positioned to provide the necessary air flow throughout the house it to is loud even on the low speed. Product performance, good. Fan speed noise, poor

By Dbldeuce on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2011

powerful, efficient, economic humidifier

We have a wood burning fire stove which make the air very dry. Our kids nose blood a lot because the air are too dry, and we all have dry lips, sore throat, and still charge problems. This humidifier is very effect in keeping our 2 level house (about 2000 square feet) at a comfortable moisture level even we only use the lowest setting (about 3 gallen water/day at lowest setting). Refill is very easy and no splash water problem. I only need refill once per day. What I like most about this humidifier is that the long lasting filter life (one filter per season based on the manual) due to the specific "recirculating" design and the very cheap filter which is available directly from LASKO (about $5/each) which is huge plus if you compare with other brand around. Home depot make it sweater with free shipping.

By grfd on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2011

Does the job

Although it says it covers 3200 sf, it's constantly running to keep up to 40% humidity in my 3100 sf house. It could be that my house was so dry (25%) to begin with that it's on catch-up mode, but it's been going strong for 3 weeks. Felt immediate difference in the air after only 1 night. All humidifiers make noise (come on - it's a fan!), but the medium and low are reasonable. This is well worth the price, lowest I've seen and compared to the larger console models, the quality seems better. Not found in stores, but this one beats the selection and arrived ontime and in good shape - gotta love the free shipping! It's a piece of equipment but looks fine in a hallway and the casters make it easy to move.

By shoponline on Home Depot - Feb 3, 2011

Lasko 1128 Humidifier

I bought this product approximately 2 weeks ago and have been using it. It does it's job but there are a few things I don't like about it. I've owned a Lasko 1150 12-gallon humidifier for about the last 8 years and absolutely loved it. I was spoiled by that one and plan to get it again next year. The differences between that one and this one are that it has a removable jug on the outside that is clear and you can see how much water is left in it. The other huge difference I found is that the jug seals much better than that on the 1128 or 9 gallon. Every time I turn this jug upside down to carry it to the humidifier it leaks on the floor...and yes, I tighten the lid to the point I can. Lasko products are great and perform well.

By sparky16 on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2011

Does its job but is too loud for my place.

This humidifier does it jobs - humidity raised from below 20% to 35% in 1h in my apartment. But I had to return it - it is to loud for my one bedroom apartment - both fan and dripping water sound.

By vvlad on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2011

House Humidifier

The 9-Gallon High Performance Recirculating Humidifier that we purchased has been more than satisfactory in keeping our home's humidity at a comfortable level. It is quiet and reaches the other rooms in the house. The only problem is that since it is a 4 1/2 gallon capacity and there is no light to indicate to refill the water you need to make sure you check it periodically to refill. Other than that, a very good product.

By TeriP on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2011

Lasko 9-gallon humidifier

The humidifier arrived in good condition, and in the timeframe expected. It works well, & is easy to fill. The fan is a liittle noisy, but is tolerable on speed 1 or 2, but too loud for me on speed 3. It does what it says, with the exception of the space it humidifies. We have about a 2,300 sq. ft. house, and it keeps our humidity level around 33-35 on the very dry cold days when the heat pump runs a lot.( Not has high as I would like, but acceptable.) I do not wake up with headaches everyday which was the goal, so I am satisfied!

By DCPRM on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2011

Great Product

Have been using this humidifier for about four weeks now. It does a great job and is easy to use and fill. Since it uses a fan, it is a little loud; especially on high (it has three speeds). But when we are in the same room with it, we just switch it to the low speed and it is fine. It will also shut off and on automatically based on what setting you set the humidity control. Only down side is that it will not shut off the fan automatically when the water is gone.

By tdinkansas on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2011

Seems very good

I have been using this humidifier for about 3 weeks. I have it in the laundry room right below the heat return air. It is noisy but not a problem where it is. On cold days I fill the tank once in the morning and again at night. Not bad though I run it on the low fan setting. If it holds up and lasts for a few years I will thrilled.

By alligatorgar on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2010

Works Well, Rather Noisy

Product arrived promptly, sooner than expected. It works well in increasing humidity in the house. Only complaint we have is it is very noisy. If used outside the bedroom, this is not a problem.

By Dandyandy on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2010

Good humidity

This machine provides the humidity needed in our bedroom. It is quite noisy but with a c-pap and air purifier going, it does not bother my husband and I. We like white noise but if someone is not used to that, they probably would not like it. I would say that if it were quieter, it would be perfect. The service from Home Depot was excellent!

By on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2010

Good product

Have owned this humidifier for 2 months and am quite satisfied. It does what it's supposed to do. My downstairs is so much more comfortable with the added humidity. I wish it weren't so loud. If shuts off automatically when the desired humidity level is reached, which is a great feature. But when it comes back on, it's so loud and startling that my dogs jump and start barking. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with the unit.

By cappuccino on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010

Lesko 9-Gallon Hight Performance Humidifier

The product is a very effective humidifyer, leaves no white dust and on lower power, very quite. An excellent product that performs as advertised. It would be helpful to have instructions on how many times it takes to fill up the tank the first time.

By jepsilola on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2010

Lasko Humidifier

After having our Lasko Model 1128 humidifier only three weeks, the handle broke off completely. The brochure states that the humidifer will work for up to 3200 square feet...our house is 1100 square feet and unless we put it in the room with us, we got no benefit. It is extrememly noisy - one guest likened it to a freight train coming through. I do believe our tabletop humidifier that we paid $30 for worked better than this one.

By gibbyg144 on Home Depot - Mar 4, 2010

Works fine

A little noisy on the medium and higher levels, fine to sleep with on the lowest level if it's near your bedroom. You end up filling it every day to every other day depending on humidity levels. It's plastic so it's kinda flimsy. It does what it needs to do though and really puts out good moisture. Our house is 1900 sq ft but two not really ideal to humidify easily but I didn't want to get a central humidifier because of worry about mold issues, etc in the ductwork. I placed this unit in the living room since it's got good airflow and it's near a central air duct return. It works well and I'd definitely recommend it. It could use a digital gauge however.

By MattCT on Home Depot - Feb 9, 2010

Great for the price

In the winter, the humidity of my home stays at around 25% without a humidifier. My home is about 2600sqft. Be aware that condensation may form on your windows when using a humidifier if you are in a cold climate. I put the humidifier on full power until my home reached 35% humidity, which took about a whole day. It can hold the humidity level at the lowest setting but it runs constantly, so I put it on the medium setting. I have the humidifier between my living room and dining room, but the humidity throughout the whole house is fairly uniform and varies by only 3% or so.

By Haunty on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2010

Great Humidifier

Grabbed this humidifier for our 2000sf house. I went bigger then I needed so I could run it on it's low setting. All the models I have seen are noisy on the high & med settings, as this one is to. But, if you run it on low, it is not bad at all, and delivers alot of moisture to the air rather quickly. Once you have it set up, it turns it self on and off as needed to keep the house at the right amount of moisture. The unit does NOT hold 9 gallons of water. It holds about 5 to 6 gallons. The unit will put 9 gallons of water INTO the air in one day if needed. Regardless, with it being on low, I only have to add water to it every other day. Overall a very nice unit.

By BigPerm1 on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2010

Recent purchase

I bought this as a X-Mas gift for my family as we had always felt dry in the snow season--Nov to March. The humidifier works great and it consumes about 4 gallons of water each day for the setting we chose. Water fall concept works very well. The noise level being a bit high we had to keep in the family room and not on 2nd floor near the bedrooms where we would ideally like to. It doesn't have any indicator for the empty tank and fan keeps running even on empty. However, I have made it a practice to fill it up at dinner time and it works well for us. Humidity regulator is pretty effective--a big plus! Over all I think it is a great value for money--what else could we expect for just $75 to cover the whole of 3200 sq. ft. house with 9' high walls and a cathederal ceiling in the big family room? I would highly recommend this Humidifier to anyone who can tolerate the two drawbacks mentioned above. By the way, it was a vey good experience with Home Depot online purchase, my first one. The package arrived on 23rd of December, in less than a week bythe std. ship mode.

By VK1146 on Home Depot - Jan 11, 2010


I agree with other reviewers of the #1128; Yes it is loud, Itis easy to clean compaired to the many others we have owned, The directions are excellent, Most importantly it makes a lot of humidity and the price point is above average. Shipping was very fast. Con: When we received the #1128, the water jug was damaged at the point where the plastic is injected into the blow mold during manufacturing. I don't understand why the defeact was not caught during a "quality control inspection". We have been in contact with LASKCO. LASKCO has indicated they will replace the jug. We will provide an update when the jug arrives.

By driedout on Home Depot - Dec 27, 2009

Great for the price!

Home Depot has the lowest price on this unit anywhere. Currently $92 at other online stores. Free shipping too. Unit puts out plenty of humidity. A bit too noisy to be in the same room with it, even on low. Ok in adjacent room. Comes with order form for more filter/wicks at $3.50 each + $6.50 shipping from Lasko. Humidity sensor control works great. Good to have another humidity sensor around to get a feel for where you have it set. Wish it had a see-through window into the tank to tell how far away you are from having to refill it. This would be much more useful than the stupid fountain window that only tells you when it's empty. Once empty, it could have been empty for 1/2 day. Portable tank fills very easily. Push a button and turn on the faucet. Also wish it had an auto shut off when empty, since you never know when it might become empty.

By jthumidifier on Home Depot - Dec 10, 2009


We use a wood stove for heat and it just pulls all moisture out of the air. This thing is just wonderful! We have it in the center of the house and even on low fan it keeps everything very comfortable without an overload of background noise. Of course, the higher the fan setting, the louder it is, but low is just fine for us. The best investment we've made in a while.

By MamaWilk on Home Depot - Oct 13, 2009

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