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I researched humidifiers for hours...

Strengths: Nite Glow, Low Maintenance, Quiet

Weakness: Haven't seen any yet

I researched humidifiers for hours before purchasing this one. I even considered buying a waterless vaporizer because of the mold factor. After conversing with the Pediatrician again, he emphasized the need for added moisture in a cool mist. Care-free doesn't mean clean free, but I appreciate the extra protection, as well as not having to purchase filters which seem hard to find and impossible to keep clean even for the most faithful humidifier owner!

By mksix - Feb 25, 2004

I've had the humidifier for a few...

Strengths: Low maintanence. Easy to use.

Weakness: A bit noisy. No humidistat.

I've had the humidifier for a few weeks and it has performed very well. Although it is not whisper quiet, I found the sound did not bother me as much, it's nearly impossible to find a humidifier that is absolutely quiet. This is something, sound sensitive people will have to get used to, or spend more money for a quieter humidifier.
The water is easily refillable. I keep the humidifier on almost all day on the low setting. I refill the tank about twice a day.
The water that fills the bottom of the pan did turn slimey and yellow but do not be concerned about it. It's not algae or mold, the customer care rep from Hunter said it was the antibacterial coating on the permawick filter washing off, and assured me it was safe.

By lyoshii - Jan 10, 2004

I purchased a couple other...

Strengths: Quiet, easy maintenence, 5 year warranty.

Weakness: None

I purchased a couple other humidifiers before this one. I was hesitant to buy a non warm mist because of the expensive filters. I was concerned that the size of this one's tank is only 1.2 gallons compared to the 3.5 that I was used to. This one seems to use water more efficiently, so I still only have to refill once a day when it is running constantly. I have a 1390 sq ft house, and this has made a tremendous difference. I purchased it mainly for my music room to keep my guitars from drying out. I placed it by the door, and it has helped not only that room, but the whole house. Humidity used to dip to 24% at night, but now it stays constantly between 40 and 50% with this thing running on low. I switched from the warm mist because of the sound, and I was worried about the heating element sitting on carpet. I am so glad I purchased this humidifier. I am very picky, and research and try many different products before deciding on one, and this is an outstanding product.

By relaxandreflect - Feb 16, 2004

My doctor recommended getting a...

Strengths: Durability, ease-of-use, low-maintenance cost

Weakness: Large

My doctor recommended getting a cool-midst humidifier for my son during the winter months. I purchased three before the Hunter brand and was completely disappointed. My friend recommended the Hunter Care Free humidifer saying they went through the same process and after many humidifiers and much research, this was the best. I am so glad I talked to her! The Hunter has been great. Fairly quiet, but actually does what it says it will. I also love the Niteglo night light!

By momofone - Mar 4, 2004

pretty standard equipment. I have...

Strengths: simple and quiet. gets the job done.

Weakness: none so far

pretty standard equipment. I have a differenr humidifier at the office, which also works just fine. can't tell them apart. i mean, it is a humidifier. they all work pretty much the same. there is nothing bad to say about this one.

By rob00 - Dec 28, 2004

The handle to hold the water tank...

Strengths: Low maintanence. Easy to use. No need to change filter.

Weakness: A little noise especially turn on high.

The handle to hold the water tank while refilling water is a little uncomforted. You have to twist your hand to fill the water tank. For some reason, every time I turn on the machine. If I just turn to low, it has a strange noise. I have to turn on high for a few minutes before I turn to low in order to keep the strange noise stop. The manual states that you only have to do this once for the life of the machine. However, I have to do it everytime. Otherwise, I like this machine compare to several machines I have used before.

By sset - Nov 12, 2004

Love having the added moisture...

Strengths: Low maintenance, not having to purchase filters, and nite-glo.

Weakness: The sponge was a challenge to find on the smaller model, and the housing for it was a little questionable on durability.

Love having the added moisture during cold season, and the antimicrobial properties on the plastic parts and the filters that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold.

By mmc63 - Mar 20, 2004

Noticed this when visiting in-laws...

Strengths: Spill-proof water tank, permawick filter, and nite-glo lite.

Weakness: My wife says it is noisy, but I think it is fine!

Noticed this when visiting in-laws during the holiday season. My dry itchy skin went away in the week we visited. They had researched it, and felt that it was the best from an economical and functional aspect. I did the same research when I got home, and came up with the same conclusion. This is excellent for dry itchy skin, and for helping with coughs. I had a boy that was coming down with a nasty cough. This made an obvious impact on his cough after the first night of use.

By boydwc - Mar 11, 2004

We are very pleased. We turned the...

Strengths: Humidity rose from 28% to 44%. Person needing 2 crutches to walk filled water tank. Easy maintenance. Nice looking. Quiet operation. Stable unit. Filling once daily on continuous high operation.

Weakness: Needs to have larger opening to enable dishwasher to thoroughly cleanse. No plastic part enclosing the unit to make vinegar Rx maintenance very easy.

We are very pleased. We turned the unit so that the blue "glo" light faces part of the largest room needing moisture which helps us avoid confusion at night if we awaken. We travel at times & this can be a problem. I told 2 friends about our excellent find & they are looking for one. An unexpected bonus is that the humidifier runs a little over 24 hours on high speed, providing moisture to an area of 1020 square feet. It is wonderful to only fill water tank once daily, & to not be concerned about hot water accidents. We are looking forward to the time when the operation stops & goes as need for moisture rises.
Thank you, Hunter Fan Co., for giving us an high quality humidifier with very inexpensive maintenance, & for making the appearance attractive.

By TOMAXX - Feb 8, 2004

this is my first humidifier so i...

Strengths: quietness, niteglo!, easy to use

this is my first humidifier so i have really don't have anything to compare it with. but it seems to be doing it's job as my sinuses seem to be more clear while i sleep. very quiet fan-like hum and i love the niteglo feature! how easily i am impressed. very easy to use and maintain. my only concern (which may be due to my water) is that i will find yellow-ish water in the area beneath the water tank. is that from the filter? or is that just b/c of LA tap water? otherwise, i very sound buy. if only they made portable ones where i could take my humidifier where ever i went!

By wonton78 - May 24, 2004

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