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Piece of junk

Strengths: softens water, just like any other brand

Weakness: set up of backflush capacities is a nightmare, uses too much salt

Setting the computer to backwash is impossible. They give you a book to follow and a video so that you can't mess it up. Problem is, no matter how you set it up, it regenerates when it wants to. I set it up to regen at 2:oo A.M. and it regenerates at any time of day, usually when someone is in the shower. I would give this water filled paperweight negative 5 stars if I could!!

By BigTee61 - Jun 3, 2009


Installation was quick and easy. Easy to understand directions. Made an immediate change in my water quality

By Darbobo on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

Arizona must be hard on softeners.

Somebody had a bad experience with this product in Arizona, or wherever and is stinging all over this product. He must have had a bad experience and is really taking it out on Water Boss, big time. At any rate, I have one that has been in my home for over 15 years. It was here when I bought the place and I thought it was a funny looking little thing, but why replace it if it works, and work it has. I had to clean the valve one time. Besides keeping salt in it, that's it. I'm going to buy another and so I got online to check prices and was shocked at the review rating on the Home Depot site so I did a little reading. I am at a loss to understand how so many people have had such serious trouble with these things. The same 33 people have given it one star on Amazon, too. I'd suggest to anyone to be careful when reading these ratings. The ratings of one star are absolutely not warranted, no way. I'm not affiliated with Water Boss in any way and in fact I could not care less. I'll unload on a piece of junk but the number of horrible ratings for this product just don't add up. The bottom line is this. I'm spending 500 bucks on another one. It will save that much in salt. I know they work.

By Danny on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2013

Super easy to install and program

I like that it is on demand, it seems to work well so far. My only complaint was that it is more expensive than many other options, however, this was the only softener that didn't have a voided warranty when installed outdoors. I needed that as it is where my connection is.

By Corb on Home Depot - Feb 26, 2013

All in one

I purchased my unit in 2001. I did the install myself and it went in quite easily. At the time I purchased my unit it was called the City Boss. When I reserched others, they all required an external filter. I wanted a unit that did both, Water Boss fit the bill and was an easy user installation. With 2- 40lb bags of salt, Sam's $3.58, a year it is economical.

By Brownstone on Home Depot - Feb 19, 2013

easy to install

very good so far only used it for two months regenerates fast & does not use much potassium

By joecool on Home Depot - Jan 26, 2013

Nothing but problems

This unit is awful, we have had nothing but problems. it worked fine for about two years and now no one can figure out what is wrong with it. Don't wast your money! Check the internet, you will see that this model is poor.

By LizA on Home Depot - Nov 27, 2012

This is one of the smallest and best units on the market. Well worth my MONEY!

I bought this unit because my neighbor has had one for years and loves it. I got rid of the large bulky unit that I leased from a door to door salesman. This unit is more than half the size and I already noticed that it is doing a better job. When I was setting it up the customer service department was very helpful. They took the time to help me set the setting based on my water. (They also are based in the USA) I notice that it is using less salt than the other one I had. I am reading some of the other feed backs and had to tell you my experience. For the price this is the best on the market. I am going to buy one and install it for my parents as well.

By Bill on Home Depot - Nov 8, 2012


This is a great product and should be in every home.

By Chip on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2012

Easy to use

This product is very easy to use. We have well water which was extremely hard and I I could feel the difference instantly.

By hebrothe on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2012

Does great job, start repairs after five years

I purchased this for our well water not long after buying our home. Our water was extremely hard and left rust stains on everything. This unit does a great job in removing the hardness and rust. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be made to last. The first quality issue I noticed is that the screws in it are regular steel instead of stainless. In a salt water environment it doesn't take long for them to rust. I had to replace the motor at the just past five year mark. Then the power terminal corroded but a quick sanding had us back in business. Now at the 6-7 year mark, the control panel died altogether. So to summarize this unit does a great job for the first five years then it will be repair time. There are parts quality issues (in my opinion) but you should get at least five hassle free years of use.

By jaxhomeowner on Home Depot - Oct 15, 2012

A great buy

A great buy for the money. easy install and great help if you need it from the company. love doing business with Home Depot

By chuck on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

This Waterboss 900 works great and then it dies.

I purchased this unit Feb. 2007 and it worked for 5 1/2 years and then it would not stop regenerating. The unit needed two parts - The brine valve assembly and the inside valve unit - $190. Waterboss didn't seem to know who services the unit in Phoenix and gave me one number but it belonged to another company. $500 for 5 plus years of soft water, you decide. It costs about $100 a year for soft water. Don't know if I'll buy another one. The Sears unit I had before this lasted about 13 years.

By DJonly on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

Stay Away.....Very Poor Quality Parts

I have owned 2 Water Boss 900's over the past 5 years. The first one had a brine tank explosion after 1.5 years of operation. I contacted Water Boss and they shipped me another. When it arrived the box was smashed and many parts were broken. Rather than wait for another I returned to HD as defective and got a brand new one. The second one lasted 2 years and all of the valve screws rusted out causing the gaskets to leak water constantly inside of salt tank. This caused fast dissolve of the salt which ran about 40 lbs every week. Take this review for what it is worth. Not all may be bad but I received 2 pieces of garbage.

By BillyK on Home Depot - Aug 30, 2012

2nd one - first one burst

I had this model for about 5 years and it worked ok until the valve got jammed. I was able to order a replacement then the tank ruptured. I was going to get another brand, but realized I'd have to re-plumb the connections and was a bit strapped for time, so I decided to get another one. Unfortunately the connections weren't the same height, so I still had to make some changes to get it in. Pressure read on the input is within specs, but getting a warranty claim appears to be a hassle based on other reviews I've read, so I didn't even bother (Ship 105 lb tank back to the Manufacturer and hope they don't deny the claim - really?). I don't understand why they don't have a pressure valve built in to the system if it's this big of a deal. I'm on City water, so pressure shouldn't be too big of an issue, but no way to tell.

By LongTimeDIY on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

would not purchase

not well built, not reliable. it broke and would not make any soft water, then when the shipped the parts, the parts were not correct. Then the bypass would not work, leaving me with a broken unit that leaked and no water in the house.

By Stephen on Home Depot - Aug 9, 2012

Should do better

I bought the 900 5 years ago and it did ok until I noticed it was regenerating too often. Seems the valve body got stuck and stripped the plastic gear that runs the regen cycle. Replaced the valve body for $75.00 and now the resin tank has ruptured (there is a pressure regulator on the line). Looking for a different brand, as these should be able to do better than this.

By DRPend on Home Depot - Aug 3, 2012

Works well but timer problems

Strengths: Uses very little salt, compact size, built-in bypass valve

Weakness: Tomer cannot be set to stop recharging during the day

This is my second Water Boss unit. the first lasted 10 years before an internal plastic weld failed. I installed the new unit myself, with no problems, a year and a half ago.In most respects, the 950 model is a big improvement as it uses even less salt, is smaller, and has a built-in bypass valve. The problem is the timer cannot be set to insure that the unit runs during the night when there is no other water usage. As a result, at times the unit starts to recharge right when the washing machine or shower are running, bringing hard water into the water heater. If the washer happens to be draining at that particular moment, it overflows the drain for a few seconds until the initial surge of water slacks off. I set the Water Boss to cycle at 2 am, which the old unit did faithfully. The new unit cycles whenever it runs out of soft water, when it should run at the prior 2 am when it is running low on capacity.I called Tech Support, and the answer from two different people was "there is nothing we can do about your problem." Realistically, I can't be the first person to experience these issues. Not a customer oriented answer.

By PeteinFullerton - Jul 31, 2012


After having this water boss 900 for 2.5 years, I am ready to trash it. I've had to repair it 3 times. First the drive unit then the control board and now the main case and the brine cabinet. Each time the company will not send out a tech. not even in the first 90 days. The yellowcard in the box that states" Do not return to store, call for help" disregard, return to the store ASAP. Stay away from water boss unless you are tech and don't mind changing out parts every 8 months

By vilip1 on Home Depot - Jul 20, 2012

Do your research

I really liked several things about this waterboss 900, however after 2 years now, I have had to rebuild and clean the valve body each year. To late, I started checking reviews and have all the same issues. Also,all metal parts and screws are rusting. My first softner lasted 30yrs. The best thing was it did use less salt, but for as expensive as it is, it should last more than 1 or 2 yrs before repairs.

By Sneaks on Home Depot - Feb 18, 2012

Rusty screws DON'T BUY THIS ONE!!!

Just past 3 yr. warranty the supposedly marine grade screws rusted causing the tops of several screws to break off and it leaked water causing the circuit board to short out. They replaced screws,O rings and the circuit board as a courtesy. One would think the screws would last a lot longer,when this goes bad again I'll look at other brands.

By dissatisfied on Home Depot - Sep 20, 2011

Do Not Buy this Product

I purchased this product a month ago. I hired a residential building contractor to install it. A month later, three conversations with the service department at Water Boss, and a still non-functional unit, I am returning it. The machine never worked, leaked all over my garage, and the "warranty" provided by Water Boss does not cover service. I.e., for my machine that NEVER WORKED, they refused to send someone out to look at it, and told me "it worked when it left here, there's nothing we can do about it." I am returning this unit, and buying the compact GE unit.

By DaytonJenni on Home Depot - Nov 18, 2010

Waste of Money

Have had for 3 yrs and a few months. Replaced power supply once (warranty). Replaced controller once(warranty). then Just over 3 years after buying and days after the warranty expired the it flushed itself for days while on vacation running water bill up into the hundreds. then once reset the alarm would go off and it stoipped softning and the tank started filling with water instead of flushing. Of course warranty is now expired. Hoped and thought it would last longer than the warranty but i was wrong.

By Spuds224 on Home Depot - Oct 2, 2010



By Porterkyle91 on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2010

Waterboss Full House Water Softener

I purchased a Waterboss 900 over 5 years ago a week after our home was finished. The city water here is so terrible that after washing dishes, glassware and silverware twice (In the top of the line GE Triton dish washer) the silverware & glass were becoming opaque and nasty. My wife even became ill from drinking the water that was filtered thru' our fridge's filter. I Had the city check our water for bacteria & any other bad stuff & testing came back fine. But, never the less the water is so hard and nasty that to 1) Protect our health, 2) to protect our dish waher from crudding up as well as our water heater, clothes washer, faucets etc. I bought a Waterboss and except for general maintenence it has and still is performing just as well as it did 5 years ago when it was new. I use sodium phosate instead of salt for regeneration, but the softener works well with either. Salt is real inexpensive compared with sodium phosfate but that is a personal preference. It is a well designed and works great and installation was not too hard. I recommed it to anyone! There are also several different models to fit anyones' needs, even for well water.

By ZMountainman on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2009

Keeps on Tickin

I've had the "Big Boss" for Nine Yrs,and only had to replace the Drive Assembly,Which was fairly easy to do. This is a great softening system.If you Pro rate it the cost of the system has only been $50 per year. I think I'm ready for a New Boss...........But this Unit just keeps going.

By Hardnose on Home Depot - Jun 23, 2009

Water Boss Model #900

I draw my water from a well and it is very hard. 30 GPG of hardness. Looked at 8 different water softeners and bought this one. It is a relatively small unit & doesen't take up much space. Was easy to install and has detailed instructions for setup & operation. I've tested my water 3 times since installing & I'm down to 2 GPG of hardness. Very obvious in the shower. This unit uses about 1/3 of a bag of salt per week. All in all, I'm very pleased with it. For the money, you can't beat it. I would recommend it to anyone who has a water hardness problem.

By Dhoop on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2009

Works great

Strengths: Very easy to work with

Weakness: if you tie in your outside water hoses it will use up a lot of salt but use the blue bags of salt they last a lot longer

I have used this model for 3 years now and it still works very well. I noticed it used a lot of salt when I had it tied into my outside water spickets. Plumbed myself an extra spicket that bypassed the water softener.

By waterman777 - Jun 11, 2009

Great Little Softener

I laughed when I read the other review for this product. I bought my first Water Boss softener on the recommendation of the sales rep at Home Depot over three years ago. I'm moving to another home and I was looking up the same softener online just to see Home Depot's current price. I couldn't believe it when I saw that it had only one review, and that it was for 1 out of 5 stars. I never write reviews (this is my second ever), but I had to reply. First of all, the 1" valve is better than the 3/4" because it doesn't restrict the flow to your house. Of course if you really want the smaller one, buy the 700 model instead of the 900. I've lived in areas with high iron content where I had a sand media filter in front of the water softener. I liked the idea of a self cleaning sediment filter built in to the softener. Now after owning this for three years I can tell you that this little softener delivers! The regen time is less than 30 minutes, it hardly uses any salt (compared to other softeners I've owned). And all of my guests confirm that I have some of the softest water they've ever experienced. Just a couple of negatives: I have a family of six (we do a lot of laundry, baths, and showers) and the Las Vegas water is very hard. There have been occasions when after doing the dishes, 6 loads of laundry and 6 showers, we have exceeded the capacity of the softener. When this happens I simply manually regen the softener and within a half an hour the water is perfectly soft again. Additionally the clock seems to drift more than a digital clock should. I have to reset it a couple of times a year. Lastly, because the softener is shorter than standard I had to solder a couple of 90s to connect it to my softener loop. If you're not soldering copper pipe than this wouldn't be a factor. Overall, it's a great little softener and that's why I'm buying my second.

By reaperdriver on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2009

connecting a nightmare!

My wife and I live in Las Vegas, and the water is extremely hard, and since our old softener wore out, we purchased this one. The first difficulty was that my house connection is 3/4 inch, while the softener connection is 1 inch, so I had to compensate for that. Then, the washer that is included that is to keep the rubber tube in place is worthless. I followed the instructions to the letter, and the rubber tube kept coming out of the water softener; one rubber tube popped out which I was unaware of, and I don't know how many gallons of water were wasted. Finally bought a stainless steel adapter for about $35 which seems to be working. As to it actually treating the water, I will comment on in a later review. All I know is that the parts that are included to keep the rubber tube in place in the water softener are worthless.

By kwl249 on Home Depot - Nov 9, 2008