Better Water Industries Well Pro Chlorine Pellets

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    Better Water Industries Certified Chlorine Pellets -0.79 Gram/5/16 Diameter Certified Chlorine NSF/ANSI Certified USDA Food-Grade Sanitizer EPA Registered Advantages: Safe, convenient and highly concentrated Provides an effective alternative to the hazards of liquid chlorination. Semi-soft and fast dissolving Pellets are small enough to pass through small restrictions in the well Pellets deliver powerful chemical action that sanitizes the entire water capacity within the well Each chlorine pellet is approximately 70% Calcium Hypochlorite (bleach is 5%) Each pellet weighs 0.79 gram (5/16 diameter) Engineered To Be As Good or Better Than Original Pellets for: Well-Pro Pellet Chlorinator These Pellets Come In The Following Packages: Individual 2.2 lb. Bags from 1-19 Case of 20/2.2 lb. Bags Case of 9/3.5 lb. Jars


Product Title: Better Water Industries Well Pro Chlorine Pellets

Manufacturer: Better Water Industries

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