Westinghouse Wireless 4-Channel Home Intercom System


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This Wireless 4-Channel Home Intercom System with 2 Interior Stations allows you to enjoy a home intercom system that installs in seconds! This stylish and solidly-made intercom unit with four channels communicates over your home's existing wiring -- no new wiring is required! Just plug the 4-Channel Home Intercom into any AC outlets within a 1,500 Ft. range, and you'll be able to enjoy crystal clear intercom communication without static.

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safety & security type: home surveillance


Product Title: Westinghouse Wireless 4-Channel Home Intercom System

Manufacturer: Westinghouse

Lowest Price: $64.10 from Amazon.com

Power Score: 3.2 | 21 Reviews

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good value

easy to install (just plug into wall outlet) - notify signal can be heard over room air conditioner

By robin6407 on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2013

Only works on some rooms

The problem with these systems is that they only work on wall plugs that are on the same side of your 220 volt main pannel. That is a problem that the average homeowner can not even figure out, let along fix. In addition, they are prone to having "I can hear you but why can't you hear me" issues. Junk, buy something else.

By Bill32 on Home Depot - Jun 9, 2013

This product has great features

Received this item on Tues due to me having foot surgery. I would be able to contact my husband in the garage if I needed him. Worked great up until Thurs. Tried to use it on Fri...no luck. I could hear my husband but he could not hear me talk or ring for him. Had to take it back...will not buy another.

By LadyJane on Home Depot - Apr 19, 2013


Unfortunately the installation manual and the product info on line both elude to the fact that this product has some requirements that the average homeowner would never think about. This product is not only wireless it's antenaeless. That is it doesn't use an antennae to broadcast a signal to the other units it useses the power circuit and sends an FM radio frequency signal over the power...
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By Robert on Home Depot - Feb 20, 2013

Fast set up easy to use

The price was right and it does the job for us. Took no time at all to set up and can be moved from one location to another easily.

By Snoopy on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

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