Kidde Firex/Kidde i5000 Hardwire Ionization Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

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Shop for Electrical at The Home Depot. Kidde 21007582 model i5000 is an AC/DC powered ionization smoke alarm that operates on a 120 Volt power source with 9 Volt alkaline battery back-up. Front load battery feature is easy access to the battery; you will not need to remove the alarm from the mounting bracket. When you need to replace battery simply slide the door, remove low battery, and replace with new battery and slide door closed. This alarm can be interconnected with other Kidde devices in a multiple station arrangement.

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safety & security type: smoke, fire & co detectors


Product Title: Kidde Firex/Kidde i5000 Hardwire Ionization Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

Manufacturer: Kidde

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Power Score: 4.3 | 7 Reviews

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Super easy installation

I had to replace my existing hard wired smoke alarm system due to false alarms (system about 11 years old). The kit comes with everything you need, including batteries! It took about 1 hour to replace 5 smoke alarms with most of that time moving the stepladder around. Would highly recommend this product.

By on Home Depot - Jun 18, 2013

Very loud and great smoke alarm.

I had to replace another in our 14 ft tall and very hot attic that most likely went bad from all the sawing I do up there in my shop. I was disappointed at first because although my old one had the same product number but different wiring plug. Then I looked in the box and there was a new plug with complete wiring instructions. Two minute job. I lit a match below it and it was so sensitive I...
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By Chipmaster on Home Depot - May 21, 2013

Great Product

This product is a perfect replacement for my old Firex ADC smoke alarms. I had no trouble at all replacing 6 units in my house considering i have no background whatsoever in wiring or electrical jobs. I am quite satisfied.

By CDTE on Home Depot - May 15, 2013

Our Electrician says these are the best.

We bought 10 or 14, I forget, had them installed by our electrician so that they are all connected so that if one goes off in the basement you can hear the others go off upstairs, and visa versa (our house has 3 floors/levels), plus they have backup batteries in case of electrical outages. He says they are the good ones to get. We haven't had any fires, but the one time when I was...
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By Paula on Home Depot - Feb 19, 2013

They don't seem to set-up/work properly, very difficult.

I have five of these 'interconnected' smoke-alarms in my home. One started chirping...I guessed it needed a battery. I installed a battery... the smoke-alarm kept chirping. I bought a new battery and installed it.... the smoke-alarm kept chirping. How long will this go on... it seems like "for eternity"! I find devices that don't work per the advertisemnets and directions very disheartening. I...
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By Clay on Home Depot - Apr 27, 2012

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