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Features and Benefits Easy effective versatile tool to help technicians diagnose EVAP trouble codes on domestic and import cars and light trucks Uses patented UltraTraceUV technology - the only OEM-approved dye available Works with nitrogen or shop air to meet all OEM test requirements Uses existing OTC LeakTamer accessories Auto-correct EVAP pressure - No user adjustment neededLeak Tamer Plus uses patented Ultra-TraceUV dyethe only OEM-approved dye. No manual flow valve turns off automatically. Safely stops gas fumes from entering work bay. Auto-correct EVAP pressureno user adjustment. Avoids damage to vehicle. Works with nitrogen or shop air to meet all OEM test requirements for all makes and models. Uses OEM-Approved Technology. This technology was developed in collaboration with Ford Motor Company GM and Daimler Chrysler to specifically test a vehicle s EVAP system and to meet major automakers EVAP testing specifications and needs. The LeakTamer Plus EVAP Model 6521 is EVAP-approved. Accessories Included with No. 6521 No. CEA-01 - 3 1/2 Diameter Exhaust Cone No. CEA-02 - Assorted Cap Plug Kit No. CEA-04 - Standard Service Port Adapter No. CEA-049 - Dual Size Schrader Removal Tool No. HS-400AC - 400 000 CP Spotlight with 20 foot Cord and Battery Clips.


Product Title: Pegasus OTC LEAKTAMER PLUS EVAP

Manufacturer: Pegasus

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