Morton System Saver II Water Softening Salt Pellets

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System Saver II contains a patented formula that can extend softener life. Recommended by softener manufacturers, including Kenmore. Based on external laboratory testing of continuous use of System Saver® II versus plain salt over the life of the softener, using hard water with an average clear-water(ferrous) iron content of 1.1 parts per million (ppm). Cleans your softener while it works to remove hard water minerals. Helps prevent mineral buildup in pipes and appliances. Helps improve the efficiency and extend the life of appliances and water heaters. System Saver II Pellets are recommended by softener manufacturers, including Kenmore. It is also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.


Product Title: Morton System Saver II Water Softening Salt Pellets

Manufacturer: Morton

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Misleading Information

If I wanted Diamond Crystal, I would have purchased it. I wanted the Morton System Saver II product, which you evidently no longer carry. Your website and the Morton Salt website need to be updated. I will buy the salt elsewhere!

By Disappointed1Ed on Home Depot - Jul 21, 2012

Excellent Price!

Excellent price for a necesary product. Local access to this product makes life a lot more simplified.

By Propok1 on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2012

Home Depot Availability

The description says Diamond Crystal Brand wich is what you will receive. Picture showing Morton Brand is invalid it is now the yellow bags of Diamond Crystal 40lb. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By HOMER on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2011

Great softener pellets

I was originally recommended these pellets by my brother-in-law who sells water softeners. He says that this brand is the only thing he will use with his personal water softener. We have three kids and with running a dishwasher three to four times a week, baths, showers, etc, etc our large salt bin (for lack of the proper term) hold about five of these 40 lb. bags and they seem to last for about...
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By avery24 on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2011

Different than what is pictured here. Diamond Saver brand

Hello, I too fell for the ad for this on Dealnews. I ordered three bags for in-store pickup, but was given the cheaper "Diamond Saver" brand in the all-yellow bags. I asked the employees about this ad, and they have not carried any actual Morton salt in their store in years they said. I feel rather deceived, though salt is salt, but at least I would have not made a trip into the store for that in...
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By GeorgioP on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2011

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