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To keep your water tasting and smelling great consider installing the GE Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System. This water filter is installed under your sink for a discreet appearance and filters up to 11 gallons of water daily. The reverse osmosis membrane helps reduce microscopic contaminants such as arsenic, lead and ammonia, for better tasting water for drinking and cooking. The filter indicator reminds you when to replace the filter. Color: White Filter Housing.


Product Title: General Electric Under Sink Mounted Filters Reverse Osmosis Filtration System White Filter Housing GXRM10RBL

Manufacturer: General Electric

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Power Score: 3.1 | 54 Reviews

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Waste of time and effort

I purchased this RO system wanting clean drinking water for the family. I had the system professionally installed. It produced great tasting water for about a week. After that the unit stopped producing water and developed a leak. i tightened the filter housings and leaked stopped but the unit stopped producing water. I reinstalled the unit and still the same problem. Not worth the time and...
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By Humberto on Home Depot - May 31, 2013

Awesome RO System!

This system is great! My water before I got it was cloudy and didn't taste great. Once it was installed, the water was totally clear and tasted fresh. I was amazed that such an inexpensive unit could work so well.

By JamieS on Home Depot - May 13, 2013

Great product for the price point

Love the filter, only reason for not giving higher marks on the value, is that it would be nice to know before purchase that it needs to have 40psi min. inlet pressure- I had to buy an additional pump. (however, with the booster, it now makes over a gallon/ hr, and wastes less down the drain) Also, would like to have the charts and graphs in the user manual regarding inlet water quality and...
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By cyberbass on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2013

Completely failed within 2 years

I have had nothing but trouble with this filter. In the first year, the reject water started leaking at the faucet through its air hole which is towards the back of the faucet. Tried contacting GE but there is absolutely no customer service. Ended up opening up the faucet and adjusting the J tube inside so that the discharge stays away from the air gap and aims directly down the drain. A few...
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By Suley on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2013

Didn't get a new replacement

We had this unit for about 8 years, a contractor installed it for a kitchen redesign. We loved the water coming out of it, although it was a little noisy at times. What we weren't loving was the difficulty of replacing the filters and RO filters. The time and effort it takes was getting really old. We ended up with a small leak (a crack on the cap to the RO filter canister) epoxy worked for a...
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By Elsos on Home Depot - Feb 6, 2013

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