Braun KFK12FL 12-Cup Replacement Carafe for KF157/180/187


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Braun KFK12FL / 3113796 Flavor Select Coffee Carafe, The 12 Cup FlavorSelect coffeemaker carafe is scratch-resistant, Carafe includes lid, Part Number: KFK12FL (3113796), Handle may be Black or Grey For Braun Coffemaker Series: AromaSelect, AromaSelect Cappuccino, AromaSelect 12, AromaSelect 12/18, FlavorSelect, FlavorSelect Cappuccino, FlavorSelect 12, FlavorSelect 12/18, For Braun Coffemaker Models: KF150, KF152, KF155, KF157, KF160, KF180, KF182, KF185, KF187, KF190, For Braun Coffemaker Types: 3068, 3069, 3070, 3071, 3095, 3096, 3097, 3098, 3099, 3113, 3114, 3115, 3116, 3123, Find Appliance Type / Model Number


Product Title: Braun KFK12FL 12-Cup Replacement Carafe for KF157/180/187

Manufacturer: Braun

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Power Score: 4.4 | 7 Reviews

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Braun KFK12FL 12-Cup Replacement Carafe

Strengths: fits our old coffee maker; original carafe lasted a long time

Weakness: our old glass carafe that this is replacing cracked after many years of use

We needed to replace the carafe of our Braun coffee maker. The original one cracked after YEARS of use. We were happy we could find this replacement because we did not want to replace this great coffee maker.

By anonymous; - Sep 3, 2007

Great Pot

Strengths: Strong,does what it should, washable, holds alot of coffee

Weakness: Is still a glass pot.

This does every thing you could expect. It holds up to most normal drops and bangs even though it is still glass. Holds a sizeable amount of coffee and can be wash in the dishwasher. While as a coffee pot it is nothing special in life, this product still does a great job.

By messkit - Aug 2, 2007

Braun KFK12FL 12-Cup Replacement Carafe for KF157/180/187

Strengths: Easy to clean. Pours great. Large 12- cup capacity.

Weakness: Cracks easily. Very fragile.

Great carafe. Easy to use. Light weight. Doesn't drip when pouring. This is the third replacement carafe we have had to purchase. Must be extremely careful when washing because the thin glass cracks if it taps the side of the sink. Would give 5 star rating if it didn't break so easily.

By jeffmoto - Jan 17, 2007

Braun 12-cup Replacement Carafe

Strengths: Perfect replacement for the Braun 12-cup flavorselect coffee maker.

Weakness: The glass on this carafe is very thin.

I purchased this carafe when our original carafe got a crack in it. Since we have had the original coffee maker for over 8 years, we considered purchasing a new coffee maker. But since the replacement carafe was only $12, it was much less expensive to purchase the replacement carafe than to get a new coffee maker. The glass is thin on this carafe, just like the original, but since the original...
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By jasmine_ffd - Jul 6, 2006

This coffee pot is very easy to...

Strengths: Light weight, good price.

Weakness: A little bit fragile and easy to be broken, and the handle is not fasten enough.

This coffee pot is very easy to use, but I need to be very careful when I clean it every time. Because the glass is very thin and kind of fragile. I ordered this from because I broke up mine. The delivery is very fast, it took only no more than a week for me to get my order. And the package is very secure for such a glassware. They used air bags to secure the box. After all, I love...
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By yogurtt - Jun 16, 2005

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