ATI Pan-Ty PLT Series Locking Weather Resistant Tie


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Massive performance and innovative image technology, the Radeon X800 graphics technology, award-winning 3D performance, with up to 16 pipelines, higher clock speeds and breakthrough image enhancement technology, Radeon X800 graphics technology introduced a whole new gaming category called High-Definition Gaming.


Product Title: ATI Pan-Ty PLT Series Locking Weather Resistant Tie

Manufacturer: ATI

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Power Score: 4.7 | 12 Reviews

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great card for 120$ refurb

Strengths: well as i was looking for an agp video card i just happened to stumble along this card for 120$! refurb, of course its refurbished but for 120$ thats a great deal!,i got it of

Weakness: NONE

This card is great runs everything i throw at it on high or extra graphics. BE aware it is BIG, but BIG is not always bad;)
also on they have an x850pro for 140$ refurb, but i would go with this card because the benchmark scores are much better.

By anonymous; - Jul 4, 2006

Great card that is driving me nuts with intermittent display blackouts! HELP!!!

Strengths: Great specs. Drives my 1920 x 1200 Dell 2405FPW LCD monitor to its max/native resolution.

Weakness: Too bright. How do you turn down brightness? The display intermittently blacks out then returns several seconds later. This is a major PITA!!!! Fix???

I would have rated this product 5 stars except for the terribly annoying screen "blackouts". I have not yet explored ATI's Customer Support for a fix but was looking for the ReadMe File on the ATI CD when I came to this site for a lead to this issue.

By anonymous; - Dec 23, 2005

Worth IT

I am very pleased with this card. I bought it primarily for games: Doom 3, Quake 4, Half-Life 2, FEAR and COD2. It plays the games to my complete satisfaction at resolutions of 1280 and UP with bells and whistles enabled. Secondarily I bought the card for video editing. I am transferring VHS to DVD and so far it hasn't let me down. The TV capture works fine as does the radio. The DVD player won't...
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By anonymous; - Dec 14, 2005

Best AGP Card for the Money

Strengths: Low Power Consumption, Excellent Warranty, Great Performance, VIVO

Weakness: Not Dual DVI, Expensive Without Sale / Rebate

I have been struggling with the decision of whether or not to upgrade motherboards to get PCIe support. I wasn't sure if it was worth investing serious money in an AGP card at this point. However, seeing as how the mid-range cards are not bandwidth limited with the AGP port, a $200-$250 expense seemed reasonable. The rest of my system (74GB raptor, 1 GB RAM, Athlon 3500+, Shuttle SN95G5) is more...
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By tonymil - Dec 6, 2005

A midrange card that thinks--and acts like--it costs much more

Strengths: TV in/out, Low power consumption, Top-of-the-line features and performance for a midrange price

Weakness: Lack of dual-DVI outputs

I have an eMachines T3256, which was an incredible PC for the price ($399 for an Athlon XP 3200+, 512MB PC3200 RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD+-RW, and second-bay CD-ROM). The system's only real weak point, however, is that it relies upon integrated graphics (GeForce 4MX--better than Intel's integrated option, but not by much). From the beginning, therefore, I'd had it in mind to purchase an AGP video card...
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By caseyahenry - Nov 16, 2005

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