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Shop for Heating, Venting & Cooling . Warm a living area up to 300 sq. ft. with the Soleil 29-19/25 in. 1,500-Watt Baseboard Heater. Automatic shutoff deactivates the heater after a period of heating, letting you heat your home while you're away while helping to ensure peace of mind. Durable steel comprises its frame, providing long-lasting use. The compact design is ideal for installation in areas where space is limited.


Product Title: Shanghai Limach Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Soleil Heater. 1500 - Watt Baseboard Electric Portable Heater With Digital Control Lh-888

Manufacturer: Shanghai Limach Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Power Score: 1.7 | 26 Reviews

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This heater worked well for almost three winters, then is stopped working. I previously had a sears comfort zone electric heater with fan. That worked for over 10 years. I contacted the manufacturer and they do not provide repair parts, so I guess I have to dispose of it. I would not recommend this product. Find an alternative heater.

By ROYK on Home Depot - Mar 18, 2013

Excellent heater

I bought two of these to heat my house with, they worked excellent. One just stopped atter 2 seasons and I leave them on non-stop! I don't think people are understanding the concept of "convection " heating. These are not traditional heaters with fans. My parents bought one and did not like it either. If you have your furnace on and it is 70 or 80 degress in the is probably not going to...
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By irishtoast on Home Depot - Jan 27, 2013


Sooo tired of China Junk! When it worked, it worked well but died after about 4 months! Please bring manufacturing back to America!

By Parkas on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

Terrible buy

Purchased the heater thinking it would heat up my 10x10 office. After having it plugged in for 4 hrs, the room was still cold. The only area that was warm was directly near the heater. Terrible product. I returned it.

By Mary on Home Depot - Jan 27, 2012

Pure Garbage! Waste of money!

This heater worked for a whole 3 months and then doesn't work. All the lights work, but it doesn't heat. From review's read its the fuse? I have portable heater from 1991, and no issues! This is just garbage.

By AAK9 on Home Depot - Jan 2, 2012

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