Kenwood Portable Oil-Filled Digital Radiator Heater

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The Kenwood 1,500-Watt Portable Oil-Filled Digital Radiator Heater offers convenient heating for any room in your home. Easily move the heater from room to room with the fully-assembled wheeled design and set the double-function timer to control operation. The unit is filled with oil and permanently sealed so it requires low maintenance. Digital controls allow you to control the thermostat, or you can choose between high, medium and low settings to keep your home at an ideal temperature.


Product Title: Kenwood Portable Oil-Filled Digital Radiator Heater

Manufacturer: Kenwood

Power Score: 4.4 | 106 Reviews

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Excellent device

Pros: - noiseless (there is a barely-audible crackle when it heats up, but it is really hard to even notice) - stylish - programmable (you can set desired power and/or temperature it should maintain, also a timer) - efficient/fast (heats up a large bedroom in minutes) Cons: - doesn't remember settings when turned off - program only lasts for a limited time that you specify (up to 18 hours) - you...
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By braindancer on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012

burned out the electric plug it was plugged into

We purchased the Kenwood electic oil-filled radiator heater in Dec. 2009. Heated the room very well. Plug was always hot so we only plugged it in for a couple of hours on very cold nights while watching TV. This year.2011, we tried using it and found the wall plug didn't work. The electrician said it was probably due to the electric radiator over heating. How do we safely dispose of this heater?...
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By marty on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2012

Kenwood expected, but Honeywell in reality

I read reviews and find it confusing that the Kenwood name and Honeywell name are both used for this same SKU. The Kenwood seemed like a wise buy, but what we found to actually be available for purchase is the Honeywell! We have purchased the Honeywell from our local store and hope that it is a good product, but only time will tell.

By Anne on Home Depot - Dec 31, 2011

it smells

i turned it on for about 5 minutes, i can smell the paint in the air. other than that, it seems working fine.

By mmll on Home Depot - Dec 28, 2011

Great for us; you can set the actual temperature to maintain.

Living in a cold climate we use this heater for our wine room to keep it a constant 59F; the room is 11'x11'x8.5'. What is great for us is you set the temperature in degrees and it holds it. Other units are relative settings ie; 1-9 and pick a number. The only other unit I found where you set the temperature had a minimum setting of 65F which did not accommodate our needs. No problems with the...
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By Maahlun on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

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