Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater

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Recently rated a Best Buy by a leading consumer reporting agency, the Honeywell HZ-519 Heater warms your surroundings with convection heating technology. Key features of the Honeywell HZ-519 Digital Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater include a digital LCD display, a programmable timer, and an adjustable thermostat. Multiple safety features give you peace of mind during operation.


Product Title: Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Power Score: 4.3 | 6 Reviews

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Strengths: Great Quiet heater. heats room evenly.

Weakness: sort of bulky. Very long and low, but light in weight. A little clumsy to move around.

For this price, there is no better space heater. Consumer's Reports rated it Number 1. I agree. A friend of mine bought the one that was rated worst in Consumer Reports and paid about $400.00 for it. I think it's an Edan. This is a million times better and I paid $42.00

By anonymous; - Dec 24, 2007

Nice Honeywell Space Heater (paid approx $50 on Amazon)

Strengths: Noiseless, Variable Settings, Nice Safety Features, Consumer Reports Best Buy

Weakness: Doesn't Warm Room Quickly Enough, 3-4 Ft Long, Display Not Backlit

Good buy. Can set it for continuous run, run for specific time limit, or run by thermostat. Noiseless because radiant heat, no fan. Although, takes a while to warm the room because no fan. Safety features include overheat protection and tip-over switch. CR rated as best buy for quiet, whole room heating. Would have liked to have lighting for the display.

By kduenke - Dec 3, 2007

Good Heater

Strengths: Nice heat, excellant features

Weakness: It's 3-4 feet long

I just bought this heater at the beginning of Nov-2007 for 60 dollars with free shipping from Amazon. I have had it for two weeks and it is costing me 12 cents an hour to run it. I was just going to order two more, one for a gift and one for me and I went back to Amazon and saw that the price jumped to 150 dollars plus shipping. I can't find it anywhere online for less than 140 dollars which...
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By kiwi_chuck - Nov 29, 2007

excellent heater

Strengths: temperature control, auto shut off

Weakness: no timer for setting it to turn on before I wake up, just an auto shut off timer

I am very happy with this heater, good price, good functionality, thermostat isn't accurate but you get used to it. now if only i didnt have to pay my power bill

By chasdanner - Nov 18, 2007

Fairly satisifed with this heater

Strengths: Large heating coil, sturdy base, built-in thermostat

Weakness: Mildy unattractive, so large it's not applicable in smaller spaces, no fan to direct heat

We bought this heater because it was highest rated whole-room heater in Consumer Reports. It does provide a lot of heat, and warms a room within 20-30 minutes. The heater also provides the safety feature of the tip switch that kills the power. My two main criticisms would be the size and the control panel. It's terribly large and long, and if my wife wanted to move it from room to room it would...
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By tedmetro - Nov 8, 2007

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