Maytag Freezer. 15.8 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Upright Freezer In White Mqf1656tew


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This upright freezer is perfect for a garage or a basement. It is frost free and includes the convenience of interior lighting and up-front controls, a reversible-swing door, deep door shelves, removable shelves, an easy-to-clean seamless interior that's dent resistant. Plus, it is ENERGY STAR qualified to help you save money.

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Green Compliance: Energy Star

Color: White

Freezer Type: Upright


Product Title: Maytag Freezer. 15.8 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Upright Freezer In White Mqf1656tew

Manufacturer: Maytag

Lowest Price: $579.00 from Home Depot

Power Score: 4.5 | 459 Reviews

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failed 2 months our of warranty

bought mine from Home Depot June 2012, went to get ice cream bar from it August 31 2013 and the ice bars and all else was melted. seems to still be running cold but does not get cold enough, Suspect failed or jammed cooling fan inside cabinet. will call Maytag warranty folks and see what sad story they give me regarding lack of Warranty coverage since failed 14 months from purchase.

By louge1@aol.com_9662697200 - Sep 3, 2013

Unhappy with freezer

We bought the freezer in June 2012. Worked great at first. Around March we noticed it wasn't as cold and was icing up. Followed manufacturer's direction and thawed it out. Worked for a month or so. We rearranged food away from all vents, got a thermometer which showed it selfdom was below 25, and it iced up completely again. Now we are thawing it out again. Lost a bunch of food. Ice cream...
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By gourmetalice@aol.com_477432249 - Jul 10, 2013

No problems I have found yet. This is almost what I wanted!

The only thing different I would wish for on this freezer is that the bottom would be a pull-out drawer instead of a storage area with a pull down gate. I keep all my meats in that area, and I guess I have to change my storage mentality. It has been working fine, little noise, totally lives up to my expectation, except for the drawer, which I should have known from the description on the...
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By Joanne on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2013

Quit working after 7 months

We bought this after our trusty freezer from the early 70's died. I knew it wouldn't last as long as the one made years ago (which is very sad), but I expect longer than 7 months. We noticed the ice cream was getting soft and the back wall had pushed forward. It iced up. Not a quality product. We now get to find out how the warranty works.

By spk76 on Home Depot - Jun 13, 2013

Read the Warranty - This product is NO GOOD

We purchased this product July 2012 , it is our 11th maytag purchase in 2 years . This product started failing in Jan finally in May Maytag sent someone to our home needed over 300 dollars of repairs in Warranty . June 12 - same problem - waiting for repairs . Have lost over 500 dollars of Food Maytag does not care. Also beware if you live in rural America that is why it took 3 months to get a...
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By BlueWatersResort on Home Depot - Jun 13, 2013

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