Black & Decker FP1550S 10-Cup Food Processor, Stainless Steel and Black

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Food Processor Type: Food Processor


Product Title: Black & Decker FP1550S 10-Cup Food Processor, Stainless Steel and Black

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Power Score: 1.5 | 2 Reviews

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Black & Decker 10 Cup Food Processor Model FP1510

Strengths: It did an excellent job of chopping and blending.

Weakness: Seal to keep moisture away from shaft in stabalizer plate is faulty. Plastic gear strips as moisture creates rust around bearing and metal shaft. Parts of safety handle on container also break.

This food processor would be repairable if there was a replacement part for it. The motor is fine. If there is a part with a stabalizer plate, shaft w/gear and a new water seal, I could fix the food processor myself. I would order a new container, but if there are no replacements to fix the gear, it is useless.

By lvfrshslsa427 - Nov 29, 2012

Don't buy unless you are very gentle

Strengths: Looks

Weakness: No safety mechanism to protect the internal drive gear in case of abuse... or surely with time will break the gear.

While the look of the product is nice, the thing died very quickly. The universal motor is durable and strong enough to handle the job, but the dinky plastic gear is way too weak (looks like delrin to try to reduce the noise). Mistakenly I turned on the processor while the spare blade and disc stem was inside the unit. The noise was awful and the damage was great. The food chute broke off the...
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By vadim_1097506284 - Feb 18, 2008

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