Sunbeam Heritage Series 350 - watt Mixmaster, WHITE

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Mixer Type: stand mixers


Product Title: Sunbeam Heritage Series 350 - watt Mixmaster, WHITE

Manufacturer: Sunbeam

Power Score: 2.5 | 2 Reviews

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Model 2350 Stand Mixer

Strengths: Has enough power.

Weakness: Seems awkard to use.

I have owned this mixer 1 year and and have only used it approximately 3 times. The beater mechanism is not good. I think gears are already stripped. Cannot use it. I need a product mechanical manual and I noticed there is one for every number but the 2350. COULD THIS PRODUCT BE A LEMON? I WOULD NOT BUY ANOTHER ONE UNLESS THEY MAKE GOOD ON THIS ONE AND I WOULDN'T BUY THIS MODEL!

By squirrl5678 - Mar 25, 2007

Solid, attractive, basic mixer (heritage series) with a hint of history

Strengths: Flexible use both as a table mixer and detachable hand mixer.Head flips up and locks with the touch of a button. Head detaches firmly with the touch of another button.

Weakness: None so far. Doesn't have attachments for uses other than for mixing and kneading but those are what I use it most for anyway.

Very nice basic, functional, well-designed mixer at less than half the price of a Kitchen Aid Artisan and with the same power(350 watts). It feels solid. Two mixing bowls come with it for small and large (4.5 quart) contents allowing smooth, rotating hands-free mixing. Asymmetric beaters work well. Dough beaters also included. Adjustable speeds smoothly transition with the gradual turn of a dial...
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By susansmartin - Sep 25, 2005

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