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Great Mixer for the Price

Strengths: Low price, performs well

Weakness: Heavy, motor could be more powerful

The KitchenAid K45SS 250 watt, 4.5 quart, mixer is the bottom of the KitchenAid product line. However, at a price point of $110, the KitchenAid K45SS is a great value.

The big difference between this mixer and the standard "two beater" models is that it uses a single mixing attachment that rotates in two motions- it not only spins on its own axis, it also is rotated around the edge of the bowl. This does an extremely effective job of mixing ingredients without need for the bowl rotating, since the mixing motion covers the entire bowl. For most mixing jobs, it also requires no scraping of the sides with the spatula, i.e. - when it's mixing, you can ignore it and work on other things.

The dough hook attachment is great for kneading. Although this is the least powerful machine KitchenAid makes, it kneads stiff dough. Machine kneading takes a *lot* of the effort and variability out of making bread... you never "kneads in" too much flour to keep it from sticking to your hands, and the 20 minutes you normally spend working the dough turns into 10 minutes you can use to clean up the kitchen.

The other two attachments are the paddle and the whisk. The paddle is the all-purpose "workhorse" beater, and works extremely well for creaming sugar and butter together, mixing cookie dough or cake batter, or any other general-purpose mixing job. With the orbital motion, it comes right up to the edge of the bowl, so it is effectively scraping as it goes. The whisk is great for egg whites and making whipped cream.

As for capacity, the 4.5 quart model is suitable for pretty much any "normal" home recipes. It's a "standard mixer". It will easily knead enough dough at once for two loaves of bread, or mix a double-batch of cookies.
As for downsides: this thing is HEAVY. You won't be moving it once it's in place. If you knead very stiff dough, the bowl sometimes will get tightened to the extent that it is very difficult to remove from the base. It's OK if you remember to leave it a little loose beforehand.

In summary: At the price point of less than $150, the KitchenAid K45SS mixer is a great value, but if you do a lot of baking with particularly stiff dough’s, a mixer with greater wattage such as the KitchenAid Artesian model at 325 watts is a better bet.

By bluemindscape - Dec 13, 2007

My kids/grandkids can't remember when I didn't have it.

Strengths: I am truly amazed at how reliable this mixer has been over all these years. It gets used constantly.I'm just ordering a new mixing paddle after 20 some years.

Weakness: If there are any weaknesses,I haven't found any. I've owned it for way over 20 years and it still acts like it's new. Wish I could say that about myself.

My kids can't even remember when this mixer wasn't around. It sits on my counter like the little soulder that it is, always ready for action at a moments notice and it gets plenty of use. I have several extra attachments that I also use with it. I've never owned another appliance with such resiliance. Thank you for making such a quality product.

By greenrd1 - Sep 7, 2007

Excellent starter mixer

Strengths: Heavy, sturdy metal construction. Easy to use

Weakness: Not powerful, 250W. 4.5quart bowl is too small

I'm overall very satisfied with this mixer so far. It includes a very useful instructions and recipes which you can find on the whirlpool website(parent company but slightly different than the actual booklet included in the machine) which ironically can not be found at kitchenaid. In fact, I can't find anything on kitchenaid site for manuals which is not very professional.

The box states it can do 8 cups of all purpose flower (this number is too high). It also states a "Durable All Metal Construction"... I kinda believe that because once you set the mixer down you will find it very difficult to move by accident or effort.

The first thing I did with the Kitchenaid classic was the pizza dough receipe in the "instructions and recipes" booklet. I was a little worried because it shooked a bit on only 3 1/2 cups of all purpose flower on speed 2 (This is the MAXIMUM recommended speed for doughs or heavy batters. Keep in mind the booklet does not recommend more than 6 cups of WHOLE WHEAT flour for those who are health conscious. I personally cannot recommend more than 4 cups of all-purpose flower because 4.5 quart bowl really isn't that big and I like having alot of room in the bowl after mixing; personal preference. I later did half the measurements for the basic white bread from 7 cups to 3 1/2 and it clinched my opinion because of the sound I heard mixing the ingredients. You do not have to follow my suggestions but do take it slow as this mixer really is not intended to make breads. The professional version is for that purpose.

Other than that this is a very nice mixer. Cooking is much quicker and very essential for some recipes where mixing by hand is too much effort (for me anyway).

By uncat - Mar 5, 2008

Best Mixer I've Ever Owned

Strengths: Sturdy, capable of holding my marathon Christmas cookie dough making date year after year.

Weakness: Price and weight

This mixer rocks. I've finally found a stand mixer that was able to handle my marathon holiday cookie dough making dates I have with my sister every year. Batch after dough batch it kept mixing, never overheating or shutting off from wear. The only downside really was how heavy it is to move it around from it's storage place and back when I'm done with it. My sister was so impressed with it she talked her husband into buying one for her.

By LittleSugar - Jan 28, 2008

nice product

Strengths: low price

Weakness: no

I got this one from Amazon for $110. Best deal I've ever had. It's nice looking, easy to clean, powerful, steady... matches all my expectations.

It's really heavy, I have to ask my husband for help in case I need to move it.

By daisyc - Jan 16, 2008

Mixer is great!

Strengths: Reliable performance from a brand name company.

Weakness: Motor is not strong enough for large bread mixes - buy a stronger but more expensive mixer if this is important to you.

This mixer does what it says. Great for many common mixing jobs and it has the port on front for attachments to make pasta, grind meat, etc. It will not move around on the counter since it is heavy. It looks nice in basic white but other colors are available. The bowl locks firmly in place which frees up your hands for other things. Everyone should have one of these!

By rcj911 - Dec 29, 2007

Good stand mixer

Strengths: Easy to use.

Weakness: None.

I brought this kitchenAid's stand mixer for my Mom. I brought it when it is on-sale. The price I paid is good. And my Mom likes it a lot. Compared with our original 5 Qt mixer, it just smaller bowl (4.5 Qt.), everything else seems the same as 5Qt. But it is much cheaper. It save a lot of manpower and did a good job to mix the baking materials and powder. Use stand mixer to stir the egg white is much better than to use the hand-mixer and save much time. We like it.

By ycc971 - Dec 28, 2007

Kitchenaid K45SS Great Value for the money

Strengths: cheapest of the kitchenaid mixers heavy (doesn't feel cheap) does what it says it does

Weakness: heavy (if you don't have a spot of the counter, could be a bad thing) motor seems a little strained when making bread dough

Bought this on sale for $110, no tax, free shipping online.
I have been very pleased with it so far. It's done everything that I wanted to do. However, when I made bread, it was straining to work, it slowed way down and I thought it wasn't going to make it. But eventually sped back up and in fact did it's job just fine.
It's really heavy, but find a spot on the counter to put it. I bought this with the pasta maker and the sausage grinder. Note that the pasta maker attachment comes with the meat grinder, so spend the couple extra bucks to buy both pasta and meat grinder together (it's about $20 cheaper than buying them seperate). I haven't used them yet, but I am looking forward to!

By dustinsadler - Dec 16, 2007

Just not what I had hoped for

Strengths: extremely convenient and fun to use

Weakness: difficult to repair, but too expensive to replace

I bought this mixer at an estate sale. It was less than 6 months old when it's previous owner passed away. I have had the mixer for 4 years. The first time I put the dough hook on it and tried bread, it froze and has not worked since. I have contacted three different kitchen stores that carry the product, but none of them have been able to help in any repairs or contacting any repair people.
I see parts on line, but no repair manuals. There are places I can ship it to have it repaired -- but after shipping this heavy thing twice, plus cost of repair, would I be better off to buy a new one?

I am sad. I thought I would have this for many years. Now I'm just dusting it and wondering.

By anonymous; - Dec 15, 2007

KitchenAid K45SS-WHT classic series stand Mixer

Strengths: Powerful, great gadget for any person that loves to cook

Weakness: Big and heavy but I am not complaining

This is an entry level Mixer but it sures give me enough power for what I need to do. Perfect for a home baker like me. The mixer is well constructed and pretty powerful and the money is well spent for me.

By auhchi - Dec 9, 2007

The best kitchen appliance you can get at great value

Strengths: powerful motor, useful attachments, solid construction

Weakness: bulky and heavy

I was concerned that I was getting the entry level model for the KitchenAid mixers. How wrong could I be!
This machine comes with a standing bowl with enough volume to pour 8 cups of flour, I would say enough for 2 bread loafs. It also comes with 3 mixing attachments. A single hook that seems to be missing a second beater to mix ingredients well. Instead, the single hook not only rotates on its own axis, but the mixer also makes it travel in a circle. This allows the hook to knead the dough completely by passing through all around the bowl. The second attachment is a wire whip which can help mix dry ingredients, or at high speed it can beat egg whites to make wonderful merengues. The third attachment is a flat beater which looks like a paddle. This is the one you will end up using the most.
The mixer feels very well constructed, although you would not like to put it to use at a restaurant.
The first time we used it, we were looking for a place to store in one of the bottom kitchen cabinets. We ended up finding a nice nook on the kitchen counter, instead of having to move it around every time we wanted to use it. This thing is heavy.

By bping - Nov 28, 2007