T-Fal 7822700 8-Tray Swiss-Style Raclette Grill

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Product Title: T-Fal 7822700 8-Tray Swiss-Style Raclette Grill

Manufacturer: T-Fal

Power Score: 4.8 | 4 Reviews

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T- Fal Raclette

Strengths: Cooking without fat! I know it from Europe already since decades. Its a cool way to eat and socialize.

Weakness: Should come with 8 wooden tools, which dont hurt the coating.

I little longer cable would safe an extention cord because if you have up to 8 people on the table, and all the food, you will need a bigger table and there is no way to find a power outlet close by.

By anonymous; - Feb 20, 2006

As soon as delivered, we got some...

Strengths: One of the best French "savoir-faire" products.

Weakness: No weakness

As soon as delivered, we got some Raclette cheese at a local Sunset Store to try our new raclette grill. Not able to find a white Savoy wine we used an Alsace one, very good!

By pgleizes - Feb 13, 2006

Great Raclette Grill

Strengths: Lightweight. Good size for a big party of people. Fast setup. Melting pans included.

Weakness: Cheese scrapers are not included in the package. However, given the non-stick pans the cheese gets off very easily.

Take it from a Swiss, great product, excellent price. All you need now is the cheese and some good potatoes. We have not used it as a grill yet, so no comment on the grill quality.

By ihimaera - Jan 9, 2006

Love the raclette. It is nice for...

Love the raclette. It is nice for a nice romantic dinner or dinner with the kids. The Raclette is just a great affair to have for cooking anytime. Its nice to change up from the ordinary.

By CRYSTALN1982 - Dec 27, 2004

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