Lodge Logic Cast-Iron Skillet with Glass Lid - 12 Inch - Lodge Logic

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Fry Pans & Skillets - America's original cookware company introduces a preseasoned cast-iron skillet with glass lid, enhancing the appearance and versatility of cast iron as a healthy alternative to nonstick cooking. Seasoned with Kosher-certified vegetable oil and baked at a high temperature, this superior seasoning by the Lodge experts enables you to use this cookware right out of the box. With the tempered glass lid creating a tight-fitting seal, this cast iron skillet retains essential nutrients and brings a natural taste to recipes: cook or steam vegetables to crisp-tender perfection, sear meats or simmer sauces without splattering. Add authentic country style flavor and golden browning to breads, rolls and desserts.No other cookware compares to the durability of cast iron for even heat distribution and retention. Lodge cast iron adds the sizzle of a well-used grill to indoor and outdoor cooking, enriching the flavor and texture of meals, from bacon and eggs, to grilled cheese, steaks or fish fillets. - Specifications Model L8SKGS 10 1/4“ Dia. (16“L w/handles) x 2“H (4 1/4“ H w/lid) 8-lb. Model L10SKG3 12“ Dia. (18“L w/handles) x 2“H (4 1/4“ H w/lid) 10-lb. Made in the USA Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty Care and Use of Lodge Cast Iron Dishwasher-safe glass lid Oven-safe (with the phenolic knob on the lid, up to 400 degrees F), and freezer-safe Safe for gas, electric, ceramic, glass top and induction cooktops After cooking, clean the cookware with hot water and a stiff brush. Do not use harsh detergent, as it can remove the seasoning. Towel dry thoroughly. While the cookware is dry, but still warm from the hot water bath, wipe a light coat of vegetable oil or cooking spray on all surfaces. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store lids on the pot or pan in order to allow proper air circulation. If you notice a metallic taste or see signs of rust, simply scour off the rust, wash the cookware with soap and h


Product Title: Lodge Logic Cast-Iron Skillet with Glass Lid - 12 Inch - Lodge Logic

Manufacturer: Lodge

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Bestcovery experts have rated the Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet as the Best Cast Iron Cookware. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.
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By bestcovery.com - Jun 23, 2011

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