Cuisinart CSK-150 Electric Skillet

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The Cuisinart Electric Skillet is one of the most versatile countertop cooking appliances on the market. A temperature probe adjusts from Warm to 450°F and can be removed to make the Skillet dishwasher safe. The nonstick cooking surface is ideal for low-fat or no-fat cooking and is big enough for family orders of pancakes, a fajitas with friends.


Product Title: Cuisinart CSK-150 Electric Skillet

Manufacturer: Cuisinart

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Power Score: 4.8 | 2 Reviews

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Cuisinart quality

Strengths: Very large cooking surface. Will use everyday. This is a great skillet. Best I've ever purchased!

Weakness: Cord is a little short, but not raelly a problem for me.

I have just received my skillet 4 days ago. I have been using it ever since. The overall cooking surface is what I am most imporessed with and the heating is even across the entire surface of the skillet. I am very pleased wnd would purchase another one when this one igoes bad.

By pootypoot - Apr 14, 2008

Best Electric Skillet

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By - Sep 9, 2010

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