Westbend 77204 Electric Can Opener - WestBend 772 04 Red

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Product Title: Westbend 77204 Electric Can Opener - WestBend 772 04 Red

Manufacturer: Westbend

Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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West Bend Can Opener 77204

Strengths: Good looking, handles heavy cans, easy to clean.

Weakness: Cutting Assembly a bit tricky to put back on.

After 3 yrs of very mild use, the little plastic tab on the cutting assembly which triggers the movement has broken off. Replacement cost is $10 less than buying a brand new one.

By anonymous; - Feb 19, 2009

One Tough Little Fire Hydrant!

Strengths: Sturdy, easy to use, detatchable face, automatic shutoff, bottle opener, knife sharpener, cord storage inside unit.

Weakness: May be considered too large of an appliance for smaller kitchens.

If you're tired of manual can openers, then this should be the electric can opener you choose. It's reasonably priced, and opens up just about any size can without a hitch. A magnet on the cutting assembly will hold the can's lid in place after the can is opened. The back side of the unit has a bottle opener and small knife sharpener towards the bottom. Granted, it's not near a professional grade...
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By IceBergTYS - May 18, 2008

West Bend Electric Can Opener

Strengths: Quick and easy to use

Weakness: Tends to tear the label a little.

This is an excellent can opener with a classic look. It handles large and small cans with ease, and it engages the can quickly. The cutting head can be removed for cleaning. The lid magnet is strong enough for large lids. The only minor problem is that it tears the label a bit as it engages.

By pcmock - Feb 26, 2008


Strengths: Beautiful can opener for counter display. Works very well, powerful and quiet Easy to remove cutting head for cleaning Heavy and solid body I like the auto stop feature

Weakness: I haven't found any weaknesses yet.

I've only used this can opener about a dozen times in the past week but already I love it. Ten times nicer than our old can opener. It's very powerful and sturdy and it looks absolutely beautiful on our countertop. I like that the cord stores in the back of the body so it isn't laying all over the countertop. The cutting head is very easily removed and is dish washer safe for easy cleaning. You...
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By dmckeever - Jan 10, 2007

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