Black & Decker KEC600 Ergo Cordless Can Opener


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The ergonomic design of the KEC600 allows for easy one-handed operation and features a removable, dishwasher safe Power Pierce Cutter. It easily opens big and tall cans and can be held over the sink while operating to drain the liquid from canned tuna as it opens the can. The unit shuts off automatically and recharges in the included countertop charger.


Product Title: Black & Decker KEC600 Ergo Cordless Can Opener

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Lowest Price: $499.95 from Marketplace

Power Score: 4.8 | 13 Reviews

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Black & Decker KEC600 Ergo Cordless Can Opener

Strengths: Convenient. It does the job.

Weakness: Can't find a supplier anymore.

I bought it for a co-worker several years ago but he rejected it, whereupon I almost returned it to the store.After having second thoughts, I kept it and have used it for years until giving it to a friend. Now, I would like to get her a new one and also one for my boat because all of the other makes and models are either useless or big and awkward.This one still works good but it's at least...
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By frosty2011 - Jul 25, 2011

Black & Decker KEC600 Cordless Can Opener

Strengths: It has opened every can with no problem. It is so easy to use and easy to clean. By it being cordless It can be used anywhere in the kitchen. LOVE IT

Weakness: NONE

I have had my can opener for 10 years now and it doesn't hold a charge anymore. It was my best wedding gift ever. I want to buy another one but cannot find it anywhere. Don't want any other one.

By RachelMelancon30 - Feb 24, 2011

ergo opener

Strengths: ??????

Weakness: second one i have owned/ will not hold charge long enough to open any can.

Wife is handicapped. This model ideal for her use at the table. What good is it if it will not hold a charge. Easy to hold, easy to clean. Guess I could use it as a hammer and beat the can open.

By anonymous; - Jul 23, 2010

Great little opener

Strengths: Opens HUGE club store canned goods w/o having to lift them up

Weakness: None really, the battery wore out after about 10 yrs

I think we may replace ours we've had for almost 10 yrs with the same model. I've liked it. Not sure how other can openers stack up since this is the only one we've owned.

By anonymous; - Jul 2, 2009

Best I ever had.

Strengths: Easy to use and opens any size can.

Weakness: None

We've had this for about 7 years. I think the rechargable batter is about to quit on us. I was just checking to make sure it is still available.

By anonymous; - Oct 13, 2008

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