Reviews for Whirlpool WDF750SAY Gold Series 24" Built-In Dishwasher


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Whirlpool WDF750SAY not as good as old Whirlpool

Strengths: Quiet when running

Weakness: takes forever to run--dishes are not dry when done

This dishwasher is a disappointment when compared to the Whirlpool it replaced. It takes forever to run and the dry cycle is anything but dry. Thank goodness it runs quiet or it would drive me out of the house with the long run times. I don't know how this can be energy efficient when it has run times of up to 8 hours. My old Whirlpool cleaned excellant and the dishes were dry in a fraction of the time this takes.

By kentincave - Dec 2, 2012

Whirlpool WDF750SAY

Eco-rate gives the Whirlpool WDF750SAY 3.5 stars based on its energy efficiency (31% above Federal Standard); water efficiency (2.9 gallons per cycle); manufacturing location (USA); current purchase price; and other environmental and economic considerations...
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By - May 24, 2012