Whirlpool Gold WDF750SAY Full Console Dishwasher with 15-Place Settings, 5 Wash Cycles, Sensor Cycle


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Whirlpool WDF750SAY This dishwasher is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. A stainless steel tall tub adds a sleek, smooth texture to the interior and provides higher heat retention to further improve drying performance. A virtually flush door with a shorter 2-1/2 console adds a modern look to your contemporary kitchen and is easy to clean. Not only does this model fit seamlessly in your kitchen, it'll also fit your lifestyle. From the quietest line of dishwashers, this model features a Quiet Partner IV sound package, the highest level of quiet operation and sound-reducing insulation. Features: -Dishwasher. -Material: Stainless Steel. -Industry's most energy efficient dishwashers. -Sensor, eco wash, 1-Hour wash, heavy and normal cycle. -Flexible capacity. -No one has fewer repairs 15 years in a row. -AnyWare plus Silverware Basket. -Eco dry option. -Resource - efficient wash system. -Quietest line of dishwashers ever. -Plastic cup shelf. -Light item clips. -Tall tub design. -Triple filtration system. -Dynamic fills. -Auto soil sensor. -NSF Certified Sani Rinse option. -High temperature wash system. -Quiet partner IV sound package. -Improved design fits more spaces. -Auto Soil Sensor: Auto soil sensor. -Resource Saver: Resource efficient. -Number of Cycles: 5. -Silverware Basket: AnyWare plus silverware basket. Specifications: -Energy star and CEE Tier 14 qualified. -Fully Integrated/Console: 2.5. -Sound Decible Rating: 51. -Delay Wash: 2/4/8 Hour. -Capaci...


Product Title: Whirlpool Gold WDF750SAY Full Console Dishwasher with 15-Place Settings, 5 Wash Cycles, Sensor Cycle

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Lowest Price: $589.00 from AJ Madison

Power Score: 3.1 | 2 Reviews

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Whirlpool WDF750SAY not as good as old Whirlpool

Strengths: Quiet when running

Weakness: takes forever to run--dishes are not dry when done

This dishwasher is a disappointment when compared to the Whirlpool it replaced. It takes forever to run and the dry cycle is anything but dry. Thank goodness it runs quiet or it would drive me out of the house with the long run times. I don't know how this can be energy efficient when it has run times of up to 8 hours. My old Whirlpool cleaned excellant and the dishes were dry in a fraction...
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By kentincave - Dec 2, 2012

Whirlpool WDF750SAY

Eco-rate gives the Whirlpool WDF750SAY 3.5 stars based on its energy efficiency (31% above Federal Standard); water efficiency (2.9 gallons per cycle); manufacturing location (USA); current purchase price; and other environmental and economic considerations...
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By ecorate.com - May 24, 2012

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