LG LDF7932ST 24-in. Built In Dishwasher


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LG Fully Integrated Dishwasher with SignaLight LED Cycle Indicators and Steam Cleaning Delicate Cycle in Stainless Steel, Energy Star LDF7932ST

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Dishwasher Type: Built In

Green Compliance: Yes


Product Title: LG LDF7932ST 24-in. Built In Dishwasher

Manufacturer: LG

Lowest Price: $659.99 from Sears Outlet

Power Score: 3.4 | 45 Reviews

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pricey but works well

I've had this dishwasher for about a month. It is very quiet and I love that you can wash just one rack if you don't have a full load. I also like that it has a stainless finish on the inside, that you can adjust the size of the sections in the racks and that the controls are on the inside so there are no controls showing, just two lights; blue for washing, green for done. It just looks clean and...
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By shoppingfool on Home Depot - May 9, 2012

runs quiet and cleans with no water or detergent scum

This is an excellent machine. It runs quietly and cleans completely. It doesn't leave any soap scum or gritty feeling on the dishes.

By Joseph on Home Depot - May 8, 2012

Two lemons tell the story...

When I rennovated my kitchen I bought the current model like this. Within a year, the motor broke. After many many fights with LG, they replaced the whole machine. Three years later the repair man said it will be $500 to replace the motor in the "replacement". Repair man said LG dishwashers give him a lot of business.

By Charlottemom on Home Depot - Apr 27, 2012

Not Worth the Money

We have owned this dishwasher for a little over 2 years. It has never cleaned well even using a rinse aid. If the dishes aren't completely rinsed they come out of the dishwasher with food baked on. The dishes are completely wet at the end of the cycle and have to be dried before putting away. The bottom tray falls off track very easily as well. Recently the cycle would not complete and we...
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By Karla on Home Depot - Apr 20, 2012


This washing machine looks nice and shiny on the outside, but it perfect proof that looks can be deceiving. And boy, are they in this case! Just short of a year after buying this dishwasher, I kept getting OE (outlet error) messages 30 minutes into the cycle. The machine stops, and I have to open and close the door for it to resume. Every 10 minutes after that, it keeps doing the SAME THING. For...
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By Emily on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2012

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