General Electric PDWT580VSS GE Profile Dishwasher with SmartDispense Technology


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Dishwasher with SmartDispense Technology


Product Title: General Electric PDWT580VSS GE Profile Dishwasher with SmartDispense Technology

Manufacturer: General Electric

Lowest Price: $899.99 from Sears Outlet

Power Score: 3.0 | 6 Reviews

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Great dishwasher before it broke

Initially I really liked this dishwasher. Fairly quiet, although might be a bit too loud if its located near the family room (mine isn't so its fine). Cleaned really well, and the feature which allows the entire (or most of) the bottle of dishwashing liquid to be added at once is a great idea! However, after only six months the top "spinner" broke off. GE was no help (don't know why I bother to...
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By Raymond on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2013

Well made, but poorly designed

I replaced an LG Direct Drive that cost half as much - and I want it back! The racks inside of this GE Profile are horrible. Bowls won't stand up, and I could put 50% more dishes in the LG than this unit will hold just because of the poor rack design. I really would have passed on it had I realized this, but I ordered it online to match the complete $11,000 kitchen appliance replacement. Bad move.

By HomeDepotAddict on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2013


I replaced another GE Profile with this one, I am so pleased with this!! It is so much quieter, I have to really listen to see if it has started. My flatware looks great, shiny and new again, and NO SPOTS.Glasses clean with NO spots, a BIG plus for me!! Now, I rinse everything, as it is only the 2 of us, so I run it every other day. But when we have a house full, it runs every day, and less...
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By Ladybug0727 on Home Depot - Oct 11, 2012

Very poor dishwasher.

The inside of the dishwasher never looks clean after the dishes are washed. The Smart dispenser quit working for me. That takes up so much room that I cannot get my regular load of dishes in. I don't feel the dishes in the upper rack get clean eoungh. I wish I had gotten a simpler machine.

By Kaylyn on Home Depot - Feb 10, 2012

Really clean dishes!

I have to say that I really love my new dishwasher and don't have any issue at all with the way it cleans. Now I must admit that I am a person that has never put dishes into the dishwasher dirty as I grew up brushing and rinsing all food off before putting into the dishwasher. We aren't having spotting issues either but we are using the Cascade rinse agent that was recommended by GE. We are using...
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By Baby56 on Home Depot - Oct 23, 2011

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