Kitchen Hero Low-Fat Fryer

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This low-fat fryer from Kitchen Hero can do more than its name suggests. Though it does cook up crispy fried foods with less oil than a regular fryer, it can also bake, grill, roast, or steam. As convection cooking power evenly circulates hot air, halogen browns the food#39;s outer surface while infrared heat cooks it from the inside out. The fryer can cook frozen foods, so you don#39;t have to wait hours to let them thaw or hasten the process with your laser vision. The included grill racks, mesh trays, oil sprayer, and extender ring allow you to prepare any kind of food to your liking.Multifunctional low-fat fryer from Kitchen Hero Requires less oil than a regular fryer Fries, bakes, grills, roasts, and steams food Convection, halogen, and infrared heat Halogen browns and heats the foodu2019s surface Infrared heat cooks from inside out Quickly cooks frozen food Evenly circulates hot air Includes 50 recipes Total capacity: 17 liters Power: 1,300 wattsn


Product Title: Kitchen Hero Low-Fat Fryer

Manufacturer: Kitchen Hero

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