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DeLonghi 2.2-lb Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

Strengths: Easy to use. Easy to clean.

Weakness: Functional: None. Cosmetic: Slight 'dimples' in molded plastic parts.

For having been frying food in a pot of oil on the stove for many years, this DeLonghi fryer has made life so much easier. Just fill it with oil per the instructions, plug it in, and wait for the orange light to turn off. Its ready for frying in about 5 minutes. I've tried foods from chicken to potatoes to pork, this fryer is perfect. Some reviewers state there's no temperature control. Well, I haven't had the need for a temp control yet. And the size of the basket is fine for me....I've seen some smaller and some larger. This has not yet become an issue. What's nice also is the lid of the unit contains a 2 stage air filter. Very little oil odor is released into the air. Cleaning is no more difficult than cleaning a pot of oil. Just be careful not to submerge the unit. I especially like the built-in drain tube for the oil.
Although I have not had any personal experience using any similar products, I highly recommend this unit for anyone doing occasional frying.

By gwleong - Apr 2, 2006

This deep fryer does exactly what you need it to do.

Strengths: This DeLonghi fryer is extremely easy to use, food cooks well. Clean up is a breeze. Most unique feature is its draining tube.

Weakness: Could use a temperature control for different foods.

If you're looking for a deep fryer that makes cooking foods easy, this is the one to buy. Just pour in the oil, plug in the unit and load food in its wire basket. Check the amount of time needed to prepare your food and that's it. It even comes with a window so you can check on your food.

There are several features I really appreciate. First of all is its 2-stage filter to keep that fried oil smell out of your kitchen. Secondly, the drainage tube makes it easy to remove old oil. The magnetic cord took a little getting used to, but it is a safety feature .

Most negative feature is its lack of a temeperature control. Some foods require more heat than others. Instead DeLonghi provides a time chart on the outside of the unit giving general cooking times. How much extra would a thermostat have cost to build into the unit?

All-in-all, a simple deep fryer that handles most frying tasks well.

By dvdirv - Dec 7, 2006

Quick Look at D650UX

Strengths: Easy (oil) Drain. Cool Touch feature. (for sides) Smell filter.

Weakness: There is no Temperature control. Cover is not Cool Touch. Cover opens pretty hard and fast. Takes a long time to be ready.

I've just purchased this, so this a quick look at the pros/cons of the fryer.
First off, it's a pretty good size fryer. It's capacity is 2.2 lbs of food, and has a pretty sturdy easy lowering round basket.
I really wanted to try the easy drain system. I've always had the fryers that looked similar to this and not the bucket style fryers and those things always made a mess of the fryer and the area around the receptacle that I drained the used oil into. Hopefully this will work out great.
But, the first thing you'll notice and it may be a good thing or a bad thing is that there is no temperature control. Only, there are pictures on the front of the machine that tell you how many minutes a certain product should stay in the hot oil. For example: veggies are listed at around 7 minutes and chicken 8 minutes, while frozen french fries takes about 15 minutes. Like I said, this may be a good thing or a bad. I usually fry at a pretty high temp, and it may take awhile for me to get my precise cooking times since I don't know how high a temp the oil gets, this feature would be a little bit of a plus.
I purchased this at a price a lot cheaper than found online, so if my food tastes good and the easy drain function works, I'll be extremely happy.

Edit: I've finally gotten around to cooking up some homemade wings. The fryer did take a while to heat up. I plugged it in before preparing the coating for my chicken wings and it still took about 5 minutes after my prep for the ready light to go out. During cooking, I noticed that this cooker takes in more wing pieces than my other fryer which I thought was large already. I usually cook up 5-6 wings at a time, with my old cooker, but now I can get 8-9 wings. I also noticed that the cover opens up pretty fast and slightly rocks the fryer. My last one had a gentle opening cover. I tried using my hand to let the cover gently open but the Cool Touch feature stops there...It wasn't burning hot but I wasn't expecting that. I wore a oven mitt on my left hand to slow the cover down.
Overall, priced it under $30, I found it a very good fryer. The food came out really good and I was able to get more done than usual. Even with some design flaws and the long time for it to be ready, I was able to cook more at a time than usual and the food came out really well. And, isn't that the most important thing.

By GuitarMan0069 - Jul 4, 2008

DeLonghi Deep Fryer

Strengths: easy to use and clean

Weakness: no temperature control

This deep fryer is ok for basic function. It's good for small family, but it’s better to have temperature control. And the difference between the min and max oil is too small.

By bj02 - Feb 2, 2006

Nice but a few problems

Strengths: Great drain tube, detachable cord

Weakness: NO Temp. control which is a problem with some foods I make. Hard to see the oil level lines.

I can't complain too much. This product is OK. I've owned a few others and this one is just OK. The ready light burned out within a month. The drain hose is a great feature though for sure. Not having a temp. control is a no no. I didn't realize this when I purchased this or I wouldn't have bought it!
Like I said, this is OK and does do the job well for certain foods.

By buckrdoe - Jan 8, 2007

DeLonghi sure is funny

Strengths: great for my needs

Weakness: not for the professional cook

Over the years, I have been using the various different 2.2 lb. DeLonghi cool touch units and up until now, all models have had a temperature slider (ie.. d690ux..... well what I found out was that this function was pretty much useless because moving the slider caused the unit's heating element to either be turn off or heat the oil to the to the factory set oil temp..... so by eliminating the little slider that is just one less thing that can malfunction.... if you really need to adjust your cooking temperature then buy a professional unit but for me I really enjoy this one!

By anonymous; - Jan 11, 2009