Aroma Double Burner

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Double Burner Hot Plate, Double Burner Hot Plate is perfect for entertaining guests this electric range from Aroma gives your kitchen the added flexibility of two extra burners. Let dishes cook or just keep them warm for serving while keeping them out of

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# Of Burners: 2

Cooking Surface: Electric Standard Coil


Product Title: Aroma Double Burner

Manufacturer: Aroma

Lowest Price: $29.92 from Home Depot

Power Score: 3.0 | 5 Reviews

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Product Reviews (5)

little slow heating up

nice style but slow heating up good for small cooking area where space is limited

By mylighthouse2 on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2012

Like the top of the burner, not a coil, it's a solid piece.

Our Studio units are supplied with these two burner hot plates, and seem to work just fine.

By valerie on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

Poor Product

The Aroma Double Burner takes a very long time to heat up and to cook anything. It took more than an hour to boil 2 cups of water!

By 71745 on Home Depot - Aug 6, 2011


The front controls and indicator light are handy. I bought this for my elderly mother.

By phyllisg on Home Depot - Apr 19, 2007

Heats very slowly

Not bad for keeping things warm.

By jgh1204 on Home Depot - Mar 7, 2007

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