General Electric PHP900DMBB Profile Black 30" Electric Cooktop

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$1,523.10 See It
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The GE induction cooktops-offering fast, efficient cooking. This innovative technology combines the responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the peace of mind of a cooler cooking surface. Induction cooking uses a high-frequency induction coil below the cooktop's smooth surface that heats the cookware by a magnetic field. Induction cooking is the only cooking method that directly uses the cookware as a part of the cooking system, and only heats the area of the element that comes into contact with the pan.

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Cooktop Power Type: Electric

Cooking Surface: Electric Radiant Glass

Color: Black


Product Title: General Electric PHP900DMBB Profile Black 30" Electric Cooktop

Manufacturer: General Electric

Lowest Price: $1,523.10 from

Power Score: 4.5 | 8 Reviews

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Product Reviews (8)

I was very happy about it until today.

I bought it 15 Mar 2009, I was very happy about it until today. I turn it on and it was small bum and it stopped working. My husband opened it and found out that filter board failed. We checked price on line and it is about $800. I am thinking if I should ordered that part, or just buy a new induction cooktop.

By chris on Home Depot - Dec 29, 2012

Nice clean cooktop

The cooktop looks very nice. Pan heats up fast. The touch pad is sensitive. The serface does not get very hot even right after cooking. I can even put a piece of paper towel between a pan/wok and the surface when cooking. That way, my pan/wok does not slip on the surface. The only drawback I can think of is that it generates humming sound with high settings for almost all my pans and woks.

By plano on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

Awesome price

Strengths: Best price available

Weakness: None

I've been looking for an induction cooktop for a year. This is the best price I've seen.

By EllenKeralla331 - Nov 19, 2012

Very Sleek

Redoing my kitchen.Got this on sale. Really nice to have electric that heats up as fast as gas yet the surface doesnt get hot enough to even burn you. Be prepared to buy new pots and pans. A magnet must stick to the pot for it to wogrk. Aluminum or Stainless does not work on this stove. Also, if you use daily, be prepared to clean daily with ceramic top cleaner. Every finger smudge will show.

By MofVinings on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

Great Cooktop

We have been very impressed with the functionality of the cooktop. Obviously it heats up very quickly and cooks evenly. We had to purchase new cookware that was induction compatible but would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a cooktop. I would point out this unit requires a 40amp circuit, that may or may not be an issue for you but ensure you account for that large of a circuit.

By DDub on Home Depot - May 11, 2012

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