General Electric PS978STSS GE Profile GE Profile(TM) Series Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range

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GE Profile(TM) Series Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range


Product Title: General Electric PS978STSS GE Profile GE Profile(TM) Series Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range

Manufacturer: General Electric

Power Score: 4.3 | 9 Reviews

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Nice double oven!

Love having the double oven. The power boil on the stove is nice as well. Before you have it delivered, make sure the electrical is far back--had to have an electrician come out and move the box way to the rear--because of the double oven, there is no clearance in the back.

By Mountaingrl on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2013

Am happy with it

I like everything else with the exception of the timer sound. It is almost faint and I could potential miss the cooking time and burn my meals.

By Mark on Home Depot - Apr 23, 2013

Oven wont turn off after one month

Wanted so badly to love this range. It's the most expensive appliance we've ever purchased but we thought the double oven would be worth it. After only a month of use, whenever we use top oven and turn off after use, it remains on. We have had to unplug it and replug it in until service gets here. We are hoping the issue gets resolved but in the meantime, one star. The cooktop works great, but...
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By hregs on Home Depot - Mar 17, 2013

Couldn't ask for a better product!

I purchased this product when I remodeled my kitchen. It not only looks beautiful in the kitchen, but it cooks exceptionally well. I love the features, but I highly recommend reading the owner's manual to become familiar with all the features available. The stove I replaced this one for baked and cooked so well, I was worried this one would not meet my expectations, but it met them all. I love,...
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By jezebel1440 on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2012

Love cooking now

I'm a busy professional who used to find it easier to eat out most days. But installing this range, I actually enjoy cooking. The features really make it worth your time to make a meal. The heating speed is refreshing, baking takes a bit less time than my previous range (2 yrs old GE stainless builder grade).

By Pamela on Home Depot - Aug 7, 2012

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