General Electric JB705TTWW 30" Freestanding Smoothtop Electric Range with 5 Radiant Elements,...

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GE appliances provide up-to-date technology and exceptional quality to simplify the way you live. With a timeless appearance, this family of appliances is ideal for your family. And, coming from one of the most trusted names in America, you know that this entire selection of appliances is as advanced as it is practical.

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Cooking Surface: Electric Radiant Glass (Ceramic)

Color: White

# of Ovens: 1

Cooktop Power Type: Electric

Oven Power Type: Electric

Bake Method: Convection (Fan Oven)

# Of Burners: 5


Product Title: General Electric JB705TTWW 30" Freestanding Smoothtop Electric Range with 5 Radiant Elements, Triple Element, 5.3

Manufacturer: General Electric

Power Score: 4.3 | 3 Reviews

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review update

I have owned this range for over a year now and I love it just as much as the first day I bought it. The oven does a great job on my baked goods. The self cleaning feature works well. I haven't used the steam clean feature. The cook top is what really amazes me. My stove is all white and yes it gets dirty almost every time I use it, BUT, it cleans up in a flash with Bar Keepers Friend. This stove...
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By Shaughna1 on Home Depot - Oct 14, 2012

GE needs to improve quality inspections

Overall I like the options and features of this stove, the white top is a bit of a pain to keep clean but if you clean it right after it cools down it cleans up well. Disappointed in the fact that the front of the stove was scratched up, even had scratches inside the oven doors. We specially ordered the stove to be delivered before Christmas so we could use it to cook Christmas dinner. Home Depot...
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By Bear on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2012

Awesome Stove

I was so worried about the white cooktop and whether I could keep it clean but there are no worries. I use BarKeepers Friend and it cleans the top sparkling clean with no scratches. I had a black ceramic top and it was tough keeping it clean, every little mark showed on the black. Like the difference between a white and a black car, the white top shows no imperfections. There were no reviews...
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By Shaughna1 on Home Depot - Jul 1, 2011

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