Keurig Mini B30 Personal Coffee Maker

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The Keurig Mini brewer is a great solution for gourmet coffee lovers in locations where a compact size, and minimal features are ideal. The B30 packs Keurig brewing technology into a convenient, take-it-everywhere size. Includes a free variety pack of 10 K-Cups. Heats one serving on-demand in under 3 minutes.

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Product Type: Espresso/Cappucino Maker

Color: Black

Coffee Maker Cups: 1


Product Title: Keurig Mini B30 Personal Coffee Maker

Manufacturer: Keurig

Power Score: 3.8 | 2 Reviews

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single cup review

Strengths: Small enough for counter top

Weakness: Mug size

I was disappointed that the distance from the distribution spout and the cup is so tight that if you you do not put the exact size coffee mug or if you put over the exact amt of water then u can have a spill or run-over. It doesn't allow for you to put a carry cup or a taller mug. It is a potential for a burn so beware.

By cregister40@gmail.com_46204991 - Jan 1, 2012

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By - Jul 28, 2009

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